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League Meet Preview

Posted Thursday, May 08, 2008 by Perry King
Eagles Prep for League 1 IV-C Championship

The meets are all set for the postseason League championships and the 14 Section 1 - Class C teams scatter to their assignments in either the III-A meet (Croton Harmon, Lincoln Hall, plus many B teams), the III-C meet (Albertus Magnus and many B teams), the IV-A meet (Pawling, North Salem, Haldane), the IV-B meet (Bronxville, Valhalla, Rye Neck, Blind Brook, Clark Academy), and the IV-C meet (Dobbs Ferry, Alexander Hamilton, Solomon Schechter, Leake & Watts). The IV-C meet is on Tuesday afternoon, May 13, at Rye Neck, though the host Panthers will not be attending as they are traveling to Bronxville for the IV-B meet.

That the Eagles have been separated from the Broncos for once is a cause for cautious hope, especially for the girls. Though Alexander Hamilton will be tough competition, the Raiders are not at the level of the Broncos, who also are always a bad matchup for the Eagles. The odds for a dual championship increase greatly now that Dobbs does not have to face either the Broncos or Vikings strong running crews. The meet is almost a repeat of the the first meet of the season for Dobbs, Hamilton, and Leake and Watts, with Solomon Schechter replacing that meet's host, North Salem, as the fourth team.

The IV-C matchup features Hamilton's strong sprint\middle distance runners and jumping squads versus the Eagles strong middle\long distance runners and throwers. The boys have a decided advantage, especially since Alan Sanseverino and his guys counter Hamilton's sprint crew. The girls have had two close contests in 2007-2008 with Hamilton, winning last year and losing the initial meet by 12.5 points this year. The presence of Solomon Schechter and Leake & Watts is probably about a wash, as they will take high places in a few strong events for both Dobbs and Hamilton.

Based on the available results for this year, the following preview gives a general idea of where the Eagles stand in all the events going into the IV-C championship. Note that many results are not available especially those for the Eagle's Bind Brook meet or any performance not in the top 3 places. Overall, if all teams are at full strength, based on known results the Eagles guys would be projected to win by about 40 points, so they are in comfortable territory. The girls will have to really work hard and fill in some key voids to earn their championship. Their contest is projected at about a dead heat between Hamilton and Dobbs if the Eagles sweep the points in the 1500/3000 and maybe find two volunteers to triple jump between 15-20' to avoid a goose egg. Luck, springy legs, and strong lungs to all.


Event by Event Summary

Dobbs Best: Sanseverino 11.3, D. Brailsford 12.7
Opponents Best: Richardson (LW) 11.8, Blanks (AH) 12.2
Summary: Dobbs has Alan and a deep squad

100 hurdles
Dobbs Best: Dahill 18.9; Caldwell 19.4
Opponents Best: Ferguson (LW) 18.5, Taylor (LW) 18.8, Oliva (LW), Jacob (AH), 22.1
Summary: L+W hudlers should give Kevin and Julian a good challenge

Dobbs Best: Sanseverino 23.3, D. Brailsford 25.8
Opponents Best: Barrera (AH) 24.1, Herd (AH) 24.4, Richardson (LW) 25.6
Summary: Alan goes for a double and Devonte could place

Dobbs Best: Fallor 56.3, Opacic 60.2
Opponents Best: Lane (AH) 54.6, Muckle (AH) 56.9, Nassarat (AH) 57.0, Rose (SS) 64.7
Summary: Lane has had a breakout year but Evan is close

400 hurdles
Dobbs Best: Dahill 65.1, Nagor 72.4
Opponents Best: Jacob (AH) 75.0, Morales (LW) 81.0, Adiakite (LW) 88.6
Summary: Kevin and Ron should collect big points

Dobbs Best: Fallor 2:14.4, Tzortzidis 2:19.4, P. Wortner 2:29, B. Wortner NA (2:20s)
Opponents Best: Lane (AH) 2:12.2, Nassarat 2:20.0
Summary: Another tight battle with the win going to whoever wants it more

Dobbs Best: Fallor 4:56, Newman 4:58, Mashalov 5:11.7, P. Wortner 5:16, Masuda 5:40
Opponents Best: Unknown
Summary: Race is ripe for a 16-0 sweep for Eagles

Dobbs Best: P. Wortner 10:45.2, B. Wortner 11:33.6
Opponents Best: Unknown
Summary: Brothers market here, and good event for XC types to do 8 laps and grab a place

400 relay
Dobbs Best: Dobbs Ferry (Sanseverino, Brailsfords x 2, Ragin), 48.5
Opponents Best: Hamilton 48.5, Schechter 50.7, Leake + Watts 50.9
Summary: Photofinish, I guess

1,600 relay
Dobbs Best: Dobbs Ferry (Pick 4: Newman, Fallor, Tzortzidis, Opacic, Mashalov) 4:05.3
Opponents Best: Hamilton 3:46.2, Schechter 5:07.5, Leake + Watts 5:09
Summary: Last race of day, but Eagles will need reborn legs to catch Hamilton

3,200 relay
Dobbs Best: Dobbs Ferry (Newman, Mashalov, Tzortzidis, Fallor), 9:20
Opponents Best: Hamilton 9:37, Schechter 10:40
Summary: First race and Dobbs just needs to keep a comfortable margin and not tax the anchor

High jump
Dobbs Best: Caldwell 5-0
Opponents Best: Barrera (AH) 5-2, Jacob (AH) 5-2, Shakel (SS) 5-0
Summary: Chance for an Eagle to join Julian's show

Long jump
Dobbs Best: Ragin 15-1.75
Opponents Best: Taylor (LW) 16-10, Bazan (AH) 16-9, Richardson (LW) 16-5, Bentley (LW) 16-4, Schofield (AH) 16-4
Summary: Tough competition here for Eagles

Triple jump
Dobbs Best: Ragin 36-3
Opponents Best: Blanks (AH) 33-8, Oz (SS) 28-2.75, Spitz (SS) 25-11
Summary: Ramson looking to give Eagles second straight League championship in event

Dobbs Best: B. Brailsford 86-7, Altman 86-6, D. Brailsford 79-1
Opponents Best: Anukute (AH) 90-8
Summary: Best throws for Eagles are still to come and they can show up big here as Brandon, Mike and Devonte all try to go 80-90'

Dobbs Best: B. Brailsford 39-4, Altman 38-8, D. Brailsford 37-7, Guiliano 35-1 .
Opponents Best: Ferguson (LW) 38-5, Johnson (LW) 34-5, Arena (LW) 32-2
Summary: Great depth for Eagles should help them dominate LW shot guys

Overall Summary: Assuming the above times and distances will project for the League Meet, the tally would be: DF 118, AH 76, LW 38, SS 21


Event by Event Summary
All times and measurements are for active roster.

Dobbs Best: Rogow 15.1, Maddox NA
Opponents Best: Ta. Smith (AH), 12.8, Brown (AH) 13.5
Summary: Eagles could really help themselves if they can get some big efforts and keep Hamilton from shooting out of the gate

100 hurdles
Dobbs Best: Smith 21.0
Opponents Best: Ty. Smith (AH)16.9, Keene (AH) 17.3, Lane (AH) 19.9, Bridge (AH) 20.3
Summary: Monster event for Hamilton

Dobbs Best: Maddox NA (28?), Derry (NA) (29?), Yamamoto 32.4, Jacobs 33.0
Opponents Best: Ta. Smith (AH) 27.2, Ty. Smith (AH) 27.6
Summary: Eagles need to keep this race close and have the depth to do it

Dobbs Best: Maddox 63.5, Koenigsberg NA, Yamamoto 74.7, Quintero 75.5
Opponents Best: Barrera (AH) 62.1, Jessamy (AH) 66.6, Thomas (AH) 71.5
Summary: Probably Phoebe's best shot for a first place in another head to head between Dobbs and Hamilton

400 hurdles
Dobbs Best: Smith 92.5, Natale NA
Opponents Best: Lane (AH) 77.0, Ginsberg (SS) 81.5, Bridges (AH) 81.8, Keene (AH) 83.2
Summary: Another strong event for Hamilton

Dobbs Best: King 2:45.7, Hanley NA (2:40s), Natale 2:53, Maehara 2:54, Bortz ~2:55, Quintero ~2:56
Opponents Best: Jessamy (AH) 2:49.4
Summary: Eagles have to start making up points on Hamilton in this race, and the depth and chance for a 1-2 bodes well

Dobbs Best: Hanley 5:42.3, King NA, Maehara 5:54, Natale 5:56, Maluf NA
Opponents Best: Unknown
Summary: The Eagles need to take 5 places and 16-0 point margin over Hamilton

Dobbs Best: King 12:24, Hanley 13:09, Maluf 13:50, Maehara NA, Natale NA
Opponents Best: Unknown
Summary: Again, Eagles need to run XC pack and score 16-0 here

400 relay
Dobbs Best: Dobbs Ferry (Pick 4: Derry, Muoser, Hardesty, Green, Rogow, Jacobs, Mumbey) 56.4
Opponents Best: Hamilton, 52.8, Leake+Watts 67.0, Schechter 67.8
Summary: Hamilton has best time in Class C this year, so short of greasing the Raiders' baton the Eagles will get 2nd

1,600 relay
Dobbs Best: Dobbs Ferry (Pick 4: Maehara, Maluf, Bortz, Quintero, Yamamoto, Koenigsberg, Hanley, Maddox), 4:39
Opponents Best: Hamilton 4:35, Schechter 6:13.8
Summary: Tough task beating Hamilton here, but in a close meet the championship could well come down to the last race and whose legs are less wobbly.

3,200 relay
Dobbs Best: Dobbs Ferry (Pick 4: King, Natale, Maehara, Hanley, Bortz, Maluf) 11:20.8
Opponents Best: Hamilton 12:17
Summary: Eagles should win event easily whichever combo is selected

High jump
Dobbs Best: Muoser 4-4, Hardesty 3-10
Opponents Best: Thomas (AH) 4-2, Janos (AH) 4-0, Spitz (S) 3-10, Ginsberg (SS) 3-9
Summary: This could be a critical swing event and if Celia and Nicoleta can get a margin on Hamilton, the Eagles' chances will greatly improve

Long jump
Dobbs Best: Hardesty 13-3.5, Koenigsberg, NA (13s), Natale 11-6
Opponents Best: Barrera (AH) 14-4, Smith (AH) 13-3.25, Spilka (SS) 12-1, Spitz (SS) 11-2
Summary: Another jumping event that is critical for Eagles

Triple jump
Dobbs Best: Unknown
Opponents Best: Ginsberg (SS) 29-8, Keene (AH) 27-1, Muller (AH) 25-9
Summary: Anyone with some hops who could take a quick Ramson tutorial and get out to 15-20 feet could score critical points

Dobbs Best: Lauer 63-5.75; Veiras 60-6
Opponents Best: Santos (LW) 70-10, Rajan (AH) 62-1, Spitzer 61-5.5
Summary: Another big swing event for Eagles

Dobbs Best: Dowdle 23-9, Veiras 23-3, Sheridan 21-1 .
Opponents Best: Santos (LW), 28-1, Spilka 21-3
Summary: Eagles will be facing Santos again and another upset like Sophia's last year in the Sectionals and a big point swing would be nice

Overall Summary: Assuming the above times and distances will project for the League Meet, the tally would be: DF 105, AH 103, LW 16, SS 15

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