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Preddy and Wortner play key rolls as 5th man.

Posted Saturday, September 16, 2006 by John-paul Kaminski
Anna originally was not going to run her senior year citing a very busy senior year. Earlier this season we had seen Anna at the Dobbs Ferry 5K and I (coach K) had approached/hassled her to come back to the team. She said very politely that she would think about it. It turns out that she made the right decision and came back to the team. From a coach's standpoint she a great asset the team in that she is a perfect role model for our young girls' team. I (coach) would personally like to thank you for coming back to the TEAM and helping your girlfriends win their first Invitational.
9th grader Patrick Wortner earned a varsity spot today at the Somers Invite by crossing the finish line 5th for his team. Patrick is the model for what hard work does for someone. Patrick ran with his younger brother and MOM (great job mom, we're proud of you too) almost every morning all summer. As a 7th grade track runner Patrick was an 8 min. miler. Now Patrick does 3, 7 min. miles without breaking a sweat. I was very proud of Patrick today, but it should really mean something when your teammates ALL vote you at Player of the Week. Great Job Patrick, keep up the hard work.

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