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Shirt Slogans at Manhattan Invitational

Posted Tuesday, October 16, 2007 by Perry King
Snappy XC Lines

Along with the Dobbs girls' "My Sport is Your Sport's Punishment," which was also favored by a number of other teams, the following tally lists some of the better XC sayings seen on the backs of runners from around the country at the Manhattan Invitational:

--Run like you stole something

--Fast women have good times

--We have a serious case of the runs

--XC has no half-times, no timeouts, no substitutions

--Our shoes have more miles than your car

--Shut up & run

--I'm the fast woman your mother warned you about

--Cross Country. Finally a practical use for golf courses

--Anyone can run 100 meters, it's the last 4900 that count

--The truth is you can always run harder. Sometimes the truth hurts.

--Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional

--Sweat happens

--Track is a mental sport and we're all insane

--Tough times don't last, but tough people do

--We sweat like boys, get covered in mud, wear no makeup, and chug a gallon of gatorade so we can beat you at the finish.

--It's not the miles you put in, it's what you put into the miles. Okay it's both.

--They never said it would be easy. They only said it would be worth it.

--Pain is temporary. Pride is forever.

--(one for the Big Apple) XC is the way to be hard core (picture of apple core)

Last year of course the favorite was, "We eat hills for breakfast."

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