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Week 2 Rankings and Speed Ratings

Posted Monday, September 22, 2008 by Perry King
(Updated 9/24 with Section 1 Ranking results and Tully Leaderboard scores)

The State team rankings came out at last and in a true putdown fashion, the Eagle guys were not deemed worthy of a Class C ranking despite winning the Big Red Division II race over a ranked Class A team and taking 2nd in the Bowdoin Varsity race. Real bulletin board material here as Dobbs just has to prove that it can compete with all those Class C teams ranked ahead of it.

Team Rankings

The State rankings for Class C lists Bronxville as #5 and Irvington as #8, an order that any knowledgable XC authority would reverse. The Tully Speed Ratings are ignored by many of those on the Milesplit \ Armory site who prefer the Milesplit rating based on "all 5K's are created equal" theory even though the concept has big issues and the site's database doesn't include such inconsequential meets as the Somers Big Red. But for those of us who put some value in the Tully ratings, here are the average Speed Ratings for the top scores of the top 5 runners on the first and tenth teams on the State Class C Top 10 list along with the 1-C competition, Bronxville and Irvington.

1. Newark Valley - 154.8
5. Bronxville - 131
8. Irvington - 143.4
10. Fredonia - 141.6

Dobbs is at 150.4, so although the strong and deep Newark Valley team has had better results than the Eagles, we could make a strong argument for ranking Dobbs ahead of the other three teams. But what do we know -- nada apparently.

So after licking our wounds, we unfortunately were shown a lot of respect in the Section 1 ratings, which is a big problem for getting more bulletin board material to stew about. Dobbs boys maintain their #1 ranking in Class C as expected, and on the listing of all schools they maintain their #6 by beating out last week's #5 Brewster and being given the nod over Horace Greeley, while Bowdoin-winner Fox Lane moves into the #5 position. All three schools are in Class A.

The girls  held their position in the Section 1 Class C ratings, and after outscoring the #13 NY Class B team at Bowdoin, their young team is alright.

Speed Ratings

Bowdoin is usually a bit of a Speed Ratings killer, so it's no surprise to see some of the Eagles come down a ways from the Big Red. Pat Wortner got a 166 rating for his 3rd place at Bowdoin, which put him 2 points behind Irvington's Julian Saliani who posted a 168 at Suffern.  The other Eagles with official ratings are Brendan Wortner shooting up to 154, Viktor Mashalov at 143 for his first race, Pat Newman at  141, and Evan Fallor with a  136 on a troubled gut-wrenching day.

Elsewhere in 1-C, Ian Matthews of Irvington was at last found after apparently having an ID problem last week and clocked in at Suffern with the 3rd best SR of 166 after Pat Wortner's 169 at the big Red and Julian Saliani's 168 at Suffern. Matthews' teammate Matt Menardt got the Bulldogs' third best score at 134. Broncos Dayton Flannery and Jack Hutton got big boosts at the Pratt Invite to 154 and 147. Tim Yu of Pawling used Bowdoin to jump to 150, and Croton Harmon's Marco Sammon scored a fine 157 at the JFK Sterling meet.

For the girls, Sarah King held pretty steady at 88 on the tough Bowdoin course, while Izzy Natale improved to around a 60, Rebecca Wiersma to a 53, Clara Winder to a 52 and Chloe Wang to a 51.

For the 1-C girls, Croton Harmon's Sarah Costa made one of the biggest jumps as she posted an 83 at JFK Sterling. Both the Bronxville and Hastings girls had down days at the Pratt. For the Broncos, Amelia Phillips continued to rise to a 91, but Caitlin Hudson dropped to a 108, Henrietta Miers to a 100, Olivia Bruton to a 68 and Tori Flannery to a 92. The Yellowjackets' Nora Howe dropped to a 76 along with Emma Sander.  Irvington's Annie Field rose to a 111 at the Suffern Invite, and teammates Christine Paparo and Megan Talay held steady at around 71. Pawlings' Anna Jelinek had a big 94 day at Bowdoin, while her sister Caitlin dropped to a 78 and teammate Zoe Nagasing rose to an 80. Pleasantville's Libby Lazare was unable to run at Bowdoin.

So the 1-C Top 12 Speed Ratings Leaderboard standings (revised posting) following Week 2 are:

Pat Wortner - DF - 168
Julian Saliani - Irv - 166
Ian Matthews - Irv - 164
Marco Sammon - CH - 157
Brendan Wortner - DF - 153
Dayton Flannery - Bx - 153
Tim Yu - Pawl - 149
Jack Hutton - Bx - 146
Viktor Mashalov -DF - 145
Christian Yoo - Bx - 144
Evan Fallor - DF - 138
Pat Newman - DF - 138

Caitlin Hudson - Bx - 114
Annie Field - Irv - 111
Libby Lazare - Pl - 106
Henrietta Miers - Bx - 105
Tori Flannery - Bx - 95
Anna Jelinek - Pawl - 93
Amelia Phillips - Bx - 90
Sarah King - DF - 88
Caitlin Jelinek - Pawl - 88
Nora Howe - H - 84
Sarah Costa - CH - 80
Zoe Nagasing- Pawl - 79

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