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Girls XC Preview for 2007

Posted Thursday, June 21, 2007 by Perry King
2007 Girls Cross-Country Season Scouting Summary

In 2006 the Eagles finished second in the league, 12th in the county, 6th in Class C, and 25th in Section 1. For 2007, the potential for moving up looks good as long as the youth movement blossoms in the 7th and 8th grades to make up for a shortfall in HS runners.

This year Irvington moves down to Class C and Edgemont is gone to Class B, so the competition will get a bit tougher. After a slightly off-year in 2006, Bronxville should challenge for one of the top spots in the state with 7-8 state ranked runners in a squad that loses nobody to graduation and may be their best team ever. Dobbs could finish anywhere from 2nd to 7th place among the 8-10 Class C teams after losing 27th ranked Class C runner Paulina Nunez (Section 1 Class C state team finalist and Westchester All-County 2nd Team member) and Anna Preddy to graduation. All five Section 1 - Class C teams that finished ahead of Dobbs in 2006 were listed among the top 25 Class C teams in the state rankings.

Favorites for State team based on last year's Sectional results:
Tori Flannery, Bronxville
Emma Clarke, Bronxville
Henrietta Miers, Bronxville
Mairin Din, Irvington
Jackie McGowan, Albertus Magnus
Libby Lazare, Pleasantville
Caitlin Hudson, Bronxville
Hannah Rose, Croton Harmon
(and 5th-7th Bronco runners, likely)
Olivia Bruton, Bronxville
Karina Benziger, Bronxville
Lauren Dawson, Bronxville

Of the teams likely to be challenging the Eagles in their defense of the Somers Big Red (D2) Championship on 9/15, the top teams would likely be Croton Harmon and maybe Pleasantville (and certainly Albertus Magnus if they attend the meet). Less likely is Somers (Class A school but a small school at the meet they host), which lost two of its top runners to graduation.

The team summary going into the 2007 season with results from 2006 and possible team rosters where known is as follows.

1st in Class C; 3rd in Section 1 (Avg. time: 20:21.53), 1st in County, 4th in Coaches, 1st in League

--Name---------Grade-Rank--Sectional------ - ----County--------Coaches-----------League
Tori Flannery--11-----C4-----19.46.46 (1)(8)---15:08.73 (2)---19:54.52 (7)-----15.29 (1)
Emma Clarke--12-----C5-----20:00.93 (3)(15)--15:22.99 (4)- 19.45.71(5)------15:52 (2)
Henrietta Mier-10-----C10---20:04.31 (4)(17)---15:39.90 (8)---20:29.59(21)----16:14 (3)
Caitlin Hudson-11-----C30---20:43.43 (9)(43)---16:08.95 (20)-21:11.26 (40)---17:12 (6)
Olivia Bruton---11-----C31---21:12.52 (11)(63)--16:08.00 (19)-21:47.45 (77)---17:12 (5)
Karina Benziger-12----C50---21:18.41 (12)(67)--16:44.58 (39)-21:47.21 (76)---Absent
Lauren Dawson-12-----C65---22:05.67 (19)(99)--17:03.25 (44)-22:50.32 (130)--17:34 (7)
Cheyanne Smith-8 (JV)-------22:34.01 (JV)------------------ --------------------- --19:24 (12)
Virginia Connor-12-----C88

---Lost to graduation: no one
---Projection: Just sit back and applaud a team that will battle with Greenwich for the Class C state championship and probably overtake Carmel and Arlington for the Section 1 title. Awesome lineup, especially if Virginia Connor returns.

2nd in Class B, 9th in Section 1 (Avg. time 21:04.59), 4th in County, 10th in Coaches

--Name---------Grade---Ranking------Sectional--- - - - ----------County----------Coaches
Mairin Din------12------B25 (C13)---20:19.45 (3)(22)------15:48.88 (10)---20:50.38 (29)
Annie Field------9-------B45 (C29)---20:56.09 (7)(53)------16:11.37 (21)---21.45.96 (74)
Megan Talay----10----------------------22:13.79 (16)(106)---17:18.66 (56)---24.08.43 (185)
Liz Hevern------10----------------------22:14.59 (17)(107)---17:32.76 (63)---22:36.51 (115)
Sarah Moore----10----------------------22:59.12 (23)(141)---18:07.47 (79)---24.04.17 (JV)
Mawendo McDevitt--12--------------- ---------------------- - -----19:00.48 (JV)---24.12.99 (170)
Yasmine Scott---11-------------- ---------------- ---------- - --------19:32.22 (JV)

---Lost to graduation: Kascia Graham (b35), Kirby Mosenthal (b50)
---Projection: Big losses to graduation but still have a strong squad headed by longtime star Din and emerging star Field. Class C is far more competitive than Class B, so the Bulldogs will have to train harder to hold off the Falcons.

Albertus Magnus
2rd in Class C, 11th in Section 1 (Avg. time 21:43.08), 12th in Coaches

--Name------------Grade---Ranking--- ---Sectional----- --------Coaches
Jackie McGowan---12------C19----------20:33.18 (8)(32)-------20:45.66 (24)
Michelle Walters---12------C93----------21:24.08 (15)(73)------22.17.15 (99)
Claire Dougherty---12------C87----------21:28.54 (16)(78)------21:31.86 (64)
Kaitylin Cully-------10------C109--------22:08.07 (24)(117)-----22:37.46 (109)
Christina Emleigh---11--------------------23:25.81 (32)(164)-----23.11.62 (179)
Jessica Szorentini---12-------------------23:50.84 (36)(179)-----23.36.54 (164)
Valerie Basciano----12 (JV)--------------23:05.00 (JV)
Ann Sheeran---------12 (JV)--------------24:21.24 (JV)

---Lost to graduation: Kristen Whalen (c116)
---Projection: Senior-dominated squad with four ranked runners should challenge for 2nd spot.

Croton Harmon
3rd in Class C, 14th in Section 1 (Avg. time 21:54.67), DNP in County, 20th in Coaches

--Name------- ----Grade-Ranking---- --Sectional--------- ------County----- ------Coaches
Hannah Rose------12----C34----------20:50.46 (10)(50)-----16:21.55 (27)---21:05.68 (44)
Sarah Costa--------9-----C112---------21:53.71 (18)(94)-----Absent-----------Absent
Kathleen Gagnon--9------C130---------22:06.08 (19)(100)----Absent----------22.30.87 (113)
Ana Bach----------11-------------------24:54.83 (41)(208)----Absent----------25:13.44 (219)
Ruth Bluestone----12-------------------25:05.66 (42)(213)----Absent----------25:40.90 (229)
Anna Drabek-------11-------------------26:13.64 (52)(246)----Absent------- --25:58.83 (234)

---Lost to graduation: Sophia Spring (c6)
---Projection: Rose leads good top three but rest of squad needs to move up.

4th in Class C, 22nd in Section 1 (Avg. time 22:23.24), 23rd in Coaches

--Name--------------Grade---Ranking-- ---Sectional--- ------- ---- ---Coaches
Erin Bonthron-------11------C74----------21:23.19 (14)(72)------22:14.94 (95)
Renee Liffland------12------C99----------21:30.77 (17)(79)------21.53.35 (80)
Jamie Hom----------11-------------------22:54.97 (29)(139)-----22:50.08 (119)
Kim Jones-----------12-------------------23:43.48 (34)(177)-- --24:08.95 (187)

---Lost to graduation: Melanie Papa
---Projection: Decent core group but needs some more depth.

Dobbs Ferry
6th in Class C; 25th in Section 1 (Avg. time: 22:48.72), 12th in County, 26th in Coaches, 2nd in League.
--Name--------Grade-Rank--Sectional------- - -----County---------Coaches----------League
Lauren Hanley--10---C67---22.38.20 (25)(125)--17:08.53 (51)--22:52.89 (131)--17:44 (8)
Sarah Coburn---8-----------23.21.71 (30)(160)--18:15.47 (81)--23:51.39 (174)--18:34 (9)
Sarah King------8-----------23:23.17 (31)(162)--18:21.69 (86)--23.53.36 (176)--18:35 (10)
Sofia Maluf-----8------------24:12.90 (39)(190)--19:09.30 (116)-DNR-------------22:23 (19)

---Emerging or new runners: Karen Maehara, Shanna Yu, Isabelle Natale, and pack of next year's 7th and 8th grade runners.
---Lost to graduation or moving or probably switching to soccer.

Paulina Nunez-----C27---20:28.5 (25)(28)------16:30.53 (30)---20:59.27 (40)----16:34 (4)
Anna Preddy---------------24.13.91 (40)(191)---19:09.53 (117)---Absent---------18:52 (11)
Anna Quintero--9----------26:14.60 (53)(247)---DNR------------26:34.71 (246)--23:45 (21)
Mizuki Yamamoto--9-----DNR--------------------DNR-------- - ---27:28.44 (269)--21:37 (17

---Projection: All six teams that Dobbs is competing with are more experienced and have two or more ranked runners returning, so the Eagles will need to have its young runners make big strides to challenge for the 2nd to 6th place spots. Lauren enters season rated as the 15th highest ranked runner in Section 1 Class C and had the 24th best time of returning Class C runners at the Sectional race. With this year's schedule of weekend invitationals, the Dobbs runners should have full opportunity to have their times entered in state rankings, unlike in 2006 when only the Xavier and postseason race times were recorded for Paulina and Lauren.

7th in Class C, 26th in Section 1 (Avg. time 23:00.43), 13th in County

--Name--------------------Grade---Ranking- - ------Sectional-----------------County
Libby Lazare---------------10------C21-----------20:40.0 (8)(38)-------16:31.31 (31)
Sarah McGovern-----------12------C97-----------22:20.45 (21)(112)-----17:10.98 (53)
Natasha Chapavalova------11------------- --------22:49.39 (28)(135)-----18:24.21 (88)
Donna Phethean----- ------?--------- -------------23:27.17 (33)(165)-- --18:55.47 (109)
Elizabeth Proel--------------?------- ---------------25:45.08 (46)(236)--- -20:10.50 (138)
Seana Leen------- ----------?-------- -------- -----25:47.94 (47)(237)-----20:04.36 (133)
Francesca Lucia------ -------?---------- ------------26:18.77 (54)(250)--- --Absent

---Lost to graduation: Unknown
---Projection: Young emerging team like Dobbs that could be very good this year with Lazare challenging for spot on state team

8th in Class C, 35th in Section 1 (Avg. time 25:03.72), DNP in County and Coaches

--Name------------Grade---Rank---Sectional------- - ---------County------------Coaches
Nora Howe--------10------C108---22:24.06 (23)(114)----17:22.05 (60)----22:27.78 (111)
Rebecca Merton---10---------------25:14.74 (43)(220)----19:54.21 (129)---Absent
Molly Murphy------12---------------25:43.41 (45)(235)----Absent------------23:52.57 (175)
Liz Goodwin-------12---------------25:55.69 (48)(241)----19:59.22 (131)---Absent
Rebecca Katz------12---------------26:00.67 (49)(242)----20:06.90 (135)---Absent
Arielle Edelman---11---------------28:07.97 (57)(264)----Absent-------------Absent

---Lost to graduation: no one
---Projection: Hanging toward back of Class C teams.

DNP in Class C and Section 1, 23rd in County, DNP in Coaches

--Name---------------Grade------Sectional - ---- ---- - ---------County--------------Coaches
Francesca Calarco---?------------26:08.96 (50)(243)-----20:38.78 (151)----26:42.42 (250)
Kate Koenig----------11----------26:10.86 (51)(244)------20:56.16 (153)----26:44.75 (254)
Dakota Laidman-----12----------26:21.28 (55)(252)------20:30.29 (149)----26:48.68 (257)
Ellen Pisano----------?------------26:24.68 (56)(255)------21:14.54 (158)----26:50.81 (258)
Samantha Corrado---?-----------Absent---------- -----------21:55.91 (166)----Absent
Amanda Douville---12-----------Absent-------------------- - --22:19.44 (170)----Absent
Emily Comerford----?------------Absent------------------ - ---24:48.05 (180)--

---Lost to graduation: unknown
---Projection: Back of the pack.

Other schools will probably not field teams with the possible exception of Dover.

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