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Hastings Meet Summary

Posted Wednesday, October 07, 2009 by Perry King
Eagles and Yellowjackets (and sometimes Panthers) Vie at Burke Estate

Dobbs Ferry traveled down to Hastings on foot or by bus on Tuesday, October 6th for their first dual meet with Hastings in many years. Edgemont, a Class B team, was also on hand to compete against Hastings and Dobbs. Without the Panthers the highlight of the meet would have been missed. Seventh-grade pipper Grant Sheely dueled the last 30 meter finish stretch with an Edgemont runner who was possibly 2 feet taller than him. On another day with gorgeous weather and friendly local crowds out to see the action, the Eagles made some more good strides.

The guys' race came down to the same old story as Pat Wortner, Brendan Wortner, and George Epstein ran 1-2-3 to ensure another pair of 29-30 wins and raise their record to 5-2. Epstein sprinted in at 17:14 to edge out Edgemont's well-rated Spencer Fausel by 1 second and Hastings' Jared Scharf by 2 seconds. Pat Wortner and Brendan Wortner preceded the group in at 17:05 and 17:12. Grant Sheely had a breakthrough day as he dashed home for the Eagles' 4th spot at 19:49 in around 18th overall. James Majeau at 21:09, Harry Wagner at 22:09, and Keith Hickey at 22:21 completed the day for the victorious Eagles. With warmups and warmdowns to and from the Burke Estate and the Dobbs HS, some of the guys got a fair amount of mileage in.

The girls were up against a talented Yellowjackets squad and without Lauren Hanley, who was resting up for Saturday's Bobcat meet. Hastings took the 2nd-5th places behind their top quartet of Emma Sander, Nora Howe, Emily Polstein and Lauren Wilt, and won the contest 26-31. The Eagles beat Edgemont 21-38 to keep their record even at 3-3. Sarah King cruised to 1st in a 20:16 time that left Sander about a minute behind. Chloe Wang ran 22:31 for 7th overall and Shanna Yue posted a 22:50 for 8th. Seventh-grade newcomer Lila Walsh then pulled a Grant Sheely as she zipped in 10th in 23:30 for the Eagles' 4th spot. Sofia Maluf at 23:32 for 11th, Clara Winder at 23:33 for 12th, Kim Anker at 25:35 for 15th, and Suzanna Halatyn at 25:40 for 16th completed the scoring for the Eagles.

After the race the remaining Eagles participated in a fun quest in search of their bus. The next meet is at Byram Hills HS in Armonk for the big Bobcat Run on Saturday October 10.

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