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Banged-Up Senior Brings It Home

Posted Tuesday, September 16, 2008 by Perry King
Taking risks is part of the game when you're running, whether it's pushing a little beyond optimum speed late in the race to break away from an opponent or letting rivals get a big lead on a hill to save up for a final sprint to reel them in at the end. Sometimes the gambles work and sometimes they don't, but top runners need to learn their limits and try different tricks.

So on Saturday at the Big Red, senior Evan Fallor got schooled by a slippery little wooden bridge that taught him that there are certain days when you just have to slow it down for a moment and give seemingly minor obstacles their proper respect. You risk too much by offending them.

Buried in the muck beside the bridge and getting news from a knee and his chin that they were not in good shape, Evan was aware that a team championship for the Eagles hung on his ability to not only pull himself up from the mud but also to finish off nearly three miles in a top time. How he was able to pull himself through it for a top-10 finish only he can tell you, but his effort earns him a POTW award and big thanks from the team. And here's hoping that bridge at Bowdoin will be better behaved this Saturday.

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