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Girls' Class C Sectional and State History and Preview, Part II

Posted Thursday, October 30, 2008 by Perry King
(Continued from Part I)

Team Breakdown -- States

The current TSS order for the top 14 State Class C teams is as follows, with the summary of non-Section I teams.

Rhinebeck (IX) - 109.2
Bronxville (I) - 108.2
Tully (III) - 104.2
Newark Valley (IV) - 102.8
Fredonia (VI) - 89.6
CBA - Syracuse (III) - 88.0
Pulaski (III) - 87.2
Skaneateles (III) - 85.4
Pawling (I) - 83.2
Voorheeseville (II) - 82.4
Schuylerville (II) - 78.0
Sullivan West (IX) 76.8
Irvington (I) - 75.2

Team: Rhinebeck
Nickname:   Hawks
Section: IX
TSS: 109.2 (127, 122, 119, 90, 89)
Top Runners: Annabel Clarke, Elizabeth Marvin, Ana Clark, Martha Alvarez, Catherine Clarke
History, 2004-2007: Sectional: 4th in States in 2006, 5th in 2004. Annabel Clarke 6th in 2007, 23rd in 2006. Ana Clark 18th in 2007. Erica Wiles 19th in 2004. Rachel Neifield 24th in 2004.
The Wrap: The Hawks’ top 3 runners make them a formidable contender for the State championship, but Bronxville’s depth may be deciding factor if they place a pack far ahead of Hawks’ 4-5 runners.
Team:  Tully
Nickname:   Black Knights
Section: III
TSS: 104.2 (116, 106, 106, 101, 92)
Top Runners: Kelseigh Groth, Ashley Evans, Marietta Burt, Kelly Coyne, Erica Cole, Katherine Ward
History, 2004-2007: Sectional: 3rd in States in 2007. Kelseigh Groth 17th in 2007. Kelly Coyne 20th in 2007, 6th in 2006.
The Wrap: Knights are a deep and fairly closely packed team with a top runner in Groth, so they are a contender for State title if they can bring their 4-5 runners up some more.
Team: Newark Valley
Nickname:   Cardinals
Section: IV
TSS: 102.8 (138, 109, 97, 95, 75)
Top Runners: Erin Cawley, Jenna Cupp, Katie Weeks, Jessica Johnson, Emily Gac
History, 2004-2007: 4th in 2007, 5th in 2005-2006. Erin Cawley 2nd in States in 2007, 3rd in 2006, 2nd in 2005, 28th in 2004. Jenny Schaffhouser 16th in 2005.
The Wrap: No one has a longer and more distinguished history in the State Class C Meet than Cawley now, but though she is strongly favored for the individual title, it is doubtful her team has enough depth to take one of the top 3 spots.
Team: Fredonia
Nickname:   Hillbillies
Section: VI
TSS:  89.6 (97, 94, 88, 86, 83)
Top Runners: Alissa Conti, Carlene Sluberski, Kaitlyn Marshal, Emily Wendell, Jesse Swoyer
History, 2004-2007:
The Wrap: Fredonia should have enough depth to beat out Falconer for Section VI title and their pack could get them a top 5 spot in States.
Team: Tri-Valley
Nickname:   Bears
Section: IX
TSS: 88.2 (111, 97, 88, 75, 70)
Top Runners: Rachel Sanborn, Caroline Bertholf, Shannon Hornbeck, Ashley Weintraub, Naomi Weise
History, 2004-2007: 5th in States in 2007. Courtney Roosa 21st in 2007, 11th in 2006, 16th in 2005, 27th in 2004. Rachel Sanborn 35th in 2007.
The Wrap: Tri-Valley will likely finish 2nd to Rhinebeck in Section IX matchup, but Sanborn looks to move into top 20 in States.
Team: CBA Syracuse
Nickname:   Brothers
Section: III
TSS: 88.0 (116, 90, 85, 77, 72)
Top Runners: Katie Brislin, Carol Giblin, Taylor Poplowski, Rachel Zajdel, Melissa Zajdel
History, 2004-2007:  Francesca Minale 15th in States in 2006. Katie Webster 29th in 2006. Kristen Fekete 8th in 2005, 14th in 2004,
The Wrap: In a 3-way battle for 2nd in Section III with Pulaski and Skaneateles, CBA is paced by Brislin who should be in top 20 in States.
Team: Pulaski
Nickname:   Blue Devils
Section: III
TSS: 87.2 (121, 93, 79, 72, 71)
Top Runners: Katie Weisenberger, Trisha Clark, Kaitlyn Coon, Liz Carnes, Karli Michalski
History, 2004-2007:
The Wrap: Running well behind Tully in a battle with CBA and Skaneateles for 2nd in Section III, Blue Devils are led by star runner Weisenberg who should finish in top 10 in States.
Team: Skaneateles
Nickname:   Lakers
Section: III
TSS: 85.4 (121, 96, 79, 66, 65)
Top Runners: Rachel Hosie, Christie Barnett, Becky Flannigan, Taylor Wellington, Alexis Mazzeo
History, 2004-2007: 1st in States back in 2003. Jessica O’Neill 5th in 2003-2004. Julie Lynch 7th in 2003.
The Wrap: Fighting for 2nd in Section III, but top runner Hosie should place in top 15 in States.
Team: Voorheesville
Nickname:   Blackbirds
Section: II
TSS: 82.4 (102, 84, 77, 76, 73)
Top Runners: Michelyn Little, Casey Morrison, Sawyer Cresip, Grace Giampaglia, Zoe Edmunds
History, 2004-2007: 6th in States in 2005. Hillary Edmunds 34th in 2005, 30th in 2004.
The Wrap: With Greenwich now in Class D, the way is open for the Blackbirds to battle top-running Schuylerville team for the Section II title.
Team: Schuylerville
Nickname:   Horses
Section: II
TSS: 78.0 (124, 110, 63, 49, 44)
Top Runners: Samantha Watson, Rachel Wysocki, Sara Reape, Kiera Kenyon, Jill Reilly
History, 2004-2007: Rachel Wysocki 23rd in 2005
The Wrap: With two strong runners at top, the Horses are hoping they can get enough from 3-5 places to win the Section II title.
Team: Sullivan West
Nickname:   Bulldogs
Section: IX
TSS: 76.8 (108, 81, 77, 61, 57)
Top Runners: Rianne Erlwein, Morgan Hawkins, Danielle Myers, Jamie Moran, Kathryn Dnistrian
History, 2004-2007:  3rd in 2005, and also 5th back in 2003. Rianne Erlwein 36th in 2007, 31st in 2006. Jessica Warner 15th in 2005. April Ackerman 27th in 2005. Jamie Clifford 16th in 2004, 31st in 2003.
The Wrap: Top runner Erlwein goes for 4th straight appearance in States as a sophomore as the Bulldogs battle for 3rd place in Section iX.

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