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League Meet Preview -- Boys

Posted Wednesday, May 09, 2007 by Perry King
For the boys, the Section 1 IV-South League Championship meet on Monday, May 21 seems to be a battle of two fairly deep teams, Dobbs Ferry and Bronxville. Leake & Watts will flex their muscles in the weight events, and Rye Neck has some strength in the 400, but Solomon Schecter, Blind Brook, and Alexander Hamilton probably will only score a handful of points.

Below are the best recorded times and distances for Dobbs and the other six teams. It is very difficult to get a fix on how strong Bronxville is because they have had few meets and not entered many of the events in those few meets and many of the times below are from a month ago. Expect that on Wednesday the Broncos will compete for many of the top running event places and that Dobbs will need to fight hard in every event (except the pole vault) to win the league championship. Loading up with places in the sprints, staying close in the 400 and 800, and winning some of the relays will be vital. The weight events and the triple jump will also be key.

County Meet note: The cold, wet conditions at Saturday's Westchester County meet affected the times, especially the sprints which were run into a stiff breeze.

Event by Event Summary

Dobbs Best: Scott, 11.3; Sanseverino, 11.9
Opponents Best: Pinto (RN), 11.8; Recine (BX), 11.8; Becker (BB), 12.3

100 hurdles
Dobbs Best: Dahill, 19.4; Caldwell, 20.1
Opponents Best: Sturr (BX), 19.3; Melendez (AH), 19.9

Dobbs Best: Scott, 23.2; Sanseverino, 24.4
Opponents Best: Becker (BB), 25.0; Recine (BX), 25.1; Kelly (RN), 25.9;

Dobbs Best: Fallor, 61.1; 2. Oleszko, 61.7
Opponents Best: Yoo (BX), 56.6; Kelly (RN), 59.4; Lane (AH), 59.7

400 hurdles
Dobbs Best: Dahill, 68.5; Oleszko, 73.8; Caldwell, 74.4
Opponents Best: Sturr (BX), 67.5; Scheff (SS), 73.8; Szwajkowski (BB) 73.8

Dobbs Best: Newman, 2:21.00; Fallor, 2:21.1
Opponents Best: Hutton (BX), 2:21.6; Lane (AH), 2:22.02

Dobbs Best: Newman, 4:58; Mashalov (county meet time, NA); Fallor 5:16.8
Opponents Best: Levitz (BX), 5:00; Flannelly (BX), 5:24

Dobbs Best: P. Wortner, 10:54.11; B. Wortner, ~11:11; Mashalov, 11:18.03;
Opponents Best: Hutton (BX), 10:26.31

400 relay
Dobbs Best: Dobbs Ferry (Sanseverino, Brailsford, Higbie, Scott), 48.5
Opponents Best: Bronxville, 46.7; Hamilton, 50.9; Leake & Watts, 51.0

1,600 relay
Dobbs Best: Dobbs Ferry (Newman, Fallor, P. Wortner, Radocea), 4:20.1
Opponents Best: Bronxville, 3:59.4; Rye Neck, 4:05.2; Blind Brook, 4:12.22

3,200 relay
Dobbs Best: Dobbs Ferry (Newman, Fallor, P. Wortner, Mashalov), 9:41
Opponents Best: Bronxville: 9:01.43; Solomon Schechter, 10:10

High jump
Dobbs Best: Dahill, 4-9
Opponents Best: Dennan (BX), 5-8; De la Torre (BX), 5-6; Kulik (BB), 5-6; Luis (BB), 5-4; O'Shea (RN), 5-0; Elias (RN), 4-9;

Long jump
Dobbs Best: Scott, 17-7.5; Harden, 16-8
Opponents Best: Robinson (AH), 16-11.5; O'Shea (RN), 16-11; Thompson (LW), 16-9; Florio (AH), 16-9; De la Torre (BX), 16-9; Onyenecho (AH), 16-8

Triple jump
Dobbs Best: Harden, 35-9; Ragin, 28-1
Opponents Best: Onyenecho (AH), 34-3; Murphy (BX),32-1; Weinberger (SS), 27-8; Larick (BB), 27-2

Dobbs Best: Altman, 89-5; Tabacoff, 88-8
Opponents Best: Beno (BB), 81-6; Weinberger (SS), 81-4; O'Shea (RN), 72-10; Hill (AH), 72-0

Dobbs Best: Altman, 34-6.25; Tabacoff, 30-10 .
Opponents Best: Derby (LW), 42-5; Johnson (LW), 40-7.5; Sierup (BX), 31-4; Lonzo (LW), 31-1.25; Haviland (RN), 30-9

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