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League Meet Preview

Posted Friday, January 11, 2008 by Perry King
League Meet Preview

The Eagles first indoor track meet with both running and field events contested somewhat fully will be held when the League Meet (Section 1, Conference 4, to be technical) is held at the Manhattan Armory Track from 5-10 on the Sunday evening of January 13. The prospect of a nightime snow storm that is predicted to follow should be a great stimulator for kids dreaming of a snow day.

Dobbs is a new and certainly very welcome addition to a meet that for the last few years has basically featured four schools: Bronxville, Alexander Hamilton, Pawling, and Croton Harmon. Other small Class C schools such as Valhalla, Westlake, Rye Neck, and Haldane have also particpated, especially in the less competitive field events. The League Meet is the first of the three main Section 1 \ Westchester meets held at the Armory that the Eagles will attend.

With only sketchy results from this year's warmup meets and little information about the other eight or so teams at the League's, it's a bit of guess as to how the Eagles will do in the 6 running, 1 hurdle, 3 relay, and 5 field events that the boys and girls compete in. The girls also get a 16th event, the weird 1500 Racewalk, that at least one Eagle seems to love. The Eagles will be competing most strongly in the track events, but they should also represent pretty well in a few of the jumping and weight events.

On the Boys side, Bronxville, Pawling and Dobbs should compete pretty fiercely in the running and relay events, and Westlake, Croton Harmon, and Rye Neck will make their presence felt in the field events. Pawling may sweep the pole vault possibly without even using a pole. Bronxville has dominated just about all of the girls events in the past, though Alexander Hamilton is strong in the sprints and Croton Harmon has usually done well in the jumping and weight events along with being the walking wonders.

So with no recent results to go on other than the Bronco girls' nationally ranked and 2nd-best in NY 4x800 relay results and the XC season placements, the following is the best sketchy guess for how Dobbs will do in the battle for places 1-6.


Sprints (55m, 300m, 800m Relay): Alan Sanseverino, Ramson Ragin, and Louis Lipson should compete pretty well but it's hard to say who will show up from among the Rye Neck, Westlake and Valhalla runners who placed well last year. Relay team should be in top four.

Middle Distance (600m, 1000m, 1600m Relay, 3200m Relay): Guessing that Viktor Mashalov, Pat Newman, George Tzortzidis, Taka Masuda, George Epstein, Boris Opacic, Matt Presta and Matt Holt may run and come away with some places. Last year's 6th place time in the 1000 was only 3:27, but this year could be different. The Eagles should be among the top three teams in the 1600 and 3200 relays.

Long Distance (1600m, 3200m): Along with being strong in the 3200 Relays, Patrick and Brendan Wortner along with maybe Pat and Viktor should compete well here against Pawling and Bronco squads that are a bit of a mystery at this point.

Hurdles (55): Nada.

Jumps (Long, High, Triple, Pole Vault): Charlie Harden won the Outdoor Track triple in 2007, but his availability for this meet is in question. Ramson Ragin has experience in the long jump from the outdoor season, and last year's 6th place distance was 16'.

Weight (Shot Put): If Joe Giuliano makes his presence at the meet, it could be a big one. Last year's 6th place was only 29'02".


1500 Racewalk: Veteran Sofia Maluf should get a high place here easily in a race that few girls enter, so get out your walking shoes and grab a 5th or 6th place. Croton is usually the main competition for the top place.

Sprints (55m, 300m, 800m Relay): Jenn Sanseverino in the 55 and Phoebe Maddox in the 300 lead a sprint squad that will challenge well against the Alexander Hamilton and Bronxville speedsters. Guessing that Katie Martin, Joanne Mumbey, and Grete Falck-Pedersen will also be in the sprints. Last year's star, Hamilton's Trisha Hawthorne, graduated and her teammate Tamika Smith is likely to be one of the top runners here. The 800 Relay squad should take at least a 3rd.

Middle Distance (600m, 1000m, 1600m Relay, 3200m Relay): Eagles are beginning to look strong here with Phoebe Maddox, Lauren Hanley, Andrea Koenigsberg, Izzy Natale, Rachel Kagan, Tara Whitty, Susanna Halatyn, and Bella Young possibly competing here. Phoebe could give a pack of Broncos a run for their money in the 600 along with Andrea, and Lauren could challenge in the 1000. Guessing race assignments there. Eagles should grab 2nd in the 3200 Relay and battle Pawling for 2nd in 1600 Relay.

Long Distance (1500m, 3000m): Among the Eagles who may well be competing here are Sarah King, Karen Maehara, Sophia Maluf, Rebecca Wiersma, Mary Constant, Shanna Yue and Clara Wang. The 1500 is usually very competitive and the 3000 is usally not, but this is all subject to whatever Bronxville decides to do. Hannah Rose of Croton and the Pawling runners will also be a factor, but a 4th in the 3000 might be possible.

Hurdles (55): Eagles should be special in outdoor season, but they take a break from the event indoors.

Jumps (Long, High, Triple, Pole Vault): Andrea Koenigsberg will finally get a real pit to jump in. Last year's 6th place LJ was only 11'08' so a top 3 place is certainly doable even on rusty legs. Now if only someone could learn to hop or use a pole.

Weight (Shot Put): Eagles should be strong in outdoor season, but no one will compete indoors.

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