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Sleepy Hollow Meet Summary

Posted Wednesday, September 16, 2009 by Perry King
Eagles Head Back Home with 2 Wins

The Eagle harriers took two wins in their first encounter with Sleepy Hollow at a gorgeous Rockwood Hall Park course along the Hudson in northern Tarrytown on a hot Tuesday, September 15. About half of the Eagles appear to have gotten lost and run an extra loop early in the race, but the learning experience was valuable since the League race will be held there in a month.

The boys took a narrow decision of 29-30, though they clinched the win early when Patrick Wortner, Brendan Wortner, and George (also known as the Mighty Geroge, see results below) Epstein swept the first three spots. Although a huge Headless Horsemen team took at least the next 7 spots, the Eagles officially won when the next two of an Eagles group that included Harry Wagner, Yusuf Kapadia, Grant Sheely, James Majeau, Keith Hickey, Terry Taylor, and Yu Lin crossed the finish line.

The Sleepy Hollow girls ran only three runners and did not qualify for a score, but their sophomore speedster Katherine Doyle went out quickly and cruised to a PR 20:30 on the course. The wandering Eagles got the win as they finished the minimum five runners of Sarah King, Mary Constant, Chloe Wang, Shanna Yue, and Clara Winder to stay undefeated after two meets.

Next race is at Irvington on Tuesday, September 22.

Results from Lohud, slightly edited

Dobbs Ferry 29, Sleepy Hollow 30



Rockwood Hall, 3.1 miles



1. Patrick Wortner (DF), 17:24; 2. Brandon Wortner [aka Brendan Wortner] (DF), 19:23; 3. Geroge Epstein [aka George Epstein] (DF), 19:33; 4. Kyle McGovern (SH), 20:09; 5. Harley Falasca (SH), 20:36; 6. Hwa-Seung Erstling (SH), 20:46; 7. David Maldonodo (SH), 20:54; 8. Alex Berger (SH), 21:03; 9. Richie Doyle (SH), 21:06; 10. Tom Von Heill (SH), 21:12.



Records - Dobbs Ferry 1-0, Sleepy Hollow 0-1.  (With Ardsley results, 2-1)


Dobbs Ferry 20, Sleepy Hollow DNS



At Rockwood Hall, 3.1 miles



1. Katherine Doyle (SH), 20:30; 2. Sarah King (DF), 23:24; 3. Mary Constant (DF), 26:27; 4. Chloe Wang (DF), 26:29; 5. Shanna Yue (DF), 26:48; 6. Clara Winder (DF), 27:13; 7. Karen Leon (SH), 27:45; 8. Nora Handelman (SH), 29:08.



Records - Dobbs Ferry 1-0, Sleepy Hollow 0-1.  (With Ardsley results, 2-0)

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