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Weekly Notebook - 10/3: Wrapup and Ratings

Posted Tuesday, October 06, 2009 by Perry King
XC Notebook and Ratings Overview for 1-C Teams

The 1-C teams traveled to three different meets during the past weekend, with Pawling making the biggest trip to the biggest meet at the McQuaid Invitational in Rochester where the boys finished 3rd in the Varsity A race and the girls finished 2nd in the Varsity A-2 race. Irvington, Bronxville, Rye Neck, and Pleasantville went to the St. Anthony's meet at Sunken Meadows on Long Island and took 3rd, 5th, 9th, and 11th respectively in the Small Schools race. On the girls side the order was Bronxville 1st, Irvington 4th, Rye Neck 6th, and Pleasantville 11th.  Dobbs Ferry, Hastings, Croton Harmon, Putnam Valley, Westlake, North Salem, and League competitor Ardsley were at the Brewster Bears meet. The merged results of the meet placed the boys at Dobbs Ferry 14th, Putnam Valley 19th, Hastings 22nd, Croton Harmon 23rd, Ardsley 28th, Westlake 29th, and North Salem 30th. The Dobbs girls finished 13th, Croton Harmon 18th, Ardsley 23rd, and Hastings only finished four runners.

Pawling's performance was the tops among the boys teams, just beating out Irvington for the honors. The Tigers' Brandon Freyer posted a 183 Tully Rating, took 1st in his race, and was among the top 12 runners at the top meet of the weekend. Pawling's average TR was 154.6. Irvington was close behind as Julian Salian posted a 176 rating in winning his race and his team scored an average 152.6 rating. Bronxville behind Dayton Flannery's 164 TR had the 3rd best average at 142.8, and Dobbs with Pat and Brendan Wortner getting 175 and 169 scores averaged a 136.8 score. The Eagle rookies James Majeau and Harry Wagner moved closer to the century mark at 97 and 96.

Even without star Henrietta Miers, sitting out with a strep throat, Bronxville posted the best results as freshmen Meredith Rizzo and Amelia Phillips combined to post 115 and 102 scores as the Broncos averaged 97.8. Pawling behind Caitlin Jelinek's 1st place finish and 120 score posted an 82.8 average. Annie Field notched a 109 score and Irvington averaged 74.4. With Hastings not finishing five runners, Dobbs moved up to 4th for the week with Sarah King scoring a 108 and the Eagles averaging a 55.4 rating.

Statewide for Class C, on the boys side it is simply a matter of which team will Section 3 send to the State Championship meet as five of the state's strongest teams are battling it out there. It's still way too early to guess which one of Holland Patent, Jordan Elbridge, CBA, Tully, Sauquoit Valley, or another school will emerge from the scrap. Locally, Pawling and Irvington will challenge against the Section 3 teams but need to pull up the 3,4,5, runners. Bronxville is among the top 20 teams, in a dead-heat with Voorheesville and Fonda-Fultonville for the 16th spot going by TR averages, but again you have to shake your head when their coach (who also is allowed to rank the Class C teams) pushes them into 14th place in the rankings, at least based on his complaint on the Armory site about the wrong list being posted for Week 3. Amazing, ES, just amazing.

On the girls side the word is just Broncos as their 105.2 average is about 10 points ahead of Tully (95.6) in the TR average. Newark Valley has the 3rd best score at 93.0, with CBA (89.8) and Rhinebeck following. Though we have learned not to look at the boys' NYS Class C ratings on the Armory Site due to their history of leaping into an alternate universe, the girls ratings are reasonable with a few exceptions. First, 5th ranked Canton is a Class B team, 6th ranked Sullivan West at 58.8 has no business being ranked, and 11th ranked Saranac Lakes (68.4), 12th ranked Gouveneur (69.6),  and 17th ranked Fonda-Fultonville (60) should be at the end of the ratings, if there at all. If unranked Hastings had a strong 5th runner they would be among the top 12 teams.

This weekend Pawling, Bronxville, Hastings, and Valhalla will brave the crushing masses in the Manhattan Invitational at an under-construction Van Cortlandt Park. Many of the rest of the teams including Dobbs will be at the  Byram Hills Bobcat Classic.

A few new names are on the 1-C listings. Joey Moschitto should have been listed previously as Briarcliff is in Class C this year.

Top 20 1-C Boys (144+ Tully Ratings)

1, Brandon Freyer (P) ...183
2. Julian Saliani (I) ... 175
3. Patrick Wortner (DF) ...175
4. Brendan Wortner (DF) ... 170
5. Dayton Flannery (B) ... 166
6. James Hertzel (PV) ... 164
7. Tim Yu (P) ... 158
8. Joey Moschitto (Bf) ... 158
9. George Epstein DF) ... 151
10. John Flannery (B) ... 150
11. Dennis Montaruli (I) ... 150
12. Sam Lindberg (I) ... 150
13. Cody Orton (Dv) ... 149
14. Matt Jorgensen (P) ... 149
15. Cory Woodin (Dv) ... 148
16. Lucas Bucknavage (RN) ... 146
17. Christian Guzman (NS) ... 146
18. Bob Swick (P) ... 145
19. Sean Lippin (I) ... 145
20. Charlie Fraoli (RN) ... 144

Also for Dobbs: James Majeau 97, Harry Wagner 96

The grils side also saw a bunch of new runners moving into the rankings, and Sarah Costa of Croton Harmon making the biggest leap from 81 to 94. Libby Lazare did not run with Pleasantville at St. Anthony's.

Top 20 1-C Girls ( 80+ Tully Ratings)

1. Henrietta Miers (B) ... 125
2. Caitlin Jelinek (P) ... 123
3. Meredith Rizzo (B) ... 114
4. Sarah King (DF) ... 107
5. Annie Field (I) ... 107
6. Libby Lazare (Pl) ... 101
7. Argentina Chrappa (B) ... 100
8. Amelia Phillips (B) ... 97
9. Nora Howe (H) ... 95
10. Sarah Costa (CH) ... 94
11. Zoe Nagasing (P) ... 91
12. Serina Saari (B) ... 90
13. Emma Sander (H)  ... 90
14. Emily Polstein (H) ... 89
15. Morgan Meaney (P) ... 88
16. Courtney Campbell (B) ... 86
17. Kylie Van Buren (RN) ... 85
18. Danielle Kennedy (AM) ... 85
19. Katherine Marrone (B) ... 80
20. Edwina Picon (I) ... 80

Also for Dobbs: Lauren Hanley 63, Shanna Yue 61

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