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Weekly Notebook - 9/26: Wrapup and Ratings

Posted Tuesday, September 29, 2009 by Perry King
XC Notebook and Ratings Overview for 1-C Teams

The XC season finally got into full action on 9/26 as the last holdouts from the Saturday invitationals had their first meet at one of the five events in the the general region. The highlight of the weekend had to be Cornwall's Aisling Cuffe's complete demolition of the field at the Bowdoin Classic that earned her a 160 rating, fully 15 points or about 45 seconds ahead of the next best girl in New York state. Another Section 9 team made big news when the Monroe-Woodbury girls soundly beat three nationally ranked top-10 teams (Queensbury, Shenendehowa, Burnt Hills) at the Queensbury Invitational. On a less happy note for a team, Section 9's Rhinebeck came in dead last in their race at Bowdoin, making it unlikely that they will challenge Bronxville for the NYS Class C championship this year.

The 1-C teams scattered to four different meets on 9/26, with Bronxville, Dobbs Ferry and Croton Harmon at Warwick; Irvington, Putnam Valley (forgot about them) and Rye Neck at the Gressler Invite; Pleasantville at Bowdoin; Hastings, Dover, and North Salem at the JFK Sterling meet; and Pawling, Westlake and Albertus Magnus were off for the weekend. Though none of the teams got a 1st at any of the meets, the Irvington boys and the Bronxville and Hastings girls did come in second.

There were also some top individual performances as Pat Wortner posted the top rating with a 175 in taking a 3rd place at Warwick, Irvington's Julian Saliani won his race at Gressler and scored a 171, Brendan Wortner posted a 170 score at Warwick, and Bronxville's Henrietta Miers won her Warwick race and posted the top girls' score at 125. Other guys topping the 150 mark were Putnam Valley's James Hertzel at 164 at Gressler, Bronxville's Dayton Flannery with a 159 at Warwick and George Epstein got a 153 at the race for the Eagles. Girls topping the 100 mark include Bronxville's Meredith Rizzo with a 108 at Warwick, the Eagles' Sarah King with a 103 at Warwick, and Irvington's Annie Field with a 102 at the Gressler. Two girls who had disappointing days included Pleasantville's Libby Lazare who had a huge fall to an 85 at Bowdoin and Bronxville's Ameila Phillips who struggled to a 64 at Warwick.

Pat Wortner became the first Eagle to be represented on Tully's list of top overall runners in NYS, appearing in the 58th spot (6th in Class C) while Saliani appeared in the 67th spot. Brendan Wortner appears 11th in the Class C list (7th among all NYS sophomores) and Epstein is at 48th. Miers is in the NYS overall list at 45th and Pawling's Caitlin Jelinek is at 52nd. King is at 14th in the Class C list.

The 1-C teams will be splitting between two meets on Oct. 3, with Bronxville, Irvington, Pleasantville, and Rye Neck heading to Sunken Meadows for the Saint Anthony's meet, and Dobbs Ferry, Albertus Magnus, Hastings, Croton Harmon, North Salem, and Westlake at the Brewster Bear meet with League teams Ardsley and Children's Village.

Judging team strength after only one or two meets is difficult, especially when some teams like Pawling have not run in an invite since September 12. Pawling still appears to be the strongest guys team with Irvington second. Despite having a few struggles, the Bronxville girls team is far in front, though the battle for the 2nd spot with Hastings' top 3 challenging Irvington and Pawling is interesting. Dobbs and Irvington are the only guys' teams with three runners currently among the top 10 leaders in 1-C, while Bronxville has 5 of the top 10 girls.

1-C Boys with 140+ Tully Ratings

1, Brandon Freyer (P) ...183
2. Patrick Wortner (DF) ...175
3. Julian Saliani (I) ... 174
4. Brendan Wortner (DF) ... 170
5. Dayton Flannery (B) ... 166
6. James Hertzel (PV) ... 164
7. Tim Yu (P) ... 159
8. George Epstein DF) ... 153
9. Cody Orton (Dv) ... 149
10. Dennis Montaruli (I) ... 148
11. Sam Lindberg (I) ... 148
12. Cory Woodin (Dv) ... 148
13. Matt Jorgensen (P) ... 147
14. John Flannery (B) ... 147
15. Christian Guzman (NS) ... 146
16. Mike Elliott (Pl) ... 145
17. Taira Davey (I) ... 140

1-C Girls with 80+ Tully Ratings

1. Henrietta Miers (B) ... 125
2. Caitlin Jelinek (P) ... 124
3. Meredith Rizzo (B) ... 113
4. Sarah King (DF) ... 103
5. Libby Lazare (Pl) ... 101
6. Annie Field (I) ... 100
7. Argentina Chrappa (B) ... 99
8. Amelia Phillips (B) ... 95
9. Emma Sander (H)  ... 90
10. Serina Saari (B) ... 90
11. Nora Howe (H) ... 90
12. Emily Polstein (H) ... 89
13. Danielle Kennedy (AM) ... 83
14. Sarah Costa (CH) ... 81

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