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League Championship Notes

Posted Wednesday, October 13, 2010 by Perry King
League Meet Notes: Eagle Guys Reverse the Curse and Knock Off Bulldogs by a Point

Check the link to the great Patch article by Zach Smart about the League meet in the other article posting by Frank Wortner. I just watched the video of the last part of the boys race and their 46-47 win, and though the Eagles came up with a gutty effort, they also should have given Hastings 8th grader Jamie Ceballos a ride around the track afterwards. The kid was in 5th and 6 seconds behind Bulldog Dennis Montaruli going down the hill with 600 meters to go, and he found something deep to come back and grab the 4th spot. The Eagles and Bulldogs were tied at the top of the hill and no other places changed near the end, so if Ceballos had not caught Montaruli, the Bulldogs would have won on a 46-46 tiebreaker on the 6th position. A 2-point loss, a 1 point loss, and then to lose on a tie-breaker would have been a pretty frustrating history. Now instead, we are all happy again.

Brendan's mom Maureen sent over a link to hundreds of photos taken by Joe Golden of the Westchester Track Club posted on the club's site at:


Great shots of that Maluf kid's finish at:


And of course there is the Jamie Ceballos is God sequence at:


---Great efforts all around on Tuesday. On to Pawling

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