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League Meet Preview -- Girls

Posted Tuesday, May 08, 2007 by Perry King
The Section 1 IV-South League Championship meet on Monday, May 21 will match Dobbs Ferry primarily against the powerhouse Bronxville team, which is really really good in all running events and the triple jump. The team challenging Dobbs most closely for second place will be Alexander Hamilton, which is very strong in the sprints, hurdles, jumps, and weight events. Rye Neck, Solomon Schechter, and Leake & Watts should pick up a few points.

Below are the best recorded times and distances for Dobbs and the other five teams, though Bronxville's results are a little sketchy since they have not run many complete dual meets this year. Dobbs will need to win places across the board to stay decently close to the Broncos and stay ahead of Hamilton, which is good in the events that the Broncos are weak in. Hamilton's Trisha Hawthorne is expected to win 4 individual events plus 1 relay. Hamilton may also capture firsts in the shotput and discus.

Also noted: The time run by the Eagles disqualified shuttle hurdle team at the Croton Girls Relay would have been easily good enough to take 1st at last weekend's Somers Invitational -- not just for Class C teams but for all of the teams. We got some great combined hops in the hurdling crew.

County Meet note: The cold, wet conditions at Saturday's Westchester County meet affected the times, especially the sprints which were run into a stiff breeze. In general, Dobbs times improved dramatically while Bronxville's were far worse than in their last two big meets.

Event by Event Summary

Dobbs Best: Tessitore, 13.6; Sucher, 13.7
Opponents Best: Hawthorne (AH), 11.9; Smith (AH), 13.5; Solazzo (RN), 13.7; Lightbourne (AH), 13.9
Note: Hawthorne recently dominated NYC-region field at Loucks games in both 100 and 200.

100 hurdles
Dobbs Best: Sucher, 18.4; C. Smith, 19.8; Illardi, 19.9
Opponents Best: Kim (BX), 19.1; Lane (AH), 19.2; Smith (AH), 19.8 (Note: Kim is capable of running in the 17s when challenged.)

Dobbs Best: Tessitore, 28.2; Maddox, 28.3; Muoser, 29.6.
Opponents Best: Hawthorne (AH), 24.48; Bruton (BX), 27.6; Smith (AH), 27.7; Cook (RN), 28.1; Cherry (AH), 28.5; Wall (BX), 30.0

Dobbs Best: Maddox, 64.2; 2. Delphin, 69.9
Opponents Best: Goff (BX), 59.9; Murphy (BX), 61.5; Cook (RN), 66.9; Wall (BX), 68.5

400 hurdles
Dobbs Best: Groner, 78.4; Ilardi, 80.0; Smith, 88.0.
Opponents Best: Kim (BX), 67.3; Miers (BX), 68.7; Hewitt (BX), 72.8; Lane (AH), 75.5.

Dobbs Best: Hanley, ~2:30s (County meet time); Koenigsberg, 2:46; Epstein, 2:46
Opponents Best: Bruton (BX), 2:18.8; Sparks (BX), 2:20.4; Flannery (BX), 2:28.05; Meyer (BX), 2:43.6; Jessamy (AH), 2:44.6

Dobbs Best: Epstein, ~5:18; King, ~5:21; Nunez, 5:22 (est. from 1600);
Opponents Best: Flannery (BX), 4:45.7; Hudson (BX), 4:46.7; Clarke (BX), 5:14

Dobbs Best: Nunez, 11:11.4; King, 12:28; Maluf, 13:30ish?
Opponents Best: Clarke (BX), 10:36.1; Miers (BX), 10:39

400 relay
Dobbs Best: Dobbs Ferry (Sucher, Smith, Derry, Tessitore), 54.6
Opponents Best: Hamilton, 50.37; Bronxville, 53.08; Rye Neck, 57.14

1,600 relay
Dobbs Best: Dobbs Ferry (Hanley, Hardestey, Coburn, Maddox), 4:51.05
Opponents Best: Bronxville, 4:03.5

3,200 relay
Dobbs Best: Dobbs Ferry (Nunez, Koenigsberg, Epstein, Hanley), 10:46
Opponents Best: Bronxville: 9:23.50

High jump
Dobbs Best: Emerson and Muoser, 4-2
Opponents Best: Hawthorne (AH), 5-0; Rapkin (SS), 4-6; Reimers (RN), 4-3; Ginsberg (SS), 4-3

Long jump
Dobbs Best: Koenigsberg, 13-8; Maddox, 13-6
Opponents Best: Hawthorne (AH), 16-0; Ciardello (RN), 13-8; Spitz (SS), 13-7; Hiroshe (RN), 12-8

Triple jump
Dobbs Best: Tessitore, 20-2.
Opponents Best: Kim (BX), 29-9; Ginsburg (SS), 28-7; Hoffenberg (SS), 25-9; Spitz (SS), 25-4.5

Dobbs Best: Lauer, 63-8.75; Veiras, 50+?
Opponents Best: Clay (AH), 79-6.25; Dannhauser (BX), 67-6; Santos (LW), 64-3; Jackson (LW), 62-0; Michaelson (RN), 59-10; Carbonero (RN), 59-10; May (BX), 54-10; Femina (BX), 52-0

Dobbs Best: Veiras, 25-6; Remotti, 23-10.5; Sheridan, 21-7.5 .
Opponents Best: Santos (LW), 27-10; Clay (AH), 26-1.5; Hicks (LW), 24-5.75; Jackson (LW), 24-4; Reimes (RN), 22-11.5; Davis (AH), 22-8

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