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No Truth to the Rumors

Posted Saturday, December 08, 2007 by Perry King
Dobbs Ferry Has Not Become the Bearcats

Despite what may have been seen by a select few on the noble but somewhat misinformed MyFoxLocker slide video, the Dobbs Ferry Eagles are not changing their names to the Bearcats. As to the team coming in 5th at the college ECAC championship in November, the team has made great strides and it may be true that it is ready to move to the next level.

Go Eagles, or in tune with the Dobbs \ Hastings football team of the late '90s, go EagleCats.

See it at:

http://www.myfoxlocker.com/default.aspx?hiera - rchy_id=0987d115-35fb-4b90-96f9-c5d99e9c7ba4&media - _id=229607&media_type=V

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