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Westchester County Meet Summary

Posted Monday, November 02, 2009 by Perry King
Eagles Take 6 Medals in Slog at County Meet

The DFXC team headed up to Somers HS for the Westchester County Meet on October 31 in conditions that started out somewhat similar to the Coaches Meet mud bath from the previous Saturday. The Eagles joined 38 other teams on morning runs that turned a bit frightful for some of the runners. Running through a little less muck than on the previous weekend, the team recorded some decent placements and carried off 6 medals and one mushed sock to go with the fun.

The main point of the County Meet was to get in a good run and get home alive plenty early so that you had lots of time to get prepped as a zombie for the night's Halloween action. The girls' team battle was a certainty before the race started as no team was close to Bronxville, but the boys' battle looked to be a close battle that turned out to be exactly that as Fox Lane's 6th man made the difference in a decision that went overtime. On a course with a few boggy parts after the night's rain, both of the Eagles' varsity teams threw in mishaps that at least made for colorful stories. Under the conditions most of the Tully Ratings (TR) scores for the runners were at least somewhat down.

The boys race was the first of the day and it was only a few seconds gone before the Eagles'  top guy Pat Wortner once again went down and was trampled in the muck. He managed to put the pieces back together and charge after the pack, but trying to dodge through hundreds of runners in tight muddy congestion turned out to be too taxing in the end and he finished in 7th in 17:01 at a little under his usual TR score. Brendan Wortner zipped home right behind Pat to pick up the 8th place medal in 17:05 as the first nonsenior finisher. George Epstein got the double-nickle spot in a time of 18:33, James Majeau was 189th and Keith Hickey was 215th for the Eagles, who finished in 17th with 459 points. Irvington's Julian Saliani fended off the challenges of Christopher Sacks of Fox Lane and Manu Kumar of Yorktown to win in 16:35. Fox Lane and Horace Greeley finished with 84 points, but the Foxes won the County title with a better sixth runner placement. Interestingly, a Horace Greeley runner who won the JV race would have finished ahead of the 6th Fox Lane runner in the varsity race.

In the girls race, a dominant Bronxville squad outpointed a surprising 2nd place Lakeland\Panas team by a huge 58-128. Pelham's Nicki Nesi and Harrison's Emily Singer went out to the early lead, and Nesi kept pouring it on to win in a time of 19:05. The Eagles' Sarah King finished two places better than expected as she passed JFK's Jessica Kendzor on the final hill to take 7th in a time of 20:10 that earned her a career best TR of 111. Lauren Hanley followed in 2nd for the Eagles with a 63rd place finish in 23:08. Chloe Wang got her left heel stepped on part way into the race and finished up on one shoe for an 82nd place in 23:54. The Eagles finished off the day in 13th place with 395 points as Mary Constant took 111th in 24:59, Kim Anker got the Eagles' 5th spot in 172th in 27:33, and Sofia Maluf placed 178th in 28:00.

The Eagles also had three runners in the freshman races, and they all earned medals with top 10 finishes. On the boys side, Grant Sheely dashed home 8th as the only 7th grader in the race to medal at 10:16 for the 1.5 mile race. The girls race provided a ton of excitement as 7th grader Lila Walsh sprinted past a half dozen runners in the last half-mile to blast her way to a silver medal behind New Rochelle's Lara Gaffney in a time of 11:56. Rebecca Wiersma fought through an aching hip to power her way to a 9th place finish in 12:33.

The Eagles move on to the all-important team competition finale on Friday, November 6th, back at Bowdoin Park for the Sectional Championships. This meet will decide the team's Class C placement and which runners will move on to compete in the State Championships up in warm balmy Plattsburgh just south of Canada on November 14th.

(As always, some videos of meet are available at the DobbsFerryXCFeats site at the Videos menu link.)

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