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Boys XC Preview for 2007

Posted Friday, June 22, 2007 by Perry King
2007 Boys Cross-Country Season Scouting Summary

In 2006 the Eagles finished second in the league, around 16th in the county, 4th in Class C, and 31st in Section 1. This year the veteran team should make a big jump in the county and section and battle for the top spot in the league and class meet.

The big change in class seeds this year is that Irvington drops down to Class C and Edgemont is gone to Class B, which amounts to a wash on the competitive scale. The cream of the class, Pawling, suffers big losses due to graduation but still appears to be the team to beat. The Tigers will be trying to hold off Irvington, Bronxville, and Dobbs. The only other teams that could potentially challenge for top spots are Croton Harmon and Albertus Magnus, but both would need to find a lot of younger runners for their small squads.

With the potentially strong competition within the Eagles squad that could move them close on the heels of the Irvington team, Dobbs could well have four to five runners ranked in the state Class C rankings by the end of the year. Dave and Viktor beat a number of ranked runners last year in the League, County, and Coaches meets. If all develops well, the team could beat out Irvington and Bronxville for the second spot in Class C, bettering its 3rd place finish of 2005.

The team summary going into the 2007 season with results from 2006 and possible team rosters where known is as follows.

1st in Class C; 10th in Section 1 (Avg. time: 18:04.81)

--Name----------------Grade---Ranking-- - -- --Sectional Time------Coaches
Colby Delbene--------12-------C2------- ------Absent------- ------16:49.34 (3)
Tom Brogan-----------12-------C74------- -----18:17.80 (10)------18:31.73 (77)
Jon Nash---------------12-------C82----- ------18:21.75 (11)--- ---18:44.37 (96)
Kyle Dulitz------------12--------------- ---------18:37.67 (12)------19:21:49 (JV)
Chris Bonanno--------11---------------- --------19:17.89 (JV)------20:03.07 (JV)
Brett Martini----------11------------ ------------20:04.89 (JV)-------20:11.98 (JV)

---Lost to graduation: Reid McGrath, Rafael Stabe, Dan Piazza, Dan Bellucci
---Projection: Lost a lot but still really loaded.

3rd in Class B, 11th in Section 1 (Avg. time 18:09.37), 7th in County

--Name-------- -------Grade---Ranking---- ----Sectional---- -Coaches
Michael Kennelly-----10-------B86 (C60)------18.21.61------18:44.19 (95)
Julian Saliani----------10-------B123 (C87)-----18:37.31------18:44.73 (97)
Ian Matthews----------11-------B128 (C89)-----Absent---- ----Absent
Matt Menard-----------11---------- ----------------18:51.91--- -19:44.95 (NA)

---Lost to graduation: Ryan Pastore, Zach Zweibel, Johann Holt, Sam Gordon
---Projection: Again, big losses but the favorite for 2nd place

3rd in Class C, 23rd in Section 1 (Avg. time 19:08.43), 13th in County, 1st in League

--Name--------- ------Grade---Ranking---Sectional---- -----Coaches------ ---League
Jack Hutton------------11-------C57-------18.00.14 (8)------18:24.45 (62)------14:51 (1)
Chis Yoo---------------11-------C102------18:51.68 (16)----19:32.03 (159)-----14:51 (2)
Ben Levitz-------------12-------C112------19:00.40 (18)-----19:10.42 (126)----14:56 (4)
Dayton Flannery------8---------- ----------19:16.73 (24)-----19:45.20 (NA)----15:27 (10)
James Harrison--------8------------ --------20:33.18 (41)-----Absent-------- ----16:44 (27)

---Lost to graduation: no one
---Projection: Not a deep team but has some strong top runners

Dobbs Ferry
4th in Class C, 31st in Section 1 (Avg. time 19:31.57), 16th in County, 2nd in League

--Name----------------Grade---Ranking- --Sectional ----- ---Coaches------ ----League
David King------------12-------- -----------19:10.99 (21)----18:59.25 (110)---14:56 (3)
Viktor Mashalov------11----------- --------19:15.25 (23)----19:14.39 (131)---15:25 (8)
Pat Newman-----------11----------- --------19:19.78 (25)----20:05.42 (NA)---15:25 (7)
Patrick Wortner-------10----------- --------19:41.64 (31)-----20:12.65 (NA)---15:56 (18)
Matt Coburn-----------11---------- ---------20:10.19 (36)-----20:49.53 (NA)---16:25 (25)

---Lost to graduation: Yoshi Miura, Alex Wilde
---Emerging runners: Evan Fallor, Brendan Wortner, Taka Masuda. Also including: Jake Lane, Yu Lin, George Epstein, Jamie Latainer
---Projection: Fairly deep team that needs to hunt in packs to move up.

Croton Harmon
8th in Class C, 41st in Section 1 (Avg. time 20:09.36)

--Name----------------Grade---Ranking- - ---- ---Sectional--- --Coaches
Marco Sammon-------11--------- ----------------18.45.18 (14)-- ---19:19.07 (141)
Phil Gagnon-------------?---------- ---------------19:12:37 (22)----- 20:54.87 (NA)
Andrew Miller----------12------------ -------- ----20:11.12 (37)---- --21:31.09 (NA)
Jonathon Biber----------?----------- --------------21:24.54 (63)--- --22:02.37 (NA)
Mackey Landey---------11------------ ------------22:47.09 (67)--- --Absent
Tim Kelly---------- -----?--------- ------ ----------23:46.54 (69)--- --Absent

---Lost to graduation: Michael Ivanoff. Not entirely known who will be back, but could be 5th team in Class C
---Projection: Maybe okay, maybe not

Albertus Magnus
6th in Class C, 40th in Section 1 (Avg. time 20:06.52)

--Name----------------Grade---Ranking - ---------Sectional-----------Coaches
John Nico---------------12---------- --------------18.49.91 (15)------18:54.82 (106)
Brian McNiff-----------10---------------- --------19:57.34 (34)------20:34.33 (NA)
Tim Peach---------------11----------- -------------20:27.44 (41)------20:35.63 (NA)

---Lost to graduation: James Cant, Adam Burn, Jimmy Carlucci
---Projection: Needs replacements

9th in Class C, 44th in Section 1 (Avg. time 20:14.43), 23rd in County, 3rd in League

--Name-------- -------Grade- -Ranking---Sectional ----- ---Coaches------ ---League
Matt Anuszkiewicz---12------------- ------19:03.67 (19)----19.37.60 (168)---15.17 (5)
Dan Garrido-----------11---------- ---------19:29.66 (27)----19:41.10 (NA)---15:21 (6)
Christian Matute------11--------- ----------20:24.39 (40)----Absent---- -------15:31 (11)
Eddie Paniccia--------10---------- ---------19:41.64 (31)-----Absent----- ------16:03 (19)
Tyrone Wilkonson----11--------- ----------Absent------------Absent------- ----17:02 (32)
Ashwin Ricci----------12------------- ------21:52.88 (65)-----Absent-------- ---17:11 (34)

---Lost to graduation: Ehsan Abafha
---Projection: Has a couple of decent runners and could challenge for 5th.

North Salem
5th in Class C, 37th in Section 1 (Avg. time 19:55.04), 18th in County
Top runner: Sam Parrish, 18:09.65 in Sectional, Ranked C63
---Projection: One top runner but lost most of its depth

7th in Class C, 39th in Section 1 (Avg. time 20:05.40), 24th in County
Top runner: Michael Phillips, 19:39.74 in Sectional
---Projection: Formerly strong team seems to be sliding way back

42nd in Section 1 (Avg. time 20:03.52)
Top runner: Tim Tomaskovic, 19:12.78 in Sectional
---Projection: New to Class C and they field a usually weak squad

10th in Class C, 48th in Section 1 (Avg. time 20:46.25), 27th in County
Top runner: Unknown
---Projection: Lost Goldenrod and Miller and the barrel is dry

Hastings and Blind Brook
Unknown whether they will field teams

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