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Girls XC Preview 2008

Posted Thursday, July 24, 2008 by Perry King
   Girls Cross Country Season Preview


The Dobbs Ferry XC girls team had an interesting 2007 season. On the one hand, their team results were almost identical to 2006. On the other hand, you can't say the team was stuck in the mud because of the tremendous growth of their young runners which helped to overcome big injuries and inexperience. And if three tough climbs up Mt. Bowdoin didn't faze the new runners, you know that this year's season could be a time full of pleasant surprises.

In 2007 the Eagles finished 2nd in the league, 13th in the county, 6th in Class C again, and 26th in Section 1. By the final two postseason races, the Eagles varsity were running one junior, four 8th graders, and two seventh graders, a team composition that naturally was completely different from any other school around. This year with the return to health and form of captain Lauren Hanley and the move of most of last year's veteran 8th graders to high school status, the team looks ready to seize the hot days of summer and use them as a springboard to a breakout season that could see them enter the top ranks of the Section 1 Class C teams.

There are no real changes in the size classifications of local teams in Class C unlike last year when Irvington moved down from Class B and Edgemont moved up. Top team Bronxville lost four of their top eight runners to graduation including the great Emma Clarke, but the Broncos have enough greatness remaining to not only win the Sectional championship but probably take the State title now that archrival Greenwich has been bumped down to Class D. Irvington, Pleasantville, and Pawling remain fairly strong and could all retain their 2nd through 4th positions in 1-C. But there are potentially huge changes for the 5th through 7th teams as Albertus Magnus graduated virtually its entire team including Jackie McGowan while Dobbs Ferry and Hastings lose only one top runner to other sports or graduation and expect their young legs to strongly challenge the Bulldogs, Panthers, and Tigers.

Based on the emergence of the young runners and the Eagles' determination to make a big leap forward through a summer development program, Dobbs appears to be set to enter the State Class C rankings in 2008 and push a number of runners into the official Tully Class Speed Rating rankings. The top Eagles finished with an unofficial rating of around 70 that was above official cutoff mark, and this year Lauren Hanley, Sarah King, and Karen Maehara should be making an early entrance on the list and may be joined by other runners as the team gets more attention.

The big race for the Eagles remains the Sectional meet for at least this year. In 2007, Sarah finished 26th and Karen 31st for the Eagles and also got places in the 3000 meter 1-C outdoor track championship race. With 7 of the top 20 1-C runners graduated and Lauren, Sofia Maluf, Isabella Natale, Shanna Yue, Rebecca Wiersma, and Mary Constant also among the Eagles coming off strong track seasons, prospects for a solid Dobbs pack are good. If the Eagles can place three runners in the top 15 and pack three or four more in the top 25, the team could be looking at a 2nd place finish behind the Broncos. No team appears to have more depth now than the Eagles, which is saying a lot for a nonqualifying squad that could field only three varsity runners three years ago.

The main candidates for the twelve State Meet positions (7 from the champion team plus the top 5 other runners) include the Broncos' Tori Flannery, Caitlin Hudson, Henrietta Miers, Olivia Bruton, Amelia Phillips, Meredith Rizzo, and Charlotte Cooley; along with Pleasantville's Libby Lazare, Irvington's Annie Field, Pawling's Caitlin Jelinek, Hastings' Nora Howe, Croton Harmon's Sarah Costa, and whatever Eagles want to elbow their way into the contest. This year the reward is a trip to Long Island instead of a frigid journey to the Canadian border as in 2007.

In the other Section 1 classes, Arlington, Suffern, and North Rockland should have a close scrap for the AA title and Suffern senior Shelby Greany will be the top returning local runner after finishing 4th in the state last year. Ursuline, Tappan Zee, and Horace Greeley should again battle for the B title with Ursuline's Katie Sullivan being the top returning runner following the graduation of the great Tappan Zee pair, Emma Miller-Bedell and Sara Graney. Unlike Class A which graduated 6 of its top 12 runners, last year's young and fairly weak Class B schools had no senior in their top 17 runners and included only 7th, 8th, and 9th grade runners in their top 5. This year the B teams should be more on par with the Class C teams, with perennial power Pearl River holding an advantage over rising Edgemont and Nanuet teams as the Pirates' sophomore Chelsea Kushner moves up the list of the elite Section 1 runners.

The team summary going into the 2008 season with results from 2007 and possible team rosters where known is as follows.

1st in Class C; 2nd in Section 1 (Avg. time: 20:03.08), 1st in County, 5th in Coaches, 1st in League, ranked 2nd in State Class C

--Name---------Grade-Rank--Sectional---- - -----County--------Coaches
Tori Flannery---12----C7-----19.22.63 (1)----15:02.53 (1)---19:51.76 (10)
Caitlin Hudson--12----C18---19.52.69 (2)----15:36.09 (7)---21:03.09 (42)
Henrietta Miers--11----C22---20:21.68 (8)---15:39.38 (8)---20:52.03 (38)
Olivia Bruton----12----C33---20:41.94 (10)--16:27.20 (22)--21:43.33 (70)
Amelia Phillips-----8----------21:21.54 (JV)---10:31.68 (FR 1.5 mi, 1st)---DNR
Meredith Rizzo----8----------22:11.54 (JV)---10:41.38 (FR 1.5 mi, 2nd)--DNR
Charlotte Cooley--8----------22:46.95 (JV)---11:16.79 (FR 1.5 mi, 7th)--DNR

---Lost to graduation: Emma Clarke, Virginia Connor, Karina Benziger, Lauren Dawson
---Emerging runners: Phillips, Rizzo, Cooley, Cheyanne Smith
---Projection: After a year when a big herd of Broncos won the Sectional and County titles and placed 2nd in the States, this year's squad is still strong after graduating four top runners but far less deep. Flannery and Hudson should be among the top 10 State Class C runners and Miers will look to come back from an off year for her. This year's group of 8th graders may be one of the Broncos best classes ever and bolster a team that needs some depth. If the middle schoolers emerge, the Broncos should regain the State title.

2nd in Class C, 12th in Section 1 (Avg. time 21:39.26), 4th in County, 16th in Coaches, ranked 9th in State Class C

--Name-----Grade---Ranking---Sectional--- ------County---------Coaches
Annie Field-----10----(C21)----20:17.00 (6)----15:59.46 (13)---21.36.58 (68)
Megan Talay----11---(C105)---21:47.36 (16)---17:12.14 (44)----- Absent
Christine Paparo--10--(C146)--23:23.73 (33)---17:42.33 (69)---23:51.78 (169)
Sasha Zweibel---10---(C141)--22:51.56 (30)---17:42.85 (70)---23:01.22 (141)
Sarah Moore----11-------------22:41.04 (25)---17:55.58 (79)---24:34.77 (192)
Liz Hevern------11---(C151)---22:45.46 (27)----17:22.41 (53)--22:52.11 (136)

---Lost to graduation: Mairin Din
---Projection: After finishing 2nd in 2006 to Class B powerhouse Pearl River, last year the Bulldogs got to finish 2nd to Class C powerhouse Bronxville. The loss of Din will hurt, but Field and a group of strong young runners should keep Irvington among the top three Class C teams for 2007 and 2008.

3th in Class C, 14th in Section 1 (Avg. time 21:57.11), 10th in County, 15th in Coaches, ranked 14th in State Class C

--Name----------Grade--Ranking ---Sectional---County--------Coaches
Libby Lazare---------11----C11--20:07.74 (5)--15:35.09 (6)----20:45.14 (32)
Natasha Chapavalova-12--C131--21:55.65 (17)--17:17.75 (50)--22:37.20 (119)
Diana Phethean- ------11--------22:10.60 (22)--17:36.72 (63)--22:37.71 (120)
Elizabeth Proel--------12----- --23:23.15 (35)--18:54.24 (106)--24:37.19 (195)

---Lost to graduation: Sarah McGovern
---Projection: Lazare and the Panthers made a giant leap forward last year, Libby into the Class C elite and her team into the top 3 of 1-C and a state ranking. The team's main problem may be its depth as they do not have a clear choice for replacing #3 runner McGovern among the Panthers' top 5. Lazare should challenge Flannery and Hudson for the top spot in 1-C.

4th in Class C, 15th in Section 1 (Avg. time 22:12.28), 17th in Coaches, ranked 20th in State Class C

--Name------------Grade---Ranking-- --Sectional--- ------- ---Coaches
Caitlin Jelinek-------11------C41--------20:23.15 (9)-----------22:02.32 (84)
Erin Bonthron------12------C113-------21:45.67 (15)---------22:19.95 (100)
Winona Mold-------11------C118-------22:04.60 (20)----------21:51.31 (78)
Jamie Hom---------12------C156-------22:31.19 (24)----------22:26.54 (107)
Amanda Miller------11-------------------24:16.76 (41)------- --24:38.11 (197)
Teresa Herera------11-------------------24:29.28 (44)----------24:54.27 (210)
Kristen Scuderi-----11-------------------25:47.57 (49)-------- ---Absent

---Lost to graduation: none
---Projection: Pawling made a sizable jump forward in 2007 and have good depth for 2008. Jelinek seeks to repeat as a State finalist and the Tigers hope to move past Pleasantville.

Dobbs Ferry
6th in Class C; 26th in Section 1 (Avg. time: 23:13.74), 13th in County, 25th in Coaches, 2nd in League.

--Name------Grade-Rank--Sectional--------County - ---------Coaches
Sarah King--------9-------22:43.32 (26)----17:41.69 (68)---22:42.56 (123)
Karen Maehara----9-------22:51.76 (31)----17:50.95 (75)---22:57.93 (138)
Lauren Hanley----11-------DNR------- --------DNR--- ---- --23:38.30 (163)
Sofia Maluf--------9--------23:32.28 (36)---18:32.61 (94)---24:23.14 (184)
Isabella Natale-----12------24:15.16 (40)----18:38.08 (95)---24:27.84 (188)
Rebecca Wiersma--8-------24:19.57 (42)----18:39.70 (98)---23:56.33 (JV)
Mary Constant-----8-------24:27.45 (43)----18:38.92 (97)---26:39.27 (245)
Clara Winder------8----------DNR------------19:06.32 (JV)---24:53.66 (JV)
Chloe Wang-------8----------DNR------------19:05.82 (JV)---25:39.80 (JV)
Shanna Yue--------9---------DNR------------20:46.14 (JV)---26:25.17 (JV)
Maddie Wright-----9----------DNR------------22:23.31 (JV)---29:47.16 (JV)
Morgan Wright----10---------DNR------------22:23.78 (JV)---29:52.20 (JV)

---Lost to graduation or other sports: Emma Stiefler Johnson, Sarah Coburn
---Emerging or new runners: Mizuki Yamamoto, Suzanna Halatyn
---Projection: The tremendous development that took place for the young Eagles in 2007 needs to continue for the team to challenge for one of the top three spots in 1-C. Dobbs has good depth with two straight years of overachieving 7th graders, and even with the loss of last year's #2 runner to soccer they look solid. The Eagles have often done well running in packs, and in 2008 they will need to combine pack mentality with stronger individual challenges to the section's top runners. With an enhanced team preparation for 2008, Dobbs potentially has the prospects to rise all the way to second in 1-C and place some runners in the State meet.

8th in Class C, 23rd in Section 1 (Avg. time 24:48.01), 12th in County, DNP in Coaches

--Name-------Grade--Rank---Sectional-- - -----County--------Coaches
Nora Howe-------11---C61---DQed-----------16:33.16 (27)----22:12.88 (96)
Emma Sander----10---C137--21:59.96 (18)--17:25.73 (55)----22:27.44 (108)
Emily Polstein----10----------22:50.35 (29)---17:44.64 (73)----22:30.03 (109)
Rebecca Merton--11----------23:48.85 (38)---18:45.19 (100)---24:21.95 (182)

---Lost to graduation: Rebecca Katz
---Projection: A decent young team but with very little depth, the Yellowjackets came in ahead of the Eagles at the County meet and were one hair clip away from doing the same at the Sectionals. Howe could become a State finalist but needs more runners behind her for Hastings to move up.

9th in Class C, 35th in Section 1 (Avg. time 24:37.41), 36th in Coaches

--Name--------Grade---Ranking-- --Sectional----- -----Coaches
Jessica Kaufman---11-------------22:05.08 (21)------23:25.66 (157)
Candace Cadwell---11-------------23:56.22 (39)------24:29.66 (190)
Ariel Ingoglia-------12-------------25:26.81 (46)------26:10.90 241))
Nicole Wagner------11-------------25:43.42 (48)------26:15.95 (242)
Nataly Cardana-----12-------------25:55.48 (51)------26:21.09 (243)

---Lost to graduation: Ailin Walsh
---Projection: Not a strong team but look set to take over 7th place in 1-C.

Croton Harmon
7th in Class C, 31st in Section 1 (Avg. time 24:43.78), 17th in County, DNP in Coaches

--Name--- ----Grade--Ranking---Sectional-------County---- - ----Coaches
Sarah Costa---10-----C63-----21:18.50 (13)---16:32.35 (25)-----Absent
Caitlin Eddols--12--------------25:55.71 (52)---19:32.02 (119)--26:01.16 (234)
Anna Drabek--12---------------29:46.39 (60)---22:53.53 (172)---Absent

---Lost to graduation: Hannah Rose, Ruth Bluestone
---Projection: Once one of the strongest 1-C teams with Sophia Spring and Hannah Rose, now the Tigers can barely field a team. Not fun anymore here, but Costa could qualify for States.


Albertus Magnus, Westlake, and Rye Neck have too few remaining runners to preview as a team but Rye Neck's Kylie Van Buren and Albertus Magnus's Kaitlyn Cully could finish among the top 25 in 1-C.

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