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Boys Sectional Preview

Posted Thursday, May 24, 2007 by Perry King
The boys Section 1 Class C Championship meet on Monday, May 21 will be the showcase for all the work the guys have done to build the Eagles into a competitive team. As always, Pawling will be the dominant team, but the battle between Albertus Magnus, Bronxville, and Croton Harmon for 2nd should be a good one. After finishing 6th last year with 18 points care of graduated weight guy Anthony Goodwin, Dobbs should better that score with a deeper team that highlights Kadeem Scott and a strong sprinter group.

Teams that are expected to compete (in order of last year's finish) are Pawling, Albertus Magnus, Bronxville, Croton Harmon, North Salem, Dobbs Ferry, Alexander Hamilton, plus maybe Rye Neck and Blind Brook, and Leake & Watts. Lincoln Hall, Solomon Schecter, and Haldane, who did not participate last year.

Below are the best recorded times and distances for Dobbs and the other twelve teams. Times for 4-6th places in League Meet not yet available. As with the girls, taking places in the sprints and relays will be essential. The triple jump could also be big if Charles can launch a long one.

Event by Event Summary

Dobbs Best: Scott, 11.3; Sanseverino, 11.9
Opponents Best: Recine (BX), 11.4; Boulos (CH) 11.5; Pinto (RN), 11.8; Robinson (AH), 11.9; Paulson (NS); 12.0; Becker (BB), 12.3
Medal Chances: Strong field and Kadeem has a good shot at first as long as he leaves enough for the final.

100 hurdles
Dobbs Best: Dahill, 19.4; Caldwell, 20.1
Opponents Best: Laccasabe (AM), 15.1; Njie (CH), 16.0; Carey (P) 16.1; S. Simonetti (P), 19.0; Miranda (P), 19.2; Sturr (BX), 19.3; Melendez (AH), 19.9; Ferguson (LW), 19.9
Medal Chances: Kevin has a chance for a medal

Dobbs Best: Scott, 23.2; Sanseverino, 24.4
Opponents Best: Fleischner (NS) 23.3; Louisme (AM), 23.5; Recine (BX), 23.8; Robinson (AH), 24.4; Becker (BB), 25.0; Kelly (RN), 25.9;
Medal Chances: Kadeem is favored to win but again there is tough competition

Dobbs Best: Fallor, 61.1; 2. Oleszko, 61.7
Opponents Best: Maliksan (NS), 50.5; Fleischner (NS), 50.8; Nash (P), 51.5; Rivas (AM) 52.2; Yoo (BX), 56.6; Sitts (CH), 55.8; Heard (AH), 56.4; Lane (AH), 56.7
Medal Chances: Not likely

400 hurdles
Dobbs Best: Dahill, 68.5; Oleszko, 73.8; Caldwell, 74.4
Opponents Best: Carey (P), 60.0; O'Hara (CH), 61.9; S. Simonetti (P), 64.8; D. Simonetti (P), 69.0; Rivas (AM), 60.6; Sturr (BX), 67.5; Murphy (BX), 69.3; Ferguson (LW), 70.9;
Medal Chances: If Kevin runs he has a shot at a medal.

Dobbs Best: Newman, 2:16.8; Fallor, 2:21.1
Opponents Best: Knowlton (NS), 1:59.5; Staab (P), 2:06.8; Yoo (BX), 2:07.8; Langelott (NS), 2:11.0; Arai (CH), 2:11.8; Des Marais (H), 2:12.8; Lane (AH), 2:14.4; Hutton (BX), 2:21.6;
Medal Chances: Pat has a shot if he can get around 2:12

Dobbs Best: Newman, 4:58; Mashalov (county meet time, NA); Fallor 5:13.4
Opponents Best: Knowlton (NS), 4:35.9; McGrath (P), 4:41.1; Brogan (P), 4:49.8; Yoo (BX), 4:50.9; Garcia (P), 4:55.5; Gagnon (CH), 4:55.7; Nico (AM), 5:05.3; Levitz (BX), 5:00; Flannelly (BX), 5:24
Medal Chances: Tough Pawling contingent makes medal here hard but possible for Pat.

Dobbs Best: P. Wortner, 10:47; B. Wortner, 11:10; Mashalov, 11:18.03;
Opponents Best: Hutton (BX), 10:26.31; McGrath (P), 10:57.3, Bragan (P), 10:58.4; Garcia (P), 11:00.5; Flannery (BX), 11:13.9
Medal Chances: Good chance for Patrick, but note that Pawling will run much better times when challenged

400 relay
Dobbs Best: Dobbs Ferry (Sanseverino, Brailsford, Higbie, Scott), 48.3
Opponents Best: Albertus Magnus, 46.0; Bronxville, 46.1; Pawling, 46.3; Croton Harmon, 47.5; North Salem, 48.1; Hamilton, 50.5; Lincoln Hall, 49.7
Medal Chances: Eagles have 6th best time to this point

1,600 relay
Dobbs Best: Dobbs Ferry (Newman, Fallor, P. Wortner, Radocea), 4:03
Opponents Best: North Salem, 3:37.2; Pawling, 3:39.8; Bronxville, 3:59.4; Croton Harmon, 4:02.4; Rye Neck, 4:05.2; Blind Brook, 4:12.22
Medal Chances: If guys still have legs left at end they should get a place

3,200 relay
Dobbs Best: Dobbs Ferry (Newman, Fallor, P. Wortner, Mashalov), 9:07.6
Opponents Best: Pawling, 8:56.1; Bronxville: 9:01.43; Albertus Magnus, 9:38.2; Croton Harmon, 9:42.8; Alexander Hamilton, 9:46; Solomon Schechter, 10:10
Medal Chances: Dobbs in battle for 2nd.

High jump
Dobbs Best: Dahill, 4-9
Opponents Best: Dennan (BX), 5-8; De la Torre (BX), 5-8; Kulik (BB), 5-6; Schofield (AH), 5-6; Florio (AH), 5-6; Luis (BB), 5-4; O'Shea (RN), 5-0; Elias (RN), 4-9;
Medal Chances: Unlikely

Long jump
Dobbs Best: Scott, 17-7.5; Harden, 16-8
Opponents Best: Paulvin (NS), 18-11; Louisme (AM), 18-6; Sturr (BX), 18-4; Langelotti, (NS), 18-1.5; Kallon (LW), 17-9.5; Boulos (CH), 17-4.5; Evans (P), 17-4; O'Hara (CH), 17-2; Robinson (AH), 16-11.5; O'Shea (RN), 16-11; Thompson (LW), 16-9;
Medal Chances: Shot at 6th

Triple jump
Dobbs Best: Harden, 35-9; Ragin, 28-1
Opponents Best: Fowler (AM), 40-1; Odland (CH), 37-2; O'Hara (CH), 37-0; Boulos (CH), 36-11; Onyenecho (AH), 34-3;
Medal Chances: Charles has a good shot

Dobbs Best: Altman, 89-5; Tabacoff, 88-8
Opponents Best: Sargent (CH) 112-10; Hair (CH), 100-3; Tanezali (P), 89-2; Weinberger (SS), 85-7; Beno (BB), 81-6; O'Rourke (P), 78-2; Ferguson (LW), 78-0;
Medal Chances: If Mike and Jon uncork their bests, they should get places.

Dobbs Best: Altman, 36-1.25; Tabacoff, 30-10 .
Opponents Best: Haye (AM), 49-11.25; Derby (LW), 42-5; Johnson (LW), 40-7.5; Hair (CH), 39-0.75; Salamanca (LH), 35-8; Martin (P), 33-4.25;
Medal Chances: Mike has good shot at a place

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