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VCP - Paulina 4 for 4

Posted Friday, August 03, 2007 by Perry King
(Summary updated 8/21)

The final race in the Van Cortlandt Summer Series Races was run on August 16, and Paulina Nunez made it 4 for 4 by finishing 1rst in the female 15-19 age group, 2nd woman overall and 53rd among the more than 200 runners. As always, she got to chomp the prize and is now totally hooked on carrot bread muffins as she transforms from Eagle to Bearcat and heads to Binghamton on Thursday.

Joining Paulina at VCP for the finale, Eagle teammates David King charged home first among the Dobbs contingent and 40th overall (13th among the large 15-19 male crowd) and Emma Stiefler Johnson took her first tour of the famed course in preparation for the season ahead. Dave's even more broken-down dad finished 50th after his guts twisted up.

On to the beginning of official practice and the Labor Day season tuneup. Luck to all.

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(Summary as of 8/7)

The Van Cortlandt Park Cross Country Summer Series Races have been in full lope the last 2+ months, and Paulina Nunez has been a star in three races. In 5K races held on June 7 she finished 1rst in the female 15-19 year old category (58th overall) in 75 degree heat, and then she repeated the top showing again on August 2 in a million degree heat and humidity. On July 5, Paulina teamed with Grace Epstein to take 1rst for all women's teams in the 2x2 mile race. Paulina was also joined in the June 7th race by another Eagle graduate Anna Preddy.

Three other Dobbs runners appeared with Paulina in the August 2nd race. Viktor Mashalov and David King came in 41st and 52nd out of around 160 runners, and Dave's broken-down old dad came in 39th overall and 2nd in the 50-59 year group. Viktor was temporarily awarded 3rd in the 50s age group until the meet organizers wised up to his dyslexic 15-year-old trick and took back his carrot-bread muffin prize from him. For his cheek, Viktor was rewarded with a tour through scenic downtown Yonkers on the way home.

The last race in the VCP Summer Series is Thursday, August 16th at 7:00 PM, another 5K. Anyone who would like to run and needs a ride is welcome to talk with either of the King guys at 693-5958. Doing some hill work in preparation for the race is recommended.

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