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A Constant for the Eagles

Posted Wednesday, January 18, 2012 by Perry King
The Eagles are not known for being a team that can fill in the gaps for indoor track. They've basically been a long distance team, and occasionally the top triple jumper, shot putter, or sprinter shows up, and the girls always have that Maluf kid doing that weird race walk event.

But this year the Eagles have been a little more filled out, and with an impressive sprint group giving the girls a great to solid shot in all of the running events and also using that speed to go the distance in the long and triple jumps, the Eagles looked like solid contenders for a league championship -- maybe their first ever indoors.

Except those 10 quick points from the aforementioned Maluf kid are off the table because of final surgery in the comeback from last year's accident. Plus the hurdles could use some reinforcement, and it would be great if someone could get some experience in the high jump, which is a black hole for the Eagles.

So when Coach Kaminski was filling out the lineup for the League meet and filling in names in events that some of the Eagles had never even heard of, he knew there was something about Mary Constant that was required for a championship.

As a 5th year veteran of the XC and indoor and outdoor track events, Mary has seen it all. And even if she's never done the walk or high jump, she's good for a try. And she's also an experienced 400m hurdler in outdoor season, so it's not the 55m, but what the hey, it's time to learn a lot of new things if you want that big plaque for your team.

So on Sunday, Mary walked the walk, took control of the race, and gave the Eagles their 5th straight indoor League race walk title while earning her first 1st at Leagues. But she didn't have much time to celebrate before she was pogo sticked by Cara and had to run off to compete in the hurdles. Fighting her way to finals, she raced to a 4th place that pushed her contribution to the cause to 14 points on a day when the Eagles won a championship by 15.5. She didn't quite get the high jump technique down well enough for a clear despite the expert directions she received, ("Um, you kind of approach the stand from the side and throw yourself over the bar somehow"), but she'll get the hang of it soon.

And yeah, there's something about Mary, and for all the other Eagles who were thrown or threw themselves into new events, here's a big cheer. And by Sectionals we should see Mary pole vaulting to another title.

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