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Sectional Meet Preview

Posted Monday, May 19, 2008 by Perry King
Eagles Get Set for Class C Section Championship

The Eagles travel to Bronxville on Thursday afternoon, May 22, to compete with a dozen or more teams for the Section 1 Class C title. The level of talent on both the boys and girls sides in Class C is extremely high this year, and with perfect slightly cool weather expected, the athletes should be producing record times and distances. Teams that will probably attend the meet with Dobbs include Croton Harmon, Lincoln Hall, Albertus Magnus, Pawling, North Salem, Haldane, Bronxville, Valhalla, Rye Neck, Blind Brook, Clark Academy, Alexander Hamilton, Solomon Schechter, Leake & Watts.

Last year the Eagles scored 24 points in both the girls and boys standings, finishing 8th in both competitions. Even with all of the tremendous development that has occurred for the Eagles during the season, the team will need to really stretch to exceed last year's totals because most of the other teams have gotten a lot better.

On the boys side, the big favorite is again Pawling who won last year's meet by 20 points. The Tigers are deep and have running and hurdling strength that no team can match. Croton Harmon, Bronxville, and Valhalla look to move up from last year's 5th, 6th, and 7th finishes to fight for the 2nd spot. Dobbs could be in the running for 5th place if they get some key performances.

The girls meet is dominated by an overwhelming Bronxville squad whose runners and hurdlers keep them far ahead of pursuers. The Broncos finished 85 points ahead of 2nd place Albertus Magnus last year, and the margin could be bigger this year. In 2008, however, Pawling and Alexander Hamilton look to be the teams that will get closest to Bronxville. Dobbs' chances are harder to gauge, but if the team can pick up key points in the field and relay events, the Eagles could leapfrog all the way to 4th.

The following includes a list of the top ten performances in all the events this season by Class C teams. The times and distances were done under conditions that are somewhat different from the Sectional meet, and many athletes will be concentrating on one or two events rather than the three or four they posted top times for. Many teams will also skip some or all of the relays to keep their top runners fresh for a championship run.

The best opportunities for the Eagles to match their two gold medals from last year (Lisa Tessitore in the 100, and Sophia Veiras in the shotput --Sofia Maluf in the Racewalk was nonscoring) appear to be with Brandon Brailsford in the shotput, Patrick Wortner in the 3200 (assuming Colby Delbene runs the 1600 and does not double in the 3200, maybe unlikely), Alan Sanseverino in the 100 (and maybe in the 200), Nicoleta Hardesty in the long jump, Celia Muoser in the high jump, and the girls 4x400 relay team (if Bronxville subs in the last event of the meet). All of them are ranked in the top 2 in their main event.

Key to teams: Albertus Magnus (AM), Alexander Hamilton (AH), Blind Brook (BB), Bronxville (B), Clark Academy (CA), Croton Harmon (CH), Dobbs Ferry (DF), Haldane (H), Leake & Watts (LW), Lincoln Hall (LH), North Salem (NS), Pawling (P), Rye Neck (RN), Solomon Schechter (SS), Valhalla (V).


Event by Event Summary

Evans (P) 10.9, Sanseverino (DF) 10.98, Reda (P) 11.1, Recine (B) 11.2, Rivas (AM) 11.4, Arant (V) 11.4, Rogan (B) 11.6, Sora (P) 11.6, Richardson (LW) 11.7, Willis (LH) 11.9
Summary: Alan will have the first of his showdowns with his top 3 contenders for the 100/200 races and he will need to get out fast while saving enough for the final.
2007: 1rst 11.3, 6th 12.0

110 hurdles
Carey (P) 15.6, Njie (CH) 16.2, Ferguson (LW) 16.4, Paolo (V) 17.0, Simonetti (P) 17.8, Miranda (P) 18.1, Dahill (DF) 18.5, Fisher (LH) 18.5, Sturr (B) 18.6, Taylor (LW) 18.8. Also Caldwell (DF) 19.0
Summary: Kevin's best chance in an event that he placed 3rd last year. The competition is much stronger this year and he and Julian will really need to dig.
2007: 1rst 17.4, 4th 20.2 (only four finishers)

Evans (P) 22.8, Recine (B) 22.8, Sanseverino (DF) 23.3, Reda (P) 23.4, Barrera (AH) 23.8, Arant (V) 24.0, Brown (CH) 24.0, Sora (P) 24.0, Muckle- Heard (AH) 24.4, Rogan (B) 24.6. Also Brailsford (DF) 25.5
Summary: It could be a war of attrition for the 200 final at this point as Alan goes for a double medal.
2007: 1rst 23.1, 6th 24.8

Felipe (V) 52.2, Lane (AH) 54.24, Bazan (AH) 54.58, Malcolm (V) 54.6, Uyu (B) 54.8, Maruzzella (P) 55.0, Fallor (DF) 55.64, Boyle (P) 55.9, Muckle-Heard (AH) 56.24, Nassarat (AH) 56.24
Summary: Less strong this year. A decent shot for Evan here if he runs the race but the question is which races he'll do with chances probably better in 800 and 1600.
2007: 1rst 50.4, 6th 53.4.

400 hurdles
Carey (P) 60.5, O'Hara (CH) 60.9, Murphy (B) 61.4, Luciano (V) 61.5, Sturr (B) 61.9, Simonetti (P) 62.9, Rivas (AM) 63.25, Njie (CH) 64.2, Dahill (DF) 65.1, Nagor (DF) 70.2
Summary: Deep field here as Pawling's Carey seeks to get a double and Kevin and Ron are on outer margin
2007: 1rst 59.4, 6th 65.6

Yoo (B) 2:03, Felipe (V) 2:05.6, Lane (AH) 2:07.74, Yu (P) 2:10.6, Fallor (DF) 2:10.97, Boyle (P) 2:11.4, Anuszkiewicz (V) 2:12.1, Maruzzella (P) 2:12.3, Callan (P) 2:14, Nassarat (AH) 2:14.79. Also Tzortzidis (DF) 2:19.4
Summary: Could it be Yoo vs. Yu as Evan tries to close the gap and get a top place? Near the end of the day, there will be some tired legs here.
2007: 1rst 2:00.6, 6th 2:16.9

Delbene (P) (NA, 4:10ish?), Yoo (B) 4:37.58, Flannery (B) 4:51, Fallor (DF) 4:53.21, Anuszkiewicz (V) 4:53.6, Nash (P) 4:55, Yu (P) 4:56, Hutton (B) 4:57.9, Newman (DF) 4:58, Callan (P) 4:59. Also: Mashalov (DF) ~5:02, Tzortzidis (DF) ~5:04
Summary: Unknown what Delbene's plans are but he probably will defend last year's 1600 title. Evan and Pat still have good shot here if they can push times down a few more seconds.
2007: 1rst 4:41, 6th 4:55.8 (Newman)

Delbene (P) 9:10.76, P. Wortner (DF) 10:29.16, Flannery (B) 10:30.2, Yu (P) 10:30.8, Levitz (B) 10:34, Brogan (P) 10:41.5, Anuszkiewicz (V) 10:53.2, B. Wortner (DF) 10:54.20, Guzman (NS) 11:02, Nash (P) 11:08.05
Summary: Question here is whether Delbene doubles the 1600\3200 and whether the Eagles' brother duo both win medals. Thinking yes to both.
2007: 1rst 10:52.0, 6th 11:12.5 (P. Wortner)

3000 Steeplechase
Probably Levitz (B), Brogan (P), and Nagasing (P) will run this event along with a few other Pawling diehards. Easy but brutal way to get a place.
2007: 1rst 10:34.6, 6th 12:43.3

400 relay
Pawling 45.5, Bronxville 45.9, Lincoln Hall 46.74, Valhalla 47.1, Croton Harmon 47.27, Hamilton 47.88, Dobbs Ferry 48.5, Leake & Watts 49.41, Schechter 49.82,
Summary: Eagles are right in there for a medal but they have to get the exchanges working better for maybe Alan's last race.

1,600 relay
Pawling 3:40, Valhalla 3:42, Hamilton 3:46.2, Bronxville 3:46.6, Croton Harmon 3:56.37, Dobbs Ferry 4:05.3, Schechter 4:29
Summary: Eagles could medal by default but they need to go sub 4:00.
2007: 1rst 3:33, 6th 3:59.4

3,200 relay
Pawling 8:13.3, Bronxville 8:50.51, Dobbs Ferry 9:04, Hamilton 9:09, Valhalla 9:30, Croton Harmon 9:51.3
Summary: Nice if Dobbs could break 9:00 as they try to get a top 3 place again like last year
2007: 1rst: 8:50.7, 4th 9:35.9

High jump
Flynn (V) 6-2, Schofield (AH) 6-0, O'Hara (CH) 6-0, de la Torre (B) 5-10, Epstein 5-8, Caley (P) 5-8, Reiger (P) 5-6, Barrera (AH) 5-2, Jacob (AH) 5-2, Felipe (V) 5-6, Odland (CH) 5-6. Also: Caldwell 5-2
Summary: Julian will need to add about 6 inches to medal in a crowded field.
2007: NA

Long jump
Flynn (V) 19-3, Reda (P) 19-2, O'Hara (CH) 18-10, Bazan (AH) 18-9, Sanseverino (DH) 18-1.25, Schofield (AH) 18-0, Sugrue (RN) 17-11.5, Valeur (CA) 17-8, Evans (P) 17-7, Epstein (P) 17-3
Summary: Coming in at #5 here, might be worth it for Alan to try a jump or two even with his busy day
2007: 1rst 19-6.25, 6th 18-3.5

Triple jump
Fowler (AM) 42-11, O'Hara (CH) 38-9.5, Flynn (V) 38-9.5, Bazan (AH) 38-8.25, Ragin (DH) 38-0, Epstein (P) 37-0, Odland (CH) 36-1.5, Blanks (AH) 35-10, de la Torre (B) 35-4.5, Laberbera (P) 35-1
Summary: Fowler aims for repeat. If Ramson concentrates on the TJ only, he may have the freshest legs in the group when the event rolls around.
2007: 1rst 40-8, 6th 37-4

Pole Vault
Pawling will dominate.
2007: 1rst 10-0, 6th 8-0

Sargeant (CH) 121-8, Hair (CH) 119-4, Troiani (V) 114-4, Tedesco (P) 107-9, Mechlin (B) 107-9, Altman (DF) 99-0, Anukute (AH) 90-8, Boyle 90-2, D. Brailsford (DF) 88-5. Also: D. Brailsford (DF) 86-7
Note: Jordan Haye of Albertus Magnus threw 108-1 early in April but no results for him have been reported since.
Summary: Mike, Devonte, and Brandon need to spin and crank a fair throw into the 100s to complete the season.
2007: 1rst 107-8, 6th 102-7

Hair (CH) 45-1, B. Brailsford (DF) 43-10, D. Brailsford 40-4, Troiani (V) 39-7, Umejei (AM) 39-1.75, Ferguson (LW) 39-1, Altman (DF) 38-8, Arena (RN) 38-8, Shkreli (B) 37-11.5, Guiliano (DF) 35-1, Johnson (LW) 34-5
Note: Jordan Haye of Albertus Magnus threw 47-2 early in April but no results for him have been reported since. If he shows up, he would be the favorite.
Summary: Best depth of any event for Eagles, and Brandon should challenge for top spot
2007: 1rst 51-3.25, 6th 38-1.25

Simonetti and a few other Pawling athletes may be only contestants

Overall Summary: If the above results were matched in the meet, Dobbs would be looking at 47 points, about double what they got last year. The Eagles should be contenders.


Event by Event Summary

Ta. Smith (AH), 12.8, 2. Flynn (V) 12.9, Derti (BB) 13.3, Frost (BB) 13.3, Dapolito (P) 13.4, Brown (AH) 13.45, Howard (CH) 13.5, Forrest (AM) 13.5, Bridge (AH) 13.83, Maddox (DF) (NA, 13.8ish?). Also: Derry (DF) 13.9?
Summary: Too many fast legs for Eagles to challenge here and go to finals where final places get slower
2007: 1rst 13.0 (Tessitore), 6th 14.3

100 hurdles
Dobbs Best:
Kim (B) 16.0, Ty. Smith (AH)16.9, St. Leger (CH) 16.9, Paugh (P) 17.1, Keene (AH) 17.3, Bellucci (P) 17.9, Ledee (CH) 18.0, Lane (AH) 18.9, Bridge (AH) 20.3 Also: Smith (DF) 21.0
Summary: Broncos' Kim strong favorite

Ta. Smith (AH) 27.19, Goff (B) 27.2, Howard (CH) 27.5, Flynn (V) 27.9, Harrold (H) 28.1, Dapolito (P) 28.3, Ty. Smith (AH) 28.6, Forrest 28.6, Mold (P) 28.8, Carter (V) 28.9. Also: Maddox (DF) 29.12, Derry (DF) 30.6
Summary: Not sure what Phoebe and Yeru can get down to, but in one of the day's deepest and most competitive races, this one will be a challenge.
2007: 1rst 25.6, 6th 28.9

Hudson (B) 60.1, Goff (B) 60.46, Meiers (B) 60.6, Barrera (AH) 62.1, Bruton (B) 63.3, Maddox (DF) 63.5, Hanley (DF) 64.0, Mold (P) 64.8, Jessamy (AH) 65.3, Spring (CH) 66.37. Also: Koenigsberg 67.52
Summary: This is where everything looks like Bronco country, though they may not all be in this event. Phoebe, Lauren and Andrea all have a shot for a place but they also need to save something for their other events and 4x400 relay.
2007: 1rst 57.1, 6th 63.8

400 hurdles
Kim (B) 66.72, Pepe (B) 69.50, Meiers (B) 71.4, Ross (P) 71.6, Bellucci (P) 74.6. Basciano (AM) 74.8, St. Leger (CH) 75.3, Lane (AH) 76.30, Rizzo (B) 76.9, Keene (AH) 77.48
Summary: Broncos country
2007: 68.0, 6th 83.9

Hudson (B) 2:21.9, Bruton (B) 2:23.6, Murrer (B) 2:25.7, Longobardo (B) 2:32.1, White (B) 2:32.91, Jorgensen (P) 2:33.4, Hanley (DF) 2:34.97, Jessamy (AH) 2:35.87, Gagnon (CH) 2: 36.96, Castle (P) 2:38.6
Summary: Broncos' depth is unbelievable, but Lauren can hang with pack and take a place here.
2007: 1rst 2:24.4, 6th 2:31.9

Flannery (B) 4:46.71, Clarke (B) 4:56, Phillips (B) 4:58.04, McGowan (AM) 5:01.5, Dawson (B) 5:11.3, Jorgensen (P) 5:15.5, Steward (B) 5:23, Hanley 5:20s, Costa (CH) 5:34.62, Gagnon (CH) 5:36.14, Natale (DF) 5:41
Summary: So many questions, including what Lauren's best time is. If both Flannery and Clarke double up the 1500\3000, this will be tough. Probably won't happen though, so situation is the same for Lauren as in the 800, whichever race she runs.
2007: 1rst 4:51.7, 6th 5:06.3

Flannery (B) 10:34.7, McGowan (AM) 10:38.2, Clarke (B) 10:53.2, Jorgensen (P) 10:43.3, Phillips (B) 11:03.5, King (DF) 11:24.35, Jelinek (P) 11:33.5, Costa (CH) 11:59.4, Maehara (DF) 12:22
Summary: Classic battle shaping up between junior Flannery and senior McGowan. Last year a lot of runners jumped into this race but this year could be different and there is a chance for Eagles to get two places.
2007: 1rst 10:49.6, 6th 11:35.7

2000 Racewalk
Jelensberger (B) 8:45.10, Drabek (CH) 9:22.53, Maluf (DF) 9:38.82
Summary: Sofia looks to defend title but could have some strong competition here.

2000 Steeplechase
Miers (B) and maybe Flannery (B) are top contenders with Jorgensen (P) giving a strong challenge.

400 relay
Hamilton 52.07, Bronxville 54.08, Croton Harmon 55.50, Pawling 56.1, Dobbs Ferry 56.4, Haldane 56.9, North Salem 57.5, Valhalla 58.2
Summary: Gotta root for Hamilton to prevent Broncos from sweeping relays again this year. Eagles need to get handoffs more polished and get a place.
2007: 1rst 52.3, 6th 67.2

1,600 relay
Bronxville 4:07.3, Dobbs Ferry 4:23.82, Pawling 4:24.2, Albertus Magnus 4:29.3, Hamilton 4:35, Croton Harmon 4:35.83, North Salem 4:49, Valhalla 4:52
Summary: If the Eagles can keep their legs strong enough for a showdown with Pawling for a likely 2nd, this could be a tremendous way to end meet.
2007: 1rst 4:16.5, 6th 5:04.9

3,200 relay
Bronxville 9:17.3, Pawling 10:08.9, Croton Harmon 10:50.3, Dobbs Ferry 11:20.8
Summary: Eagles could get a 3rd if they have some fresh legs here to run against the tired bones of the other teams.
2007: 1rst 10:18, 5th 13:44

High jump
Dannhauser (B) 5-0, Muoser (DF) 4-8, Tait (NS) 4-8, Ross (P) 4-8, Flynn (V) 4-6, Janos (AH) 4-6, Thomas (AH) 4-4, Spitz (S) 4-2, Kilcullen (NS) 4-2
Summary: If Celia can get her steps down and maybe get more arc in the approach, she could be looking at a big day.
2007: 1rst 5-0, 6th 4-6

Long jump
Ta. Smith 14-6, Hardesty (DF) 14-5, Tait (NS) 14-2.5, Harrold (H) 13-10, Valavano (NS) 13-9, Vasta (CH) 13-7, Bridge (AH) 13-6, Koenigsberg (DF) 13-4, Able (P) 12-9
Summary: Strong event for Eagles

Triple jump
Harrold (H) 30-7.5, Kim (B) 30-2.5, Ginsberg (SS) 29-8, Tait (NS) 28-8.5, Caley (NS) 28-6, Able (P) 28-5.75, Paugh (P) 28-2, Keene (AH) 27-11, Carter (V) 27-3.5, Shuler (AH) 25-11
Summary: Root for the little teams here

Pole Vault
Walters (AM) 9-6, Dannhauser (B) 7-6, and many tied at 6-6
2007: 1rst 9-0, 6th 6-0

Santos (LW) 78-8, Malinowski (CH) 77-2, Dannhauser (B) 76-05, Bluestone (CH) 71-0, Larmond (P) 70-7, Melvin (P) 70-6, Kilcullen (NS) 67-6, Occhipinti (CH) 67-2, Michaelson (RN) 67-1.5, Rajan (AH) 66-2. Also: Lauer (DF) 63-7.5
Summary: One big throw could get Eagles a place
2007: 1rst 74-7, 6th 71-9

Santos (LW), 29-3, Kilcullen (NS) 27-4, Bluestone (CH) 26-2, Malinowski (CH) 25-10, Tancredi (P) 25-4, Dowdle (DF) 25-0, Caley (NS) 24-1.5, Murrer (B) 23-11, Bucci (DF) 23-8, Melvin (P) 22-6.25
Summary: Big challenge for throwers as the field gets tougher
2007: 1rst 27-7.75 (Veiras), 6th 25-8.25

Might have a competitor, might not.

Overall Summary: Assuming the above times and distances will project for the Sectional meet, the girls will get about 30-35 points, a bit of a jump from last year.

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