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Boys' Class C Sectional and State History and Preview, Part II

Posted Wednesday, October 29, 2008 by Perry King

( Continued from Part I)

Team Breakdown - States

The current TSS order for the top 14 State Class C teams is as follows, with the summary of non-Section I teams. Section III is extremely competitive again, with 5 teams from the area in top 11 teams in Class C.

Newark Valley (IV) - 158.0
Canastota (III) - 156.8
Jordan Elbridge (III) - 156.0
Tully (III) - 155.8
Dobbs Ferry (I) - 155.0
Holland Patent (III) - 153.8
Irvington (I) - 153.6
Oyster Bay (VIII) - 153.0
Rhinebeck (IX) - 152.6
Voorheeseville (II) - 152.4
Clinton (III) - 152.2
Gowanda (VI) - 151.0
O'Neill (IX) - 149.0
Pembroke (V) - 145.8


Team: Newark Valley
Nickname:   Cardinals
Section: IV
TSS: 158.0 (171, 162, 156, 151, 150)
Top Runners: Joey Blazey, Chris Birch, Chris Friend, Jesse Payne, Devon Crispell, CJ Morgan, Ryan Meagher
History, 2004-2007: 1st in States in 2007, 3rd in 2006, 6th in 2005. Jamie Vavra 2nd in 2007 and 7th in 2005-2006. Joey Blazey 6th in 2007, 12th in 2006.
The Wrap: Reigning State Class C champion is deep with five guys at 150+ and also with a top runner in Joey Blazey. A lock for the Section IV title, the Cardinals will be a favorite for the State crown again.
Team: Canastota
Nickname:   Red Raiders
Section: III
TSS: 156.8 (178, 177, 147, 142, 140)
Top Runners: Robbie Argentine, Aaron Walker, Alex Spara, Patrick Micaroni, Derek Arner
History, 2004-2007: 2nd in States in 2005. Aaron Walker 13th in 2007, 27th in 2005. Robbie Argentine 5th in 2007. Ryan Wilkinson 9th in 2005, 15th in 2004.
The Wrap: In a 5-way battle for the Section III crown, the Red Raiders have the top two runners in the section but may not have enough in the 3-4-5 positions to beat their four closest rivals.
Team: Jordan Elbridge
Nickname:   Eagles
Section: III
TSS: 156.0 (172, 166, 156, 144, 142)
Top Runners: Cody Stanton, Mike Marrero, Greg Bader, Steve Slonosky, Tom Poppe
History, 2004-2007: Jeff Donohue 22nd in 2007.
The Wrap: The Eagles have been moving up strongly all season and may have enough depth in the middle positions to win the 5-way battle for the Section III title.
Team: Tully
Nickname:   Black Knights
Section: III
TSS: 155.8 (168, 167, 152, 149, 143)
Top Runners: Nate Weber, Ohure Sam, Micah Long, Tom Haskins, Ben Palladino
History, 2004-2007: 2nd in States in 2007, 1st in 2006. Chris Burke 3rd in 2007, 11th in 2006. Ethan Lennox 11th in 2007. Ohure Sam 17th in 2006-2007. Nate Weber 19th in 2007. Scott Vandermolen 5th in 2006, Mike Heymann 4th in 2006, 14th in 2005.
The Wrap: With Weber and Sam at the top and good depth in the middle positions, the Knights could grab the Section III title.
Team: Holland Patent
Nickname:   Golden Knights
Section: III
TSS: 153.8 (161, 159, 151, 151, 147)
Top Runners: Robert Baird, Cody Rocha, Tyler Evans, Ben Moe, Steven Lisi
History, 2004-2007:
The Wrap: No team has a closer pack of runners than the Knights, but the question is will the team’s deep center allow them to beat out the Section III teams with more power at the top.
Team: Oyster Bay
Nickname:   Baymen
Section: VIII
TSS: 153.0 (168, 162, 152, 144, 139)
Top Runners: Joseph Jazwinski, Justin Nakrin, Steve Tortora, Peri Ipiotis, Brian Dillman
History, 2004-2007: 9th in States in 2007. Joseph Jazwinski 27th in 2007. Brendan Williams 26th in 2004.
The Wrap: As the overwhelming favorite in Section VIII and a steadily rising TSS, the Baymen look poised for a top 5 finish at States.
Team: Rhinebeck
Nickname:    Hawks
Section: IX
TSS: 152.6 (166, 164, 163, 138, 132)
Top Runners: Zak Wills, Olaf Lang, Dylan Nowik, Alirio Gonzalez, Christian Gonzalez
History, 2004-2007: 6th in States in 2007, 4th in 2004. Pat Murray 18th in 2006. Matt O’Connor 13th in 2004. Chris Weischel 23rd in 2004.
The Wrap: Rhinebeck has a strong top 3, but the question is whether they can hold off a hard-charging O’Neill team for the Section IX crown with a weaker 4-5 spot than their rivals’.
Team: Voorheeseville
Nickname:   Blackbirds
Section: II
TSS: 152.4 (171, 156, 151, 147, 137)
Top Runners: Conor Cashin, Ian Powell Nathan Bub, Taylor Treadgold, Tucker Bourque
History, 2004-2007: 3rd in States in 2007, 7th in 2006. Mackey Lloyd 18th in 2007.
The Wrap: Blackbirds should be able to win Section II easily and could be a top 5 team in the States again.
Team: Clinton
Nickname:   Warriors
Section: III
TSS: 152.2 (160, 160, 152, 145, 144)
Top Runners: Sean Dezalia, Hunter Padgett, John Paul Koenig, Adam Bankert, Tyler Hock
History, 2004-2007:
The Wrap: The Warriors are fighting an uphill battle in the loaded Section III race, but their close pack could challenge with a big effort.
Team: Gowanda
Nickname:   Panthers
Section: VI
TSS: 151.0 (165, 158, 150, 144, 138)
Top Runners: Cliff Nielsen, Kevin Brown, Adam Steves, Christian Igielinski, Brendan Omicioli
History, 2004-2007: Nielsen 31st in 2007.
The Wrap: Gowanda is a well-balanced team that has a sizable lead over Fredonia for Section VI title.
Team: James P. O’Neill
Nickname:   Raiders
Section: IX
TSS: 149 (170, 153, 152, 147, 123)
Top Runners: Kendall Ward, Clyde Wilson, John Baranik, Louis Geller, Ian Ferrier
History, 2004-2007: 6th way back in 2003. David Weart was 1st back in 2003.
The Wrap: Raiders have been developing nicely behind ace runner Ward and could make a serious run at Rhinebeck for Section IX title with a stronger 5th spot.
Team: Pembroke
Nickname:   Dragons
Section: V
TSS: 145.8 (165, 151, 139, 137, 137)
Top Runners: Collin Bartholemew, Matt Seward, Kyle Maurer, Ben Farley, Adam Mahaney
History, 2004-2007:
The Wrap: Clear favorite in Section V and could be a top 5 contender in States if 3-5 spots move up.

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