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Midseason Wrapup for Outdoor 2010

Posted Friday, April 30, 2010 by Perry King
Eagles Complete Regular Season After Busy April Schedule

Although reported results have been extremely sparse, the Eagles schedule during March and April has been very full. The first half closed out with the girls at the Croton-Harmon Relays on Saturday April 24 and Brendan Wortner hopping steeplechase barriers two days later at Cornwall in the rain and cold. The Eagles now head for a meeting at Irvington with members of Section 1's League 2C on Wednesday, May 5 and then a visit to the huge Loucks Games festival in White Plains that runs Thursday and Friday afternoons and all day Saturday. A few runners will also be entering some events at the Somers Invitational on April 30-May 1 as a warmup for the postseason.

The fairly young Eagles team has been showing some nice progress during the early season, though times, places and records are not available online. The team has partcipated in 4 dual meets and 2 invitationals. Relay handoffs, jumping technique, and racing strategy are starting to work themselves out as team members get experience and conditioning.

Results for just about all members of League 2C are minimal, so a real preview of the League Meet is impossible. However, it is possible to cite some possibilities for the Eagles and the Irvington Bulldogs, Ardsley Panthers, Hastings Yellowjackets, Sleepy Hollow Horsemen, Woodlands Falcons and other teams probably including the Children's Village Riverhawks.


Idowu Wallace-Shortt has won 100 and 200 meter races by stunning margins during the later dual meets, and should be set for a showdown with David Essex of Woodlands for the titles in the sprint races. The Eagles Steve Betz and Devonte Brailsford have also been flying and hope to team up with Ido and Ramson Ragin for a high place in the 4x100m relay.

Middle Distance
Hard to know what the competition will be for the middle distances except that the top runner in Section 1 for the 400m is Kevin Sainvil of Woodlands, who has run a spiffy 49.74. Chris Jones of Hastings also has a strong time in the 400m, while Irvington's Julian Saliani has the best time for the 800m. Will Rubin leads the 400m group for the Eagles, with James Majeau and Sergio Alves also moving up. The Eagles have run numerous runners in the 800 with Pat Wortner, Brendan Wortner, George Epstein, Connor Culhane, Majeau, Mark Sudak, and Louis Debellis all giving it their shots and teaming up for the 4x400m and 4x800m relays.

Long Distance
Brendan Wortner in the 1600m and Pat Wortner in the 3200 lead a strong group for the Eagles, with George Epstein also looking strong for a high place along with possibly Connor Culhane. The Bulldogs' Saliani is the top competition in the two events, with Hastings' Jared Scharf in the 1600m (4:40 time) and Irvington's Dennis Montaruli in the 3200m also top runners.

The 110m hurdles could be up for grabs, though Woodlands usually has some top guys. Christian Soto of Hastings is one of the top 400m hurdlers in the section. The Eagles' Brendan Wortner will be giving his all in his favorite event, the 400m hurdles.

The Eagles' Ramson Ragin will be trying to pick up some more League titles in the long and triple jumps with distances over 19' and presumably 40' respectively. Woodlands usually has a crew of jumpers such as Javon Bell, Myles Massey, Shane Powell, and Kevin Sainvil to challenge Ragin, and Irvington's Alex Fenyn has gone over 39' in the triple jump. Winston Heslop of Woodlands may be the favorite in the high jump.

Weight Events
Devonte Brailsford will top the Eagles group trying for a place in the shot put, and he has a good shot for the title with Chidren's Village's Dan McLaughlin being close behind. Ross Gabas and Nick Baceras will also be trying to pull in some places in the shot put and discus.


Woodlands' Diana Sainvil is one of the top 100m specialists in the section, but beyond that results are sketchy. Irvington will have a group of sprinters who did well in the Croton Relays and Woodlands likely has a cast in support of Sainvil. For the Eagles, Sarah Saunds, Bryanna Cunningham, Yerusalem Derry, Talia Clarick, Alexa Baviello, Jennifer Sanseverino, Stephanie Spagnuluo, Rebecca Lowy, and Solimar Thurn will be battling for places and filling out the 4x100m and 4x400m relay teams.

Middle Distance
The 400m event is a bit of a mystery, with Irvington's Carolyn Vellieux listed with the best time on the Armory rankings. The 800m is also an unknown as Irvington's Annie Field could be leading the field. Which other long distance runners drop down to compete in the 800m is unclear. For the Eagles, Sarah King, Joanne Mumbey, and  Shanna Yue have recorded the best times in the 800 with Chloe Wang, Liz Quintero, Rebecca Wiersma also taking shots. Mary Constant and other Eagles may be in the running in the 400m.

Long Distance
The 1500m will probably feature the usual showdown between Sleepy Hollow's Katherine Doyle and Dobbs Ferry's Sarah King, with Hastings' Emma Sander, Ardsley's Katherine Loomba, and Irvington's Annie Field also possibly taking a shot there and/or in the 3000m. The Eagles' Shanna Yue may be running the 3000m along with Rebecca Wiersma, and in the 1500m Chloe Wang, Joanne Mumbey and Wiersma may be going for places.

Hurdles and Racewalk
Irvington's Megan Talay and Michelle Graham appear to be the elite of the 100m hurdles crew, but Woodlands sometimes has a strong group also. After the Croton meet, Dobbs may have some entries with Anna Quintero, Talia Clarick, or Alexa Baviello possibly giving it a go. Woodlands' Nia Holmes leads the field in the 400m hurdles, with Sarah King seemingly in the 2nd spot for the Eagles, and Sofia Maluf and Anna Quintero also battling for a spot. Maluf may be walking alone in the 1500 Racewalk as the #4 ranked pedestrian in Section 1. Any Eagle who liked the idea of walking at Croton might jump in here for a place.


The Bulldogs' Marley Giddens and Falcons' Asia Waters are top listed in the long jump with distances around 14'. Not sure which Eagles will be jumping, but places could be had with 13' jumps. The triple jump will again probably be contested between In Irvington and Woodlands. The high jump is owned by Irvington's county-leading Megan Talay and teammate Giddens.

Weight Events
Not too clear what the story is here. Ardsley's Audrey Lew appears to have the best shot throw at 23-5, and Irvington's Liz Hevern leads the discus field at around 64', so both events are up for grabs. Shontay Richardson has the Eagles' best throw at around 22'.

Recent Results Highlights

Some results that actually did get reported included Brendan Wortner's great 9th place finish in 10:33 in the 3000m Steeplechase at the Cornwall Steeplechase Invitational. The time puts him within striking distance of the last year's Division II State Qualifying time in the event of 10:14.

At the Croton Harmon Girls Relays, the Eagles won a number of medals. Sarah King, Shanna Yue, and Rebecca Wiersma took home the Class C gold in the 3x1600m Relay. Among the other top places for the Eagles were the 4x800 team's 2nd behind Joanne Mumbey, Wiersma, Yue, and King; the 2x400m Hurdles team's 3rd behind Anna Quintero and King; and the 2x1500m Racewalk's 3rd behind Sofia Maluf and Chloe Wang.

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