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Girls Sectional Preview

Posted Tuesday, May 22, 2007 by Perry King

The Section 1 Class C meet on Thursday, May 24 allows the Eagles' girls to match up with 9 other smaller schools. This is Dobbs' big meet of the year. The Eagles will try to better their 2006 score of 11 points, all from Phoebe Maddox. The order of the other teams based on approximate strength is Bronxville, Albertus Magnus, Alexander Hamilton, Croton Harmon, Pawling, Haldane, Leake & Watts, Solomon Schechter, and North Salem. Not sure what status on Rye Neck is. Four teams competed in the League IV North meet, five entered the League IV South, and Albertus Magnus competed with the big Rockland schools.

Last year Bronxville dominated the meet, tallying 226 of the 560 total points. This year should not be much different. The wildcard for the runner-up spot is whether injured Hamilton superstar Trisha Hawthorne will be able to compete. If she can't, the sprints and long jump open up a bit. Scoring is based on 10-8-6-4-2-1 for 1rst through 6th.

Below are the best recorded times and distances for Dobbs and the other teams (minus the 4th-6th place times at League meet). One thing that is clear is that the competition looks much tougher than last year with far more depth throughout the league. Dobbs needs to grab some places in a number of events and also needs big performances in the sprints and relays.

Event by Event Summary

Dobbs Best: Tessitore, 13.1; Sucher, 13.7
Opponents Best: Hawthorne (AH), 11.9; Smith (AH), 13.2; Rhone (AH), 13.5; Solazzo (RN), 13.7; Fusca (CH), 13.7; Vasta (CH), 13.8; Lightbourne (AH), 13.9
Medal Chances: If Hawthorne is unable to run, Lisa has a good shot at 1rst.

100 hurdles
Dobbs Best: Sucher, 18.4; C. Smith, 19.8; Illardi, 19.9
Opponents Best: Kim (BX), 17.0; Lightbourne (AH), 17.3, Neville (H), 17.4; Liffland (P), 17.7; St. Leger (CH), 17.9; Paugh (P), 17.9
Medal Chances: Sara has a shot at a medal, though she will be battling a number of girls from north Westchester for the 5th-6th places.

Dobbs Best: Tessitore, 28.1; Maddox, 28.3; Muoser, 29.6.
Opponents Best: Hawthorne (AH), 24.48; Goff (BX), 27.5; Bruton (BX), 27.6; Smith (AH), 27.7; Fusco (CH), 28.0; Cook (RN), 28.1; Cherry (AH), 28.5; Van Hengel (CH), 28.9
Medal Chances: Lisa has a shot for a medal.

Dobbs Best: Maddox, 64.2; 2. Delphin, 69.9; Koenigsberg, ?; Coburn, ?
Opponents Best: Piard (AM), 57.3; Goff (BX), 59.9; Bruton (BX), 60.3; Murphy (BX), 61.5; Sparks (BX), 61.7; Jones (P), 64.4; Granger (CH), 64.8; Mold (P), 65.5
Medal Chances: Broncos too loaded behind Piard to have much of a shot.

400 hurdles
Dobbs Best: Groner, 78.4; Ilardi, 80.0; Smith, 88.0.
Opponents Best: Kim (BX), 67.3; Miers (BX), 68.7; Ferguson (LW), 70.9; Liffland (P), 71.1; Neville (P), 72.3; Hewitt (BX), 72.5; Basciano (AM), 74.2; Lane (AH), 75.5.
Medal Chances: Tough field here, but last year 80.4 got the 6th place, so who knows in this event?

Dobbs Best: Hanley, ~2:31 (County meet time); Koenigsberg, 2:46; Epstein, 2:46
Opponents Best: Bruton (BX), 2:18.8; Sparks (BX), 2:20.4; Dawson (BX), 2:26.8; Flannery (BX), 2:28.05; Van Asselt (CH), 2:35; Jelinek (P), 2:36.5; Mold (P), 2:36.8
Medal Chances: Race shapes up much like the League IV South meet, and it just depends how many top runners the Broncos enter in the race.

Dobbs Best: Nunez, ~5.10s; Epstein, ~5:18; King, ~5:21;
Opponents Best: Flannery (BX), 4:45.7; Hudson (BX), 4:46.7; Spring (CH) 5:02.4; Neville (H), 5:06.3; Rose (CH), 5:08.6; Clarke (BX), 5:14; Jelinek (P), 5:17.2
Medal Chances: This will be a very competitive race, and Paulina will be trying to pull a X-Country sectional repeat for a medal.

Dobbs Best: Nunez, 11:11.4; King, 12:28; Maluf, 13:30ish?
Opponents Best: Clarke (BX), 10:36.1; Miers (BX), 10:39; Spring, 11:02.9; McGowan (AM), 11:14.2; Neville (H), 11:15.9; Hudson (BX), 11:17.8; Flannery (BX), 11:32; Rose (CH), 11:28.8; Costa (CH), 12:01.7
Medal Chances: Question is how many runners will enter this race at the end of a hot day, but something around 11:10 should pick up a medal.

1200 Racewalk
Dobbs Best: Sterne, 8:48.7; Maluf, Time NA
Opponents Best: Bach (CH), 8:47.4
Medal Chances: In a nonscoring event, Kate will be going for gold.

400 relay
Dobbs Best: Dobbs Ferry (Sucher, Smith, Derry, Tessitore), 54.6
Opponents Best: Hamilton, 50.37; Bronxville, 53.08; Albertus Magnus, 53.1; Croton Harmon, 55.6; Pawling, 56.4; Rye Neck, 57.14
Medal Chances: Dobbs looks good for maybe 4th and looks to move up.

1,600 relay
Dobbs Best: Dobbs Ferry (Hanley, Hardestey, Coburn, Groner), 4:46
Opponents Best: Bronxville, 4:03.5; Croton Harmon, 4:21.1; Pawling, 4:34.3; Albertus Magnus, 4:25, Haldane, 4:53.4
Medal Chances: Dobbs should get 5th, but there's a big gap to 4th.

3,200 relay
Dobbs Best: Dobbs Ferry (Nunez, King, Epstein, Hanley), 10:46
Opponents Best: Bronxville: 9:23.50; Croton-Harmon, 10:00.1; Pawling, 10:27.3; Albertus Magnus, 11:07.5
Medal Chances: Dobbs should have 4th nailed with a chance to move up to 3rd.

High jump
Dobbs Best: Emerson and Muoser, 4-2
Opponents Best: Hawthorne (AH), 5-0; Dannhauser (BX), 4-8; Neville (H), 4-8; Lightbourne (AH), 4-6; Tartara (AM), 4-6; Rapkin (SS), 4-6; Reimers (RN), 4-3; Ginsberg (SS), 4-3; Tait (NS) 4-3; Occhipinti (CH), 4-3; Van Hengel (CH), 4-3
Medal Chances: Probably unlikely.

Long jump
Dobbs Best: Koenigsberg, 13-8; Maddox, 13-6
Opponents Best: Hawthorne (AH), 16-0; Lightbourne (AH), 15-3.5; Hamner (P), 14-1.5; Ciardello (RN), 13-8; Spitz (SS), 13-7; Smith (AH), 13-4;
Medal Chances: Andrea has a good chance at a medal.

Triple jump
Dobbs Best: Tessitore, 20-2.
Opponents Best: Gabriel (AM), 32-3.5; Kim (BX), 29-9; Hamner (P), 28-9; Harald (H), 28-8.75, Tait (NS), 28-7.5; Ginsburg (SS), 28-7; Paugh (P), 27-9.5; Fusco (CH), 27-5; Hoffenberg (SS), 25-9; Spitz (SS), 25-4.5
Medal Chances: Probably unlikely.

Dobbs Best: Lauer, 63-8.75; Veiras, 50+?
Opponents Best: Clay (AH), 79-6.25; Santos (LW), 78-3; Dannhauser (BX), 73-9.5; Tangredi (P), 69; Malinowski (CH), 68-1; Larmond (P), 65-9; Jackson (LW), 62-0;
Medal Chances: Maureen has a decent shot at 4th.

Dobbs Best: Veiras, ~26; Remotti, 23-10.5; Sheridan, 21-7.5 .
Opponents Best: Lightbourne (AH), 30-0; Clay (AH), 28-5; Santos (LW), 27-10; Hicks (LW), 26-8; Caley (NS) 24-11.75; Tancredi (CH), 24-10;
Medal Chances: Sophia's chances are pretty much the same as they were for the League Meet, so a medal is very possible.

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