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Westchester County Indoor 2010 Preview

Posted Wednesday, January 27, 2010 by Perry King
Eagles Looking for Medals and Points at Westchester County Meet

The Dobbs Ferry Indoor Track team will journey back to the Armory on Sunday, January 31 for a Westchester County meet that is scheduled to span from 2:00 - 8:00. Forty county schools are slated to be in the action competing for the 6 medal places for the Open (all three classes) division and for the 3 medals and places in the A, B, or C classes. The Eagles are as usual in the the C class, but the breakdown of schools in the class is different from the Section breakdown in that JFK Catholic, Briarcliff, Edgemont, and Westlake are added to the group for a total of 13 schools along with Dobbs Ferry, Irvington, Bronxville, Rye Neck, Hastings, Alexander Hamilton, Valhalla, Woodlands, and Croton Harmon, also known as the Pink Card Division for the ID cards they will wear.

Last year the Eagles were shut out of the Open scoring but scored 15 in Class C on the boys side behind Ramson Ragin's 1st in the triple jump, 3rd in the long jump, and a sweep of the 3200 behind Pat Wortner, Brendan Wortner, and George Epstein; and the girls scored 9 points in Class C as Sofia Maluf "pinched" the gold in the 1500 Racewalk, Sarah King got 3rd in the 3000m, and the 4x800 team of Lauren Hanley, Rebecca Wiersma, Shanna Yue, and Sarah King took a 2nd.

The competition at the County Meet is probably the toughest overall that the Eagles will face all year, so scoring even as much as the Eagles did in Class C in 2009 will be a challenge. On the other hand, each Eagle except maybe Ramson Ragin will be able to focus energies on one individual event and crush a personal best (PB). There will be a number of spectacular athletes in action though that will also be worth the price of the admission (on the parents' side). Among them are:

Girls: Tanaya Yarde of Mount Vernon has spectacular times in the 55m and 300m and is expected to win both. Lakeland Panas's Brie Roller is way ahead of the field in the 600m with a 1:36 time. Bronxville's Meredith Rizzo and JFK's Jessica Kendzor are two County-Class-C runners expected to decide the Open 1000m title between them. Nicki Nesi of Pelham could be shooting for a tough double in the 1500m / 3000m, but Mamaroneck's Gina Talt has the best current time in the 1500m, and Bronxville's Mary Cain possibly lurks close behind in either race. Peekskill's Nicole Cummings is dominating the field in both the 55m hurdles and the long jump, where she has has gone to 19-1. Crosby Tillman of Somers is more than 40 seconds ahead in the 1500 RW. Christina Hamilton of New Rochelle is 2 1/2 feet in front in the triple jump, Irvington's Megan Talay is the top dog in the high jump, and Natasha Amazan of New Rochelle is leading three teammates in the shot put. Mount Vernon's speedy 4x200m and 4x400m teams should be a treat to watch as they have stupendous times from the Hispanic Games, while Bronxville could ease through the 4x800m relay without difficulty.

Boys: Lincoln\Gorton's Kem Ogbuagu is well ahead in the 55m, and Adam Glanzman of Edgemont is the favorite in the 300m. Jamie Mitchell of Fox Lane has the best time in the 1000m and 2nd 1600m, but Fox Lane's top-ranked Cord Sgaglio and  Irvington's Julian Saliani will challenge in the 1600m. Manu Kumar of Yorktown has the lead in the 3200m. Arthur Whyte of Scarsdale is way ahead in the 55m hurdles and the triple jump. Kaydon Davis of Mount Vernon has thrown 7 feet further than the competition in the shot put. Roscoe Balter of Scarsdale has more than a foot lead in the long jump, and Joseph Shinn of New Rochelle leads in the high jump. The 4x200m should be a scorcher between Mount Vernon and New Rochelle, with Mount Vernon favored by a larger amount in the 4x400m while New Rochelle has the lead in the 4x800m.

Not knowing what events particular athletes will be competing in at the County Meet, it is hard to estimate what chances the Eagles have for medals in 2010. The following events are some likely candidates for Class C medals and maybe in a few cases a shot at an Open place.

1500 RW:  The first event includes Sofia Maluf at 8:55.2 with the 12th best overall time and 2nd best Class C time behind Rye Neck's Kiran Pande at 8:48.9. Sofia knows who she has to focus on to defend her C title under the more watchful eyes of the County judges.

1000m:  Lauren Hanley's 3:15.2 time is good for 9th overall and 4th in C. Problem for a medal here is that the two best times are by C runners Rizzo and Kendzor, so she needs to look toward averaging 38s per lap to catch Bronxville's Serina Saari for Class C 3rd or gain an Open place or medal.

3000m: Although ranked in the top 25 for the 1000m and 1500m, Sarah King is currently 8th overall in the 3000m so that event seems to be the best shot for a medal as she is at 3rd for Class C with an 11:09. Mary Cain of Bronxville at 10:35 and Libby Lazare of Pleasantville are 1-2 for Class C, and King will need to cut about 20 seconds for an Open medal or place.

4x800m: Until the past weekend the Eagles were the top ranked Class C team since Bronxville's acclaimed squad had not clocked a time yet. At 10:46.1 for the Kickoff meet, the Eagles rank 7th overall with a good shot for a Class C silver and a decent shot at an Open place.

Part of the challenge of event assignment is trying to figure out where other teams' runners are going to be and and whether the top goal is a medal or just picking a runner's best event and have him go for a PB and possibly a medal. The following gives some idea of the scene for Class C in the 1000m, 1600, and 3200m.

1000m: Pat Wortner's 2:50.1 and George Epstein's 2:50.3 are good for 27th and 29th overall and 4th and 5th in Class C. But the top 3 include Julian Saliani of Irvington, Joey Moschitto of Briarcliff, and Spencer Fausel of Edgemont, all between 2:44 and 2:46.  Moschitto and Fausel will likely do the 1000m, but if Saliani focuses on defending his 1600 title from 2009 and a PB, the battle is open. Last year's Class C 3rd was only a 2:58.

1600m. Brendan and Patrick Wortner are ranked 28th and 29th overall and 5th and 6th in Class C at 4:48.9 and 4:50.0. Guessing that Saliani (2nd overall), Bronxville's Dayton Flannery (15th), and Hasting's Jared Scharf (22nd with time of 4:43.5) are likely to run the 1600 and Fausel (21st) will be going with the 1000m.

3200m. Race earned Eagles a Class C sweep last year. This year Patrick Wortner is at 8th overall and 1st in Class C at 10:03.4 while Brendan Wortner is at 17th and 3rd. George Epstein is 50th overall and 7th in Class C with an 11:04. Guessing that Dayton Flannery (2nd at 10:14.5) may go with the 1600m. Hastings' Michael Stein is currently 4th for Class C with a 10:39.

Triple jump. Ramson Ragin's 40-10 earns him the Eagles best overall ranking at 5th but only a 3rd for Class C. The problem is two TJers from schools that are usually Class B but are Class C for the County Meet are ahead of him. Jesse Aprile of JFK is tops at 41-5 for Class C and Briarcliff's Malcolm Reid is 2nd at 41-05. Should be a great battle and Ragin should have a good shot for not only repeating as Class C champion but also picking up some Open points.

Long jump: Same situation as in the triple jump about the competition as Ragin's 18-7 ranks 30th and 5th in Class C behind Hamilton's Tre Bracey (7th overall), JFK's Aprile (12th overall), JFK's Dylan Schuck (22nd at 19-0), and Woodlands' Javon Bell (26th at 18-9.75). Chances for a medal are decent.

4x800m:  At 9:05.5 (Kickoff), Eagles are 15th overall and 2nd in Class C behind Hastings (12th at 8:56.4), and just ahead of Bronxville (16th at 9:06.1) and Irvington (18th at 9:09.9). This could be a really really good battle if all teams are still up for it when the evening rolls around.

Many other Eagles will be shooting to jellify their PBs. Good luck to all.

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