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Boys XC Preview 2008

Posted Tuesday, July 22, 2008 by Perry King
2008 Boys Cross-Country Season Scouting Summary


Last year was a remarkable breakout season for the Dobbs Ferry boys XC team as they moved up from a middle-of-the-pack team to a frontrunner for the Section 1 Class C title along with three other evenly matched teams. Coming off a 2007 season in which their team placement and ranking honors included:

--2nd in League
--9th in Westchester County
--2nd in Class C Sectional
--ranked in the top 15 for Section 1 teams
--ranked 9th among NY State Class C teams

the Eagles are set to fly in 2008. With most of the team returning to battle the champion Irvington Bulldogs for the sectional title, Dobbs is in great position as a rising newcomer that is starting to get noticed at a time when perennial favorite Pawling is burdened by inexperience, injuries, and a heavily depleted roster. The final team in the 1-C mix is Bronxville, which is always overshadowed by big sis Bronco and has a small roster. None of the other C teams in Section 1 are likely to have more than one top runner.

Individually in 2007, Patrick Wortner charged into the top ranks of the Class C runners, taking the second spot in the C Sectionals. With a 160 Speed Rating, Patrick is expected to battle possibly into the top 10 of the state Class C runners this year as 22 of 39 runners ahead of him are graduated. In last year's preview I predicted that 4 to 5 Eagle runners could finish the year listed in Tully's State Class C runner rankings, and indeed four other runners joined Patrick above the cutoff 141 Speed Rating line: Evan Fallor (145), graduated Dave King (144), Brendan Wortner (143), Viktor Mashalov (142). With no races scheduled for that SR-killer Bowdoin Park this year, the team's ratings should be even better.

The Class C runners should be a big presence in Section 1 in 2008 as the Bulldogs' Ian Matthews and Julian Saliani should be joining the Broncos' Dayton Flannery, Jack Hutton, and Chris Yoo, and Croton Harmon's Marco Sammon among the top runners from other teams. Section 1 teams should again place four teams in the Class C State ratings.

Should the Eagles go to the States, the top teams in Class C will be Newark Valley and Tully who graduated a number of their top runners but also have good depth. Dobbs would probably be battling teams such as Vorheesville and Jordan Elbridge for 3rd place.

The team summary going into the 2008 season with results from 2007 and possible team rosters where known is as follows. The County team results are approximate and the meet's individual results are not included because the officials screwed them up again.

1st in Class C, 14th in Section 1 (Avg. time 18:11.23), 7th in County, 17th at Coaches, ranked 8th in State Class C

--Name------ -------Grade---Ranking---- ----Sectional---- ---Coaches
Ian Matthews----------12--------- (C33)-----17:40.36 (3)----18:36.82 (102)
Julian Saliani-----------11--------- (C29)-- --17:41.80 (4)----18:14.60 (77)
Matt Menard-----------12--------- (C130) ----18:21.83 (12)---18:50.76 (122)
Michael Kennelly------11-----------------------19:06.12 (27)-- 18:41.10 (107)
Sam Lindberg---------11---------- -------------19.04.20 (26)---19:11.83 (160)

---Lost to graduation: Steve Talay, John Lindberg
---Projection: Looking strong with Matthews and Saliani and should be Dobbs's chief competition for top spot at Bear Mountain in November.

Dobbs Ferry
2nd in Class C, 15th in Section 1 (Avg. time 18:15.79), 9th in County, 21st at Coaches, 2nd in League, ranked 9th in State Class C

--Name--------------Grade---Ranking- --Sectional ----- -----Coaches--------
Patrick Wortner---- -11------(C39)-- ------17:35.05 (2)-----17:54.90 (52)
Evan Fallor-----------12------(C123)-------18:18.68 (10)----19:11.43 (158)
Brendan Wortner-----9-------(C132)-------18:23.63 (14)-----19:28.24 (185)
Viktor Mashalov------12------(C141)-------18:41.07 (19)-----18:54.54 (127)
Dylan Silberfein-------11---------- ----------19:18.92 (31)-----20:01.69 (226)
Pat Newman------ ---12----------- ----------19:27.93 (34)-----20:45.94 (281)

---Lost to graduation: Dave King, Alan Sanseverino
---Emerging runners: Taka Masuda, George Epstein, Boris Opacic.
---Projection: Done good in 2007 but Dobbs still has a lot more to shoot for. If the team can pack 3 or 4 runners close behind Patrick, watch out.

3rd in Class C; 13th in Section 1 (Avg. time: 18:03.51), ranked 10th in State Class C

--Name--------------Grade---Ranking-- - --Sectional Time-- --Coaches
Matt McNamee--------12-------C134--------18:31.98 (16)----Absent
Brett Martini-----------12-------C150---- ---18:36.53 (27)---19:06.96 (149)
Pat Callan ------------11-------C149---- ----18:38.09 (18)---19:43.05 (205)
Tim Yu--------- ------11------------ ----------Absent-- ------19:52.45 (213)
James Dennis---------11---------- ---- ------19:39.92 (138)---Absent

---Lost to graduation: Colby Delbene, Tom Brogan, Jon Nash, Kyle Dulitz
---Emerging runners: Ben Nagasing
---Projection: Looked to be a lock last year with 4 top seniors leading way, but injuries caused suprise setback. This year the Tigers have decent depth but no elite runners and look to remain 3rd.

4th in Class C, 16th in Section 1 (Avg. time 18:26.19), 10th in County, 1st in League, ranked 12th in State Class C

--Name------- ------Grade---Ranking---Sectional---- -------Coaches
Jack Hutton-----------12--------C58------18:11.89 (6)------18:24.96 (89)
Dayton Flannery-------9--------C105----18:14.34(8)------ ---Absent
Chis Yoo---------------12-------C108-----18:27.96 (15)----18:32.89 (97)
James Harrison--------9------------ ------19:03.02 (25)----19:24.65 (203)
Karl Benziger----------11------ ----------Absent----- -------22:32.12 (338)

---Lost to graduation: Ben Levitz
---Projection: Have a strong top 3, but depth is a big problem for Broncos who need to develop a 5th runner just to stay competitive.

North Salem
5th in Class C, 31st in Section 1 (Avg. time 19:22.59), 58th at Coaches

--Name--------------Grade---Ranking- - ---- --Sectional--- ----Coaches
Sam Parrish-----------12-------------- ----18:44.79 (20)-- ----Absent
Christian Guzman-----11----- --------------18:58.07 (24)---- 23:59.69 (358)
Ethan Bassin ---------10---------- ----------19:48.94 (41)-- --Absent
Taylor Cotter----------10--------- ----------19:51.23 (42)----- Absent
Corey Gardner -------11----------- -------- 19:54.90 (44)---- 20:50.43 (285)
Andrew Worth--------10--------------- -----20:04.87 (49)-- --Absent

---Projection: Decent young team at about the point Dobbs was at a few years back. Should hold on to 5th.

6th in Class C, 32nd in Section 1 (Avg. time 19:28.62), 39th at Coaches

--Name--------------Grade---Ranking- - -----Sectional----- ----Coaches
Nicolas Barbara------12------------ ------18:53.33 (23)--- ----19:07.96 (151)
Skyler Soto-----------12----- -------------Absent----- -------- 20:18.30 (254)
Cody Orton ----------10----------- -------19::29.98 (35)--- ---20:38.56 (273)
Cory Woodin---------10---------- --------19:46.44 (40)----- --20:42.52 (280)
Chris Weigel--- ------10------------------ 20:48.48 (55)---- ---Absent

---Lost to graduation: Mark Rabideau, Tyler Basting
---Projection: Dover has some chance of continuing rise to 5th spot.

Croton Harmon
7th in Class C, 37th in Section 1 (Avg. time 19:46.75), 43rd at Coaches

--Name--------------Grade---Ranking- - ----Sectional--- ----Coaches
Marco Sammon-------12-------C96--- ----18:17.63 (9)-- -----18:52.45 (124)
Jonathon Biber--------11----------- --------19:21.99 (32)--- --20:09.42 (247)
Max Anderson---------10---------- ---------20:01.35 (47)----- 20:47.71 (280)
Daniel Settepani------11------------- ----- 22:11.66 (64)------ 21:38.77 (324)
Joe Soucy-------------11----- --------------22:11.90 (65)----- 22:59.06 (347)

---Lost to graduation: Andrew Miller
---Projection: Beyond top runner Sammon, Tigers have little depth.

8th in Class C, 41st in Section 1 (Avg. time 20:17.96), 45th at Coaches

--Name--------------Grade---Ranking- - ---- ---Sectional--- ----Coaches
Michael Sanduski-------12-------------- ---18:52.05 (22)-- --19:07.00 (150)
Michael Phillips---------11----------- -------19:07.68 (28)---- 19:29.72 (188)
Garek Berard-----------12---------- --------21:30.86 (59)---- 22:26.89 (343)
Edward Reilingh--------11----------- ------ 22:16.20 (66)----- Absent
Owen Gilray-------------11------ ------------22:25.04 (67)----23:40.95 (371)
Kyle Cohen -------------10------ ------------22:57.40 (71) --- 23:59.94 (378)
Joseph Marinello------- 10-------------- -----Absent----- ------25:08.33 (392)

---Lost to graduation: Seth Aschen
---Projection: Once a top team but now far back

9th in Class C, 47th in Section 1 (Avg. time 21:17.37), 54th at Coaches

--Name--------------Grade---Ranking- - ---- ---Sectional--- ----Coaches
Ruben Grullon --------11----------- -------19:35.50 (36)--- --19:29.72 (188)
Brian Jung------- -----12------------- -----20:10.65 (50) -----21:10.19 (304)
Jared Scharf-----------10--------- ---------21:47.62 (60)---- 21:53.26 (324)
Michael Stein----------10------------ ------ 21:24.37 (58)-----22:05.60 (337)
Nathan Torda---------10----- --------------23:28.70 (72)----- 23:54.04 (377)
Eddie Nolan -----------10----- -------------23:50.91 (72) ---- 25:15.73 (393)

---Projection: Hard to say why Hastings always has such weak boys' teams, but at least they have a lot of young runners.

Albertus Magnus, Woodlands, Westlake, Rye Neck, Valhalla, and Blind Brook have at least some runners at meets but generally cannot qualify.

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