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Sectional Class C Meet Preview

Posted Tuesday, May 18, 2010 by Perry King
Section 1 Class C Championship on Tap for Thursday at Valhalla

The Eagles will be traveling to Valhalla HS on Thursday, May 20, to compete in the Sectionals for Class C, with the steeplechase events held at Byram Hills on Saturday. If the attendance for the meet is the same as last year minus the teams like Croton Harmon that have been bumped up to Class B, the schools competing should be Valhalla, Bronxville, Woodlands, Pawling, Alexander Hamilton, Dobbs Ferry, Rye Neck, Solomon Schechter, and Children's Village.

Last year's team scores are a bit unclear. The Dobbs guys took either 4th or 5th with 60 points as the Eagles got 1sts from Pat Wortner in the 3200m and Kevin Dahill in the pentathlon, 2nds from Brendan Wortner in the 3200m and the 4x800m relay team, and 3rds from Viktor Mashalov in the 1600m and Julian Caldwell in the pentathlon. Ramson Ragin and Devonte Brailsford provided 4ths. The girls were not credited with a score, as Sofia Maluf's 1st in the 1500m Racewalk was not scored.

The Eagles guys look to do probably around the same as last year with Bronxville, Pawling, Woodlands and Valhalla being the top teams. The girls will do far better, though Bronxville, Woodlands, and Pawling will likely be the strongest teams along with Alexander Hamilton.

General preview by areas:


Assuming that Martin Luther King's Vincent Asante does not compete, the top ranked pair in the 100m are Alexander Hamilton's Tre Bracey and Woodlands' David Essex, with Bronxville's Luke Nichols also challenging. Woodlands' Kevin Sainvil has a big edge over Bracey and Essex in the 200m. Woodlands is the only team with a strong 4x100m relay time. Idowu Wallace-Shortt has posted the best results for the Eagles this year and the 4x100m relay team along with Steve Betz, Ramson Ragin, and Devonte Brailsford could challenge for a good place.

Middle Distance
The 400m could feature the best battle of the day with Woodlands' Kevin Sainvil ranked #2 in Sect-1 and Pawlings' Kevin Hunter at #5 in times of 48.85 and 49.04. The 800m is less elite with Pawlings' Alex Maruzzella, Albertus Magnus's Gianluca Pugliese, and Bronxville's Greg Sargent and Tyler Grantham all in the 2:04-2:05 area. Pawling, Woodlands, Bronxville and whoever's left will battle for the 4x400m relay title. Pawling should win the 4x800m relay and Bronxville goes for 2nd. For the Eagles, Will Rubin in the 400m and Connor Culhane in the 800m have a shot at a place and the relay teams with James Majeau, Sergio Alves, Mark Sudak and the distance runners contingent should challenge for places if they run.

Long Distance
Top runners in the 1600m going in are Bronxville's Dayton Flannery, Albertus Magnus's Gianluca Pugliese, Pawling's Bob Swick, and Dobbs' Brendan Wortner and George Epstein. The Eagles' Pat Wortner has a big lead in the 3200m, with Pawlings' Bob Swick and Bronxville's John Flannery having the next best times. Dayton Flannery and Brendan Wortner should be tops in the 3000m steeplechase, with John Flannery and a host of Broncos and maybe Albertus Magnus runners taking the rest of the spots.

Robert Mahlman of Bronxville and Luke Porter of Pawling have the best times in the 110m  hurdles. Tim Yu of Pawling and Mahlman should battle for the 400m title. The Eagles' Brendan Wortner could take a place in the 400m hurdles.

Alexander Hamilton's Tre Bracey is #2 Sect-1 in the long jump at 22-7.5, and the Eagles' Ramson Ragin has the 2nd best distance at 19-2. Ragin's 40-3.75 distance in the triple jump appears to place him about 3 1/2 feet beyond hs nearest competition of Albertus Magnus's Caleb Thomas and the Broncos' Mahlman. Bronxville's Luke Marrone at 5-8 in the high jump appears to have no strong competition.

Weight Events
At 47-0 in the shot put, Bronxville's Henry Palermo is far ahead, but the Eagles' Devonte Brailsford is comfortably in 2nd. Top three in the discus are Valhalla's Jamiel Bogle, Pawlings' Joseph Tedesco, and Woodlands' Amos Pierrette.


The 100m should be a showdown between two schools, with Woodlands' Diana Sainvil and Alexander Hamilton's Tamika Smith leading their respective contingents. Pawling's Megan Wesley has the top time in the 200m over Smith, with Woodlands' Bria Christian holding the 3rd best time. Woodlands has the edge over Hamilton in the 4x100m relay. The Eagles Jen Sanseverino, Yerusalmen Derry, Sarah Saunds, and Stephanie Spagnuluo should get a good place in the relay if they can get their exchanges down.

Middle Distance
Top three in the 400m are Woodlands' Nia Holmes and Bronxville's Maggie Goff and Henrietta Miers. Hamiliton's Jessica Barerra has 4th best. The 800m appears to be a 1-2-3 for the Broncos with Henrietta Miers far in front and Amelia Phillips and Maggie Goff backing her. The Broncos should dominate the 4x400 and 4x800 relays though they sometimes run their second squads at the Sectionals. Pawling will be fighting for a 2nd in both relays. The 4-5-6 spots in the 800 appear to be up for grabs between still more Broncos, Pawling, and possibly an Eagle. The Dobbs 4x800m team of Rebecca Wiersma, Joanne Mumbey, Shanna Yue and Sarah King has the 4th best time.

Long Distance
Pawling's Caitlin Jelinek has the best time in 1500m but has not competed in many weeks. The second best time is owned by Bronxville's Mary Cain, who usually runs the 3000m unless the Broncos switch things up. Among the runners expected to run the 1500, the ranking order is Bronxville's Meredith Rizzo and Amelia Phillips, Albertus Magnus's Danielle Kennedy, Pawling's Zoe Nagasing, and Dobbs Ferry's Sarah King.  The 3000m could feature a great battle between Sect-1 #3 Mary Cain and #10 Sami Jorgenson of Pawling. Rizzo and King have the 3rd and 4th best times. The Eagles' Shanna Yue is in the running for a place in whichever event she runs. The 2000m steeplechase has the #1 Sect-1 runner Sami Jorgenson, with Rizzo, Miers, Nagasing, and King all going under 7:40.

Hurdles and Racewalk
Sect-1 #2 100m high hurdler Diana Sainvil of Woodlands should breeze to the win over competition from Bronxville. Rachel Kim of Bronxville and Nia Holmes of Woodlands should have a classic battle in the 400m hurdles. The Eagles' Anna Quintero in the 100m hurdles and possibly Sarah King in the 400m hurdles could battle for a place. Although the event will likely not be scored again, the Eagles Sofia Maluf should walk off with top prize in the 1500m racewalk.


Woodlands' Asia Waters and Pawlings' Jasmine Able lead the field in the long jump, and Woodlands'  Bria Christian and Dyiamond Grant and the Tigers' Able are tops in the triple jump. Jasmine Able at 5-0 and the Broncos' Leigh Dannhauser at 4-10 have the best heights in the high jump.

Weight Events

Bronxville's Claire Sargent is tops in the shot put at just under 30', and Woodlands' Yanique Conie has the best discus toss and will be hoping to win double titles.

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