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Dobbs Ferry and Class C Cross-Country Preview -- Girls 2009 (Eagles Only)

Posted Wednesday, September 09, 2009 by Perry King
2009 Girls XC Preview
The Eagles’ season in 2008 ended on a bit of a highlight note as they ran out of their minds in the Sectional race to finish a big surprise 4th, just edging out the Hastings team they had been chasing all season. With the middle-schoolers who have formed the bulk of the team for the last two years now firmly ensconced in the high school, the Eagles have a chance to make a run for a place in the top 3 teams of Section 1 Class C if they stay healthy, which is always the key question.

Individually, 2008 was a mix of great, good, and tough. Sarah King as a freshman had a breakout year to finish 4th in the Sectionals, 16th in the County, and 22nd in the States, and 19th among all freshmen at the States meet, the best results ever by an Eagle. Rebecca Wiersma as an 8th grader broke King’s 8th -grade record for the Bowdoin course and drove to a 21st place in the Sectionals on her way to ranking among the top 66 runners in her class in New York. Chloe Wang followed less than 20 seconds behind Wiersma in the Sectionals and a ranking within the top 80 8th -grade runners. Neither were officially listed in Tully ratings due to their age, but Wiersma hit 70 for the Sectional race on the tough Bowdoin course, and both she and Wang beat many girls ranked much higher. The stellar class of this year’s freshmen also included two more top-100-in-class runners, Clara Winder at #92 and Mary Constant at #98, and all runners got their time-based rankings set off a very difficult Bowdoin course and thus their adjusted rankings would be far better.

On the good side, a number of runners such as Shanna Yue and Sofia Maluf overcame early-season ailments to finish strong for top efforts during the track seasons. Kim Anker also continued to improve throughout the season as a big part of the JV squad. The tough side, of course, include captain Lauren Hanley’s continued struggle with foot problems that caused her to miss most of a 2nd straight XC season. Suzanna Halatyn also had her season shut down by leg injuries.

The makings for a very good team are set. The key to a successful 2009 season for the Eagles clearly lies not only in the will to succeed, which is there in plenty, but also in the success at staying healthy, which has eluded the team recently. A focus on optimal running form and performing within personal limits will be key to keeping the team primed for another late season push at the Sectionals.
Dobbs Ferry Eagles
4th in Section 1-C, 17th overall in Section 1 (22:28.25 average time), 13th in County, DNP at Coaches
Tully Ranking
States (place)
Sarah King
105 (C-26)
20:31.73 (4)
16:09.30 (16)
Rebecca Wiersma
70s (unofficial)
22:20.87 (21)
17:35.24 (65)
22:41.75 (131)
Chloe Wang
~63 (unofficial)
22:40.51 (23)
17:54.33 (76)
22:45.39 (135)
Mary Constant
23:22.01 (32)
19:02.90 (107)
Clara Winder
23:52.39 (38)
18:35.52 (25-JV)
25:00.37 (90-JV)
Shanna Yue
25:11.28 (48)
19:32.25 (25-JV)
25:00.37 (90-JV)
Sofia Maluf
20:04.08 (31-JV)
25:55.44 (99-JV)
Kim Anker
20:59.41 (52-JV)
28:32.55 (108-JV)
---Lost to graduation: Izzy Natale
---Also returning runners: Lauren Hanley and Suzanna Halatyn

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