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Bobcat Run Preview

Posted Thursday, October 08, 2009 by Perry King
Eagles Travel to Byram Hills HS for Bobcat Run

On Saturday, October 10, Dobbs Ferry XC will again venture north up route 684 for a half hour drive to Armonk and Byram Hills HS. About 25 teams will be running in the boys and girls races at the Bobcat Run. Held the same weekend as the giant Manhattan Invitational held at a Van Cortlandt Park that is currently being renovated and has tight space constraints, the 3-year-old Bobcat Run has attracted a few more teams this year that want to avoid the Bronx mayhem.

The Bobcat meet is a decidely low-key race, and the Eagles should be one of the stronger teams at the meet. The top 2 teams in each race get trophies as do the top 25 runners in the freshmen and varsity races. Last year the host Byram Hills boys team won the meet, placing 4 runners in the top 10, all of whom are back. Annie Field and Irvington took firsts last year on the girls side, but the Bulldogs are at the Manhattan Invitational this year. With the increased number of runners in the field this year, some of the turns on the tightly looping section of the course could get tricky.

There will be some top runners there including Mahopac's James McDonough who the Eagles will see for the third straight weekend. McDonough looks to be the top boys' runner, with seniors Pat Wortner of Dobbs, Joe Violone of Byram Hills, and Mike Thomas of Brewster battling with sophomores Charlie Carr of Brewster and Brendan Wortner of Dobbs for the next 5 spots. The top girls' runners are expected to be Nicki Nesi of Pelham, Jessica Kendzor of Kennedy Catholic, Jessica Tobin of Clarkstown South, and Ariane Bottallico of Brewster, with Katherine Doyle of Sleepy Hollow and Sarah King of Dobbs also fighting for a top 5 spot. Not  quite sure what the story with Pleasantville's Libby Lazare is currently, but if she is back at full strength she will be among the leaders.

The battle for the team trophies should be a great one on the boys side between a high ranked Class A team and high ranked Class B team. Brewster's Charlie Carr and Mike Thomas will duel with Byram Hills' Joe Violone and Chris Cioffoletti, with the Tully Speed Rating slightly favoring the Bears over the host Bobcats by 165.8 to 163.8. Defending their home turf, the Bobcats can be expected to close that gap and produce a scintillatingly close race. Where Dobbs fits in the 25-team field is harder to say because even though they have the third-strongest top 3, the gap to the 4-5 currently means that they will probably finish behind Kellenberg, Clarkstown North, and maybe Newburgh.

The girls' battle should not be that close, with state-ranked Class A Brewster being far ahead of the other teams behind their top duo of Ariane Bottalico and Nicole Zazzero. Mahopac behind Molly Gardineer should beat out Kellenberg for the other trophy, and Dobbs looks to be the 4th strongest squad in the 24-team field.

The 25 top-rated runners are:

James McDonough (Mhpc), 181
Pat Wortner (DF), 175
Joe Violone (BH), 173
Charlie Carr (Brew), 172
Mike Thomas (Brew), 171
Brendan Wortner (DF), 170
Chris Cioffoletti (BH), 168
Ryan Colabella (Haup), 167
Mike Cook (Kel), 167
James Hertzell (PV), 164
John Carr (Brew), 164
Adam McIe (Brew), 164
Russell Vignali (CN), 164
Jamie Love (BH), 163
Joey Moschitto (Brew), 158
Neeraj Suryanarayanan (Brew), 158
Marc Violone (BH). 158
Evan Skloot (BH), 157
Brendan Halles (CS) 157
Jacob Adams (Saund), 155
Justin Maguire (Brew), 154
Charlie Ropes (Lourd), 154
Tom Sullivan (CN), 152
George Epstein (DF), 151
Patrick Burke (Kel), 150

Nicki Nesi (Pel), 122
Jessica Kendzor (JFK), 118
Jessica Tobin (CS), 116
Ariane Botallico (Brew), 115
Katherine Doyle (SH), 109
Sarah King (DF), 107
Kim McKay (Kel), 104
Nicole Zazzero (Brew), 102
Libby Lazare (Pleas), 101
Molly Gardineer (Mhpc), 100
Sarah Costa (CH), 94
Kylie Pearse (Kel), 93
Miriam Munn (Brew), 90
Serina Hughes (Mhpc), 86
Kylie Van Buren (RN), 85
Krystina Choinski (Haup), 85
Breeda Manion (JFK), 84
Jess Zurheide (Brew), 80
Alex Desarden (Mhpc), 80
Kate Montgomery (Ard), 78
Lauren Krouskoff (CN), 76
Kristen Nicolies (Mhpc), 76
Jenna Depue (Lourd), 75
Tess Hamburg (MHpc), 74
Jamie Maguire (Brew), 74

---Lauren Hanley (DF), 63 is around 27th, so very close to medal territory

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