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2008 XC Wrapup: Top 10 Signs that You're Crazy Hardcore Dobbs XC

Posted Sunday, December 07, 2008 by Anonymous
Top 10 Signs That Tell You’re Crazy Hardcore Dobbs XC

10. You pack a school lunch with banana and crumbled e-bar on a bagel and wash it down with Accelerade.

Your coach tells you he’s going to start running the 30 miles to home every night and you just think, “Well, of course, what took him so long to start?”

You don’t believe in yetis or UFOs, but you’re dead sure that Pre lives.

You have to pry your shoes off with a crowbar before you shower, and your washing machine spits out your socks and uniform due to their high toxicity levels.

When asked if you’re running for student president, you want to know what time the winner did last year. And when filling out personal info forms and you see the line for “Race: ____” you write “Usually 5K ."

5. You miss the bus to VCP but still leg it down to the starting line before your teammates get there.

Good grades to you means a big hill with at least a 40° incline the whole way up.

To celebrate a big win, you blow your lunch at the finish line.

You run away from home and your parents don’t even bother to contact authorities until you’ve sprinted over the Montana border.

 You’ve heard “Teenage Wasteland” so much before meets that you seriously believe that “Baba O’Riley” is now the national anthem.

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