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Winter Track Season Gets the Gun

Posted Tuesday, January 17, 2012 by Perry King
Two December and Two Januray Meets Kick Off Indoor Track Season 

Eagles winter track got revved up with the Section 1 Kickoff #1 Meet at the NY Armory on Sunday, December 11 and again five days later on Friday, December 16 with the Section 1 Frosh\Soph #2 Meet at the Rockland Community College Fieldhouse. The purpose of the December meets was to get everyone familiar with the oddities of indoor running and shake off the rust, but the team came away with one huge first place, a couple of medals, and a decent amount of bandages. The January meets got the team going again after the holiday break.

The full team was running at the Armory meet for the Kickoff. On the boys side, the top performance was captain Brendan Wortner's triumph in the 1600m in 4:31:00, as he set himself up perfectly to blitz by leaders Bobby Arbuco and Marc Violone on the final back lap to pull away to victory. Other high finishers included Ben Hord with a 7.42 for 21st and Gary Lu with a 25th place 7.48 time in the 55m, Bryan Martin with a 25th place 10.8 time in the 55m hurdles and 24th with a 2:59.80 in the 1000m, and Grant Sheely with a 11.08.2 for 27th in the 3200m. Takanori Okkotsu also hit a high with a 5:25.5 in the 1600m.

The girls side at the Kickoff got top 10 finishes from Sarah King in 5th at 5:13.4 and Shanna Yue in 8th in 5:17.1 in the 1500m and Sofia Maluf in 6th with an 8:30.5 in the 1500m Race walk. Sasha Clarick was close in 11th in the 1000m with a 3:25.5 time, and other top efforts included Alexa Rose Baviello in 8.32 and Katie Daly in 8.34 for 19th and 21st in the 55m, Talia Clarick with an 11.85 for 45th in the 55m hurdles, Annabelle Sheely for 35th in the 1500m at 5:55.9, and Sarah Koenigsberg with a 13-04.25 for 26th in the long jump, plus the 4x200m team's 10th, the 4x800m team's 12th, and the 4x400m team's 18th in the final relays.

Five days later at the Section 1 Freshmen\Soph (plus 7th and 8th graders) meet at RCC, the Eagles girls made the big splash. Lila Walsh took 5th in the 300m in 46.8, Riley McKeown got 26th in the 300m with a 2:08.1, Jillian McDonnell with a 3:59.3 for 27th in the 1000m, Sashia Clarick with a 5:58.0 for 19th, Josephine Weidner with 5:58.5 for 20th, Dylan Clay-Devlin with 6:00.4 for 21st, and Lindsey Yue with 6:18.8 for 28th in the 1500m, Annabelle Sheely for 14th in 12:20.6 in the 3000m, someone identified as "q" (Katie Daly?) with a 12-10 leap for 10th in the long jump, and a great 2:05.2 time for the 4x200m relay for 6th. The boys had Grant Sheely's 5:12.4 time for 7th place and Takanori Okkotsu's 5:24.3 for 13th, and Calvin Sheely's 5:56.0 for 42nd in the 1600m, Grant Sheely's 11:09.9 for 11th and Okkotsu's 11:48.0 for 18th in the 3200m, Kyle Ramos's 25-11 for 41st in the shot put, and a couple of Eagle's squads battling each other for 15th and 16th in the 4x200m.

During the first week in January, much of the the Eagles team was at RCC for the Dendy #2 meet on Thursday, with a couple dozen athletes in action. Top 30ish performances for the guys included Grant Sheely's 11:01.2 for 10th in the 3200m, Bryan Martin's 21st place 5:11.6 in the 1500m and 29th place 2:22.8 in the 800m, Joey Staluppi's 27th place 1:01.4 in the 400m, and Gary Lu's 26th place 26.5 and Ben Hord's 31st place 26.6 in the 200m.

The girls at Dendy got a big jump right off the bat with Sofia Maluf walking off with 1st place in the 1500m Racewalk. After that it gets tougher to decipher because many of the Dobbs finishers are identified with question marks in the results. Grace Kim was 4th in the 200m with a 28.7 and Lila Walsh was 12th with a 29.9, but other Eagles who may have included perhaps Katie Daly, Alexa Baviello, and Megan Moynihan took 8th, 13th and 18th. A mystery Eagle girl also took 6th in the 400m at 1;07.8, with Riley McKeown taking 26th at 1:15.7. Shanna Yue was less of a mystery taking 11th in 2:44.0 in the 800m, but a likely group of question marks behind her could have been Sasha Clarick, Annabelle Sheely and Josephine Weidner with 24th, 34th, and 43rd places at 2:55.4, 2:58.4 and 3:02.1. Yue took 5th with a 5:28.2 in the 1500m and Karen Maehara was 22nd in 5:57.6, and Sheely, Clarick, and Weidner came in at 23rd, 26th and 31st in 5:57.9, 6:07.5, and 6:13.6. Rebecca Wiersma was 7th in the 3000m at 13:31.8, and mystery Eagles took 18th and 20th in the long jump.

On the following day at RCC, Brendan Wortner was the lone Eagle at the Rockland Coaches Meet and took 7th in a tough field in the 3200m with a 9:58.5.

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