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Westchester and Section 1 County Meets Preview

Posted Wednesday, October 28, 2009 by Perry King
Eagles Seek to Become Boys and Girls of Somers at County Meet

The prelude to the Sectional Meet will be held on Saturday, October 31, for the Westchester and Northern Counties teams and Thursday for the Rockland County schools. With the prospect of drier conditions being likely for both days, the chance for runners to compete without carrying an extra load of mud will be welcome to all but the most crazy of them. The races at Somers will be held fairly early to allow the kids to get home and bag as much Halloween candy as possible for their sugar-loading binges before the Sectionals.

The three meets will see a fair amount of change this year, the biggest coming for the Westchester meet which moves from Van Cortlandt Park site in the Bronx to a site in-county at the Somers High School course. The Northern Counties meet will switch from Pawling to the site of last Saturday's mudfest, Bowdoin Park. The Rockland meet will again be at Bear Mountain. There should be some changes among the top 3 in a number of the races, and since 5 of last year's individual champs were seniors, only Arlington's Rachel Sorna returns to try for a repeat title.

The circumstances will also be different for the Eagles from last year when the boys finished 6th overall and won the Class C division trophy while the girls finished 13th. Pat Wortner finished 18th, Brendan Wortner 19th, and George Epstein got 75th. Sarah King got 16th, Chloe Wang 76th, Clara Winder 101st, and Mary Constant 112th of the returning runners likely to be in action on Saturday. This year at Somers the boys will be further back but the girls with a full team have a decent chance to break in to the top 10 of the 30 or so girls squads. Top 25 runners in all varsity, JV, and freshman races get medals. Breakdowns are as follows:

Westchester County Meet
Last year Iona Prep's Sean Halpin was the boys winner and Scarsdale, Iona Prep, and Byram Hills finished 1-2-3. Katie Sullivan of Ursuline was the girls winner and Ursuline, Bronxville, and White Plains took the top 3 spots. This year the situation is very different, with only Byram Hills and Bronxville being strongly in the running for their respective team titles.

The boys battle looks to be a great tussle with Fox Lane (167.0 Tully Rating average), Byram Hills (163.0), and Horace Greeley (162.0) being the strongest contenders. All ran well at the Coaches meet, though Fox Lane failed to finish 5 runners. New Rochelle is maybe the 4th best team based on Saturday's meet. The individual contest pits last year's runnerup, Manu Kumar (179) of Yorktown, against a pack of contenders, four of whom beat him head-to-head in the Varsity 2 race at Coaches. The six-pack with TRs 4-5 points behind him include Irvington's Julian Saliani (175), Dobbs Ferry's Patrick Wortner (175), Byram Hills' Joe Violone (175), Horace Greeley's Henry Koster (175) and Kyle Eager (175), and Fox Lane's Christopher Sacks (174). Last year's #3 Max Robinson (173) of Rye is also in the running for the top spot. For the Eagles, a finish somewhere around the 15th spot appears likely, with Brendan Wortner aiming for a top 10 result and George Epstein trying to crack the top 50.

On the girls side last year's runnerup Bronxville is a giant favorite with no other team even close to the Broncos' 106.8 TR average. Judging by the Coaches meet, the host Somers team with an 85.8 TR and Horace Greeley at 85.2 might well be battling for 2nd and 3rd. Although finishing only 35th in 2008, Pelham's Nicki Nesi (132) has exploded this year and is the big favorite. Last year's #3, Emily Singer (125) of Harrison is the leading contender along with Bronxville's Henrietta Miers (123). The Eagles appear to be about 10th coming in and are chasing fellow 1-C teams Irvington and Hastings. Sarah King is rated 8th in the field, and a number of Eagles have a chance to break into the top 50 if they can get their TRs up around the 75 level.

Boys top 30:  Manu Kumar (Y) 179, Julian Saliani (I) 175, Patrick Wortner (DF) 175, Joe Violone (BH) 175, Henry Koster (HG) 175, Kyle Eager (HG) 175, Christopher Sacks (FL) 174, Max Robinson (Rye) 173, Christopher Mitchell (FL) 172, Dayton Flannery (Brx) 172, Brendan Wortner (DF) 172, Jamie Mitchell (FL) 171, Robert Gorecki (Som) 170, Chris Cioffoletti (BH) 168, Carter Humphrey (Y) 167, Christopher Repecki (Har) 166, Cord Sgaglio (FL) 166, Jorge Garcia (LP) 164, Tommy Vandenberg (Mam) 163, Albert Tunas (Som) 162, Peter Gelston (WP) 161, Marc Violone (BH) 161, Charles Conway (Som) 160, Jamie Love (BH) 160, Justin Harris (Scar) 160, Tom Hefferon (IP) 159, Cameron Rasmussen (HH) 159, Mason Curtis (Rye) 159, Taylor Love (Rye) 159, Joey Moschitto (Brcf) 158, Chris Cruz (LP) 158, Matthew Soyk (WP) 158, Jacob Adams (Saund) 158

Girls top 30: Nicki Nesi (Pel) 132, Emily Singer (Har) 125, Henrietta Miers (Brx) 123, Meredith Rizzo (Brx) 118, Jessica Kendzor (JFK) 118, Alexandra Cappello (Scar) 114, Katherine Doyle (SH) 113, Sarah King (DF) 108, Annie Field (I) 106, Gina Talt (Mam) 104, Amelia Phillips (Brx) 102, Sarah Biggers (LP) 101, Argentina Chrappa (Brx) 99, Libby Lazare (Pleas) 98, Nora Howe (Hast) 98, Carolina Casin Silva (LP) 97, Emma Wisdom (JJCR) 97, Carlie Britten (Urs) 96, Elizabeth Trelstad (WP) 95, Eve Marenghi (Som) 95, Eleanor Trelstad (WP) 93, Courtney Campbell (Brx) 92, Camey Hess (HG) 92, Rachel O'Connell (92), Jackie McCarthy (Urs) 91, Emma Sander (Hast) 90, Brooke Biederman (HG) 89, Emily Polstein (Hast) 89, Sarah Costa (CH) 88, Rachel Sweeney (JJCR) 88

Northern Counties Meet
In 2008 Arlington dominated both sides of the contest, winning the team titles and having Jared Leslie and Rachel Sorna win individual crowns. Brewster and Mahopac were 2nd and 3rd for both the boys and girls.

Always the giant at this meet, the Admirals may get a strong challenge on the boys side this year. Brewster at 165.2 has a negligible advantage over Arlington (164.8) in the TRs, but the important factor is how runners from other schools such as #3 rated Pawling (159.0) will affect the matchup. Based on the TRs, Arlington would win 50-61. The top rated runner coming in is Pawling's Brandon Freyer (185), with 2008 #3 Mahopac's James McDonough (180) staying in range. Brewster's top duo of Charlie Carr (172) and Mike Thomas (171) hope to open some space between them and Arlington's tight pack in the 7-15 spots.

Arlington's depth on the girls side should let them dominate as their 112.8 TR is well ahead of Brewster (90.8) and Pawling (84.0). The battle for the individual title should be much closer as reigning champ Rachel Sorna (125) of Arlington is neck and neck with teammate Hayley McMahon (126) and Pawling's Caitlin Jelinek (126).

Boys top 20:  Brandon Freyer (Pawl) 185, James McDonough (Maho) 180, Charlie Carr (Brew) 172, Mike Thomas (Brew) 171, Mike Debronsky (Beac) 169, James Hertzel (PV) 169, Justin Decker (Arl) 168, Mike Lotocky (Arl) 166, Tom Fitzpatrick (Carm) 165, Sebastion Hanson (Arl) 164, Bryan Wylock (Arl) 164, John Carr (Brew) 163, Adam McIe (Brew) 163, Eddie Mirenda (Arl) 162, Mike Turi (JJEF) 161, Nick Paolozzi (Arl) 161, Tim Yu (Pawl) 160, Blake Calabrese (Beac) 157, Neeraj Suryanarayanan (Brew) 157, Justin Maguire (Brew) 157

Girls top 20:  Hayley McMahon (Arl) 126, Caitlin Jelinek (Pawl) 126, Rachel Sorna (Arl) 125, Ariana Bottalico (Brew) 115, Jenna Holt (Carm) 109, Gabrielle Drummond (JJEF) 109, Victoria Sanford (Arl) 107, Josephine Boyle (Arl) 104, Molly Gardineer (Maho) 103, Mallory Mecca (Arl) 102, Nicole Zazzero (Brew) 101, Zoe Nagasing (Pawl) 100, Lindsay Asselmayer (Arl) 99, Gabrielle Robert (JJEF) 98, Olivia Beltrani (Arl) 98, Allison Ryley (Arl) 96, Morgan Meaney (Pawl) 91, Miriam Munn (Brew) 90, Alex Desarden (Maho) 87, Serina Hughes (Maho) 87

Rockland County Meet
Three teams juggled the top three places last year as North Rockland, Suffern and Pearl River went 1-2-3 for the boys, and Pearl River, North Rockland and Suffern got the top spots for the girls. Individual winners Mike Hickey of Pearl River and Shelby Greany of Suffern graduated, so a slightly new cast of characters battle for the top spots.

For the boys, North Rockland is one of the top 5 teams in the state at 175.6 and should easily handle any challenges from Suffern (164.0) and Pearl River (152.6). Last year's runnerup, Nick Hughes (189) of North Rockland, is the top rated NYS runner and is far ahead of the meet's other top runners. The main drama here should be to see who among the group of five runners with 170+ ratings get the runnerup spots.

The girls side could see a closer battle, though again North Rockland (112.2) is favored to unseat reigning champion Pearl River (106.6). Going by the TR placements, North Rockland would win 46-62. Tappan Zee has a slightly better TR than Pearl River at 106.8 but projects to finishing about 10 points behind the Pirates for 3rd. Nanuet at 99.2 and Suffern at 95.4 also look to be in contention. Last year's #3, Megan Young (138) of Nanuet, is the favorite over Suffern's Ursula Svoboda (131) and last year's runnerup, Jessica Tobin (130) of Clarkstown South.

Boys top 20:  Nick Hughes (NR) 189, James Naglieri (NR) 177, Kevin McKenna (Suf) 174, Tyler Frigge (Suf) 174, Charlie Lagos (NR) 174, Brett Bernard (NR) 171, Conor Mallon (NR) 167, Johnny Mitchell (Suf) 167, Nick Bien-Amie (NR) 166, Russell Vignanli (CN) 165, Ryan McKallen (PR) 164, Timothy Mendez (NR) 159, Thomas Lappas (PR) 157, Branden Hallas (CS) 157, Alex Andre (NR) 157, Pat Kohlbrenner (PR) 154, Nathan Kotch (TZ) 154, Ryan Cross (Suf) 154, Jordan Levine (Suf) 151, Steve McNiff (PR) 148

Girls top 20:  Megan Young (Nan) 138, Ursuala Svoboda (Suf) 131, Jessica Tobin (CS) 130, Jacqueline Pollack (TZ) 124, Alexis Hatcher (NR) 123, Taylor Jo Gillen (TZ) 119, Ellie Hekker (NR) 116, Kerry Guerin (PR) 112, Maria Kohlbrenner (PR) 110, Jessica Falcon (NR) 110, Kaitlyn O'Grady (NR) 109, Erica Guerin (PR) 108, Hannah DeMartino (Nan) 105, Kristen Schnalzer (NR) 103, Ceili McMorrow (PR) 102, Megan Jaskot (TZ) 102, Keeley Bateman (PR) 101, Courtney Cramer (Suf) 100, Katelyn Garvey (PR) 97, Chelsea Kushner (PR) 96

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