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Section 1 Coaches Invitational Preview

Posted Thursday, October 19, 2006 by Perry King

In 2005 in the Section 1 Coaches Invitational at Westchester Community College, 57 boys teams and 52 girls teams ran on a cold wet day on the 5K course. Alex Bean of Somers was the top boys runner in 16:15:90, and his school won the combined championship 108-117 over runnerup Byram Hills. On the girls side, freshman Shelby Greany of Suffern was first in 18:40:04, and Bronxville finished on top overall ahead of runnerup Ward Melville 62-90.

The Dobbs boys ran in the Varsity II race and finished 12th of 15 qualifying and 19 total teams with 286 points. The top team in the race was North Rockland with 47 points. Overall, the boys finished 42nd of the 50 qualifying teams with a score of 1080. The average time among Dobbs top 5 runners was 20:31:47, or an average of 6:37 per mile. The order of finish, with the race and overall places noted in parentheses, was: Scott Sitman (49, 178) 19:42:24, Kevin Byrne (60, 224) 20:32:94, Yoshi Miura (62, 228) 20:34:34, David King (66, 235) 20:43:67, Pat Newman (78, 258) 21:03:93, Matt Goldberg (91, 298) 22:00:89, Mike Criscuolo (98, 317) 22:56:73.

The girls had just 3 runners in the Varsity I race and did not qualify for a team score. Their average time was 23:14:07, a 7:30 per mile pace. The order of finish was Paulina Nunez (20, 68) 21:46:87, Lauren Hanley (48, 155) 23:23:39, and Anna Preddy (65, 193) 24:31:93.

This race includes the top teams from the section, and team finishes can vary greatly between the individual race result with 15 or so teams and the merged result where the inclusion of all the top runners bumps up the scores. For instance, the boys beat Westlake by 24 points in race II but lost by 29 to them in the combined score.

In the recent League Championship meet, the boys top 5 averaged 6:10 per mile on the 2.5 mile VCP course. If they can hold a pace not too far from that for the extra .6 miles at the Coaches race on Saturday, they could well finish among the top half of the schools, not bad since they will likely be the second smallest school at the race.

The girls averaged 7:11 in the League race, and if they can average a pace close to the same they could finish in the top 15 of around 40 teams. Paulina's 6:38 per mile pace in the League race would place her highly among finishers in the Coaches race.

Both the girls and boys will be running against Irvington and Ardsley in a race at long last on Saturday.

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