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Section 1 Coaches Meet at Bowdoin Preview

Posted Wednesday, October 21, 2009 by Perry King
Eagles Head to Bowdoin Park for Coaches Meet Prep Work

Dobbs Ferry XC will join most of the other Section 1 teams plus some from Section 9 and other areas at Bowdoin Park in Wappingers Falls on Saturday, October 24, for the Section 1 Coaches meet. Fortunately, this year the meet will be able to get underway early starting at 10:00 since the PSATs were last weekend. In 2008 the later races entered into the twilight zone because of the later start.

More than 80 teams are showing up for the Coaches meet, and the Dobbs guys will run at 12:30 in the Varsity 3 race and the Dobbs girls at 1:00 in their Varsity 3 race. Unfortunate that the races are back to back for JP's sake, but that just means the runners will need to be a little more self-sufficient. The girls JV race is at 2:00.

The Eagles will get their first visit in 2009 to their favorite hill, which for the past two years they have gleefully cavorted up three times. The last time the Eagles were there was for the 2008 Sectionals, a meet that had both highlights and tough times. Learning how to attack the big Bowdoin Hill, especially under the wet conditions expected for Saturday, is vital for the all-important Sectional race held there almost two weeks later. A mixture of caution and reserve along with a killer attitude on the downhill and last half of the run are needed to have a good race.

The Coaches meet is still a late-season developmental prep race, however, and what you learn and build upon there is more important than blistering your best results of the season. Last year's biggest story at the race was "newcomer" sophomore Aisling Cuffe's victory over senior Shelby Greany by a huge 34 seconds. But for the veteran Greany the meet was just a stepping stone on her way to peaking for the Footlocker NE Regionals, where she would be the top NY runner ahead of Cuffe, and in the Nationals, where she would be the top runner from the Northeast, finishing 7th overall.

The Eagles' guys finished 3rd in the Varsity 1 race last year and a great 12th overall. Of the returning runners, Pat Wortner ran a 17:11 for 3rd in the race and 23rd overall, Brendan Wortner got a 17:43 (11th, 59th) and George Epstein ran an 18:58 (44th, 181st). On the girls side, Sarah King was sick and did not finish as the Eagles did not qualify for a team score with only four runners in. Rebecca Wiersma led the way with a 22:41 (43rd, 134th), Chloe Wang ran a 22:45 (44th, 115th), and Clara Winder got a 23:38 (60th, 169th).

The top 3 teams in all races win plaques and top 30 runners in all the races win medals, so it's good to know who the competition will be in your race. This year all three races are supposed to be evenly seeded unlike in previous years when the Varsity 3 race included all the teams from outside Section 1 along with many of the top area teams. Gaining a medal in the tough Varsity 3 race was therefore much more difficult, and since both Dobbs teams are in Varsity 3 this year, it is good it is not quite the killer race it was in 2008.

It appears that Aisling Cuffe and her Cornwall team will not be at the meet, but Section 5's Honeoye Falls - Lima is making the long trip and brings #2 rankings on both the boys and girls sides in Class B. North Rockland comes in as the top boys team, while Monroe Woodbury appears to be the top girls teams. A few teams like Horace Greeley and Kennedy Catholic apparently are not going to the meet.

Going by the Tully Ratings (TR), it looks like the seeds should result in some great battles. The seedings are pretty even in 2009, though the boys Varsity 3 race looks to be the deepest race, though Varsity 1 has maybe a slightly tougher top 10.  On the girls side the Varsity 2 race has a far stronger field and Varsity 3 is also a tough race. Varsity 1 appears to be the weakest field but has a great head-to-head battle at the top. All of the races have been set up to pit two or more top teams of fairly even strength in a fight for the three teams medals.

Based on the race assignments released on October 21, the race overview appears to be as follows:

Varsity 1.  Honeoye Falls - Lima at 170.0 TR is the 3rd strongest team at the race and should win out over Brewster (165.4) and Suffern (165.0), with Pawling 4th. This could be the best individual battle with four runners sporting 180+ ratings. 26 runners have a 160+ rating. 7 of the 1-C teams are in the race.

Runners top 30:
Alex Deir (HFL) 187, Steve Mangen (HFL) 186, Brandon  Freyer (Pawl) 185, Quinn Raseman (Ward M) 182, Isaiah Miller (Mdltown) 177, Tyler Frigge (Suf) 176, Kevin McKenna (Suf) 175, Charlie Carr (Brew) 172, Kevin Hoose (HFL) 171, Mike Thomas (Brew) 171, Max Robinson (Rye) 171, James Hertzel (PV) 170, Daniel Siegel (GNS) 169, Johnny Mitchell (Suf) 169, Jesse Mitchell (Suf) 167, Tommy Vandenburg (Mam) 166, Tom FitzPatrick (Carm) 166, Derek Lake (PineB) 165, John Carr (Brew) 164, Adam McIe (Brew) 164, Mike Turi (JJEF) 163, Cameron Rasmussen (HH) 162, Mason Curtis (Rye) 161, Tim Yu (Pawl) 160, Nathaniel Deboever (Ont) 160, Justin Harris (Scars) 160, Harry Maher (NewRoc) 159, Taylor Love (Rye) 159, Neeraj Suryanarayanan (158), Harrison Quamily (NewRoc) 158.

Varsity 2. Sachem East at 167.8 has a marginal advantage over Fox Lane at 167.4, the two schools being the 4th and 5th strongest teams at the meet.  Arlington (162.8) should beat out Monroe Woodbury (156.4) and Pearl River for 3rd. 26 runners have a 160+ rating. 4 of the 1-C teams are in the race.

Runners top 30: Alex Saavedra (SachE) 186, Edward Owens (PackCol) 184, Manu Kumar (Y) 180, Julian Saliani (I) 175, Christopher Sacks (FL) 174, Christopher Mitchell (FL) 172, Jamie Mitchell (FL) 171, Kendall Ward (JO'N) 171, Joe DiRienzo (SachE) 170, Jorge Garcia (LP) 169, Cord Sgaglio (FL) 169, Carter Humphrey (Y) 167, Chris Repecki (Har) 167, Matt Fritzer (SachE) 166, Sean Egan (MW) 165, Russell Vignali (CN) 165, Ryan McKallan (PR) 164, Brian Wylock (Arl) 163, Mike Lotocky (Arl) 163, David Wilbur (Montic) 163, Justin Decker (Arl) 162, Nick Paolozzi (Arl) 162, Phil Rascona (SachE) 161, Sebastion Hanson (Arl) 160, Jacob Adams (Saund) 159, Eddie Merenda (Arl) 159, John Baranik (JO'N) 158, Jaan Grondahl (Eastch) 158, Chris Cruz (LP) 158, Jake McNamara (MW) 158, Anthony Anzaloni (MW) 158, Mike Richards (SachE) 156, Spencer Fausel (Edge) 156, Pat Kohlbrenner (PR) 156

Varsity 3.  This race pits top team North Rockland (175.2) against 2nd strongest team Washingtonville (171.0), with Byram Hills probably getting the 3rd place. The Eagles' Wortners are in the top 12, and George Epstein appears to be about 41st. 31 runners have a 30+ rating. 6 of the 1-C teams are in the race.

Runners top 30: Nick Hughes (NR) 187, Martin Hehir (Wash) 182, Daniel Hyman Cohen (Stuyv) 182, James McDonough (Maho) 176, Pat Wortner (DF) 175, James Naglieri (NR) 175, Vinny DiSalvo (Wash) 175, Charlie Lagos (NR) 175, Joe Violone (BH) 173, Brett Bernard (NR) 172, Robert Gorecki (Som) 170, Mike Debronsky (Beac) 169, Brendan Wortner (DF) 169, Dayton Flannery (Brx) 169, Ryan Rasmaren (FrAc) 169, Owen Skeete (Wash) 168, Chris Cioffoletti (BH) 168, Nick Bien-Amie (NR) 167, Edmond Maloney (Wash) 165, Nick Morais (Wash) 165, Ryan McTague (Wash) 164, Conor Mallon (NR) 163, Konrad Surkont (Stuyv) 163, Peter Gelston (WP) 163, Avery Sternglass (Xav) 162, Ethan D'Souza (Nisk) 162, Albert Tunas (Som) 162, Jamie Love (BH) 161, Charles Conway (Som) 161, Mathew Soyk (WP) 160, Joey Moschitto (Briar) 160

Varsity 1.  Although this race has the least strong field, it has the best matchup of teams at the meet. Medium-Small perennial powers Pearl River and Bronxville square off in a battle for 1st and the Pirates at 106.4 hold a neglible margin over the Broncos at 106.2. If the ratings go to form though, Pirates would win by about 15 due to their depth in the 7-17 positions, so Broncos need big races from their 3rd through 5th runners. Suffern has the advantage over Brewster and Niskayuna for 3rd place. 17 runners have a rating of 100+. 4 of the 1-C teams are in the race.

Runners top 30: Ursula Svoboda (Suf) 131, Jessica Tobin (CS) 130, Lauren Hehir (Wash) 127, Henrietta Miers (Brx) 125, Meredith Rizzo (Brx) 116, Ariana Bottalico (Brew) 125, Kerry Guerin (PR) 111, Maria Kohlbrenner (PR) 110, Deirdre Dwyer (Spack) 108, Gina Talt (Mam) 108, Erica Guerin (PR) 108, Annie Field (I) 106, Courtney Cramer (Suf) 103, Nicole Zazzero (Brew) 102, Amelia Phillips (Brx) 102, Ceili Morrow (PR) 102, Keeley Bateman (PR) 101, Katelyn Garvey (PR) 99, Argentina Chrappa (Brx) 99, Eleanor Trelstad (WP) 98, Chelsea Kushner (PR) 98, Shannon Trent (Nisk) 97, Caitlin Ladaro (PR) 95, Leigh Ann Labate (Nisk) 95, Molly Shine (PR) 94, Elizabeth Trelstad (WP) 93, Sarah Costa (CH) 92, Kristen Harrington (Montic) 92, Miriam Munn (Brew) 90, Serina Saari (Brx) 89, Courtney Campbell (Brx) 89, Heather Ipsen (Nisk) 89

Varsity 2: By TR this race is the strongest and deepest. It features a good battle between the #2 NYS-B school in Honeoye Falls - Lima versus the #5 NYS-AA school in Arlington, with HFL holding a 118.2 to 115.2 advantage in the average TR. Tappen Zee has the lead over Pawling for the 3rd place plaque. 24 runners have a 100+ rating. 4 of the 1-C teams are in the race.

Runners in top 30:  Amanda Moreland (HFL) 137, Caitlin Jelinek (Pawl) 127, Emily Singer (Har) 125, Hayley McMahon (Arl) 125, Jacqueline Pollack (TZ) 125, Rachel Serina (Arl) 123, Jessie Brunet (HFL) 119, Taylor Jo Gillen (TZ) 118, Ruth Steinke (HFL) 118, Katherine Doyle (SH) 114, Alison Hoh (HFL) 110, Hannah Cole (HFL) 110, Kaylin Breiter (HFL) 109, Victoria Sanford (Arl) 109, Josephine Boyle (Arl) 107, Katherine Henry (ND) 107, Taylor Hock (PineB) 105, Zoe Nagasing (Pawl) 104, Kimberley Allen (Mdletown) 104, Megan Jaskot (TZ) 103, Sarah Biggers (LP) 102, Mallory Mecca (Arl) 102, Emily Waligurski (Ont) 101, Kerri Butler (ND) 100, Emma Wisdom (JJCR) 98, Olivia Beltiani (Arl) 98, Rebekah Steinke (HFL) 97, Allison Ryley (Arl) 96, Megan Curran (TZ) 96, Carolina Casin Silva (LP) 94, Lindsay Asselmayer (Arl) 94

Varsity 3:  The top team, Monroe Woodbury, is in this race and should be able to beat a strong North Rockland squad for the title with a 120.2 to 114.6 advantage. Nanuet looks likely to grab 3rd place. The Eagles' Sarah King looks to be about 15th, and Hastings may be competing for four medals although their 5th spot may keep them from getting a team plaque. 21 runners have a 100+ rating. 8 of the 1-C teams are in the race.

Runners in top 30:  Megan Young (Nanuet) 137, Megan Petrignelli (MW) 136, Nicki Nesi (Pel) 132, Elizabeth O'Donnell (MW) 129, Kira Garry (FrAc) 125, Alexis Hatcher (NR) 123, Sabrina Brooks (MW) 117, Ellie Hekker (NR) 117, Alexandra Capello (Scars) 116, Jessica Falcon (NR) 112, Carly Kiess (MW) 112, Gabrielle Drummond (JJEF) 112, Jenna Holt (Carm) 111, Kelsey Eselman (MW) 108, Sarah King (DF) 108, Kaitlyn O'Grady (NR) 107, Hannah DeMartino (Nan) 106, Christina Clarkin (MW) 105, Kristen Schnalzer (NR) 104, Molly Gardineer (Maho) 103, Libby Lazare (Pl) 101, Nora Howe (Hast) 99, Gabrielle Robert (JJEF) 99, Eve Marenghi (Som) 97, Jennifer Boyle (MW) 95, Rachel O'Connell (Som) 95, Katherine Aguiler (Nan) 94, Kailey Dwyer (NR) 94, Courtney Cox (NR) 94, Emma Sander (Hast) 91, Lauren Wilt (Hast) 90, Danielle Kennedy (AM) 90

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