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Van Cortlandt Races Warming Up (final 8/15)

Posted Friday, July 18, 2008 by Perry King
Tortoise and Hare Races at VCP Bringing out the Crowds


(Date 7/18) The Van Cortlandt Park 5K races in the Bronx have been rolling along every Thursday night since May 5 and continue until August 14. The races are a great training event for the coming season, whether it be HS, college, or weekend road races. Last year seven different Dobbs runners took advantage of at least one of the races to stretch the muscles and take a shot at winning one of the trophy muffins. So far this year only two Dobbsians have run at VCP, but they are a perfect 3 for 3 in taking the top spot in their age group.

On July 17th Paulina Nunez continued her big preparations for the upcoming Binghamton Bearcat XC season by taking the 15-19 women's top spot in a rocking time of under 21:00, cutting probably about 15 seconds off her best 2007 time. She finished 3rd overall among all women and beat out Carmel's standout senior Ashley Maurer (#11 in Section 1 in 2007) in her age group. On the other end of the age spectrum, the Eagles' resident FOWG just held off Paulina's late charge to finish first for the second time in the 50-59 age group to repeat a June 5 showing.

There's a lot of top NYC and Section 1 HS runners at the VCP 5K races, so if you have some energy to burn, give it a try on July 31 or August 14.


(Date 8/13) Dobbs had a big 8-strong group show up for the penultimate Van Cortlandt Park 5K race on July 31 and turned the meet into a refrain from "Do you know the muffin man?" Six Dobbsians won the carrot cake trophies for places in their age group with Pat Wortner leading the way by breaking the 18 minute speed of feet barrier and Paulina Nunez breaking the 21 minute barrier. The final race will be held on Thursday, August 14, at 7:00, a great kickoff for the runners leaving for the Blue Mountain Running Camp in Pennsylvania three days later.

The results for the July 31st race included the following notable results on a hot and muggy evening: Part Wortner (3rd overall, 1rst male 15-19) in 17:57, Viktor Mashalov (12th overall, 7th in that tough 15-19 male group) in 18:51, Brendan Wortner (20th overall, 2nd in 14 & under male group) in 19:35, Perry King (32nd overall, 1rst in 50-59 male group) in 20:43, Paulina Nunez (36th overall and 3rd female, 2nd in 15-19 female group) in 20:58, Laura Vaughn (74th overall, 2nd in 20-29 female group) in 24:24, Maureen Carson completed a family trifecta along with Pat and Brendan (99th overall, 3rd female 40-49) in 27:03, Jean Vaughn (119th overall, 4th female 50-59) in 29:31. Coach K did the circuit on bike to remind runners that faster is always better.


(Date 8/15) The finale of the VCP summer 5K series was run in setting surrounded by lightning and brooding clouds after a late afternoon downpour. The turnout was thus a little less than are usually around for the last race. For Dobbs only a FOWGal and a FOWGuy suited up, and the Wortner guys got to act as coaches ("Don't blow it all on first 100, Mom") as they rested up for the vigors of next week's run-all-day-and-all-night schedule at the Blue Mountain XC camp. Maureen Carson ran in the 26's to grab the 2nd place muffin for the 40-49 female group and a reenergized Perry King knocked 15 seconds off his PB to cop a 4 for 4 on the 1rst place muffins for the 50-59 male group this year. More fun same place next year.


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